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    Jack  Presentation Jack Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Business Security Issues http:www.geocities.com/paceproject
    • Introduction: General Overview of our Website
      • Why do people steal business information?
      • Who is trying to obtain these information?
      • Statistics of Data Theft and Security Breaches
      • Problems as a result of Identify Theft and Inadequate protection of critical data.
      • Methods to protect and hinder these problem
    • Types of Businesses
      • There are many types of businesses in our society. Each of them are vulnerable to Data Theft.
      • Examples:
        • Gov. Military: The military has secrets and lots of crucial data that are vital for our National Defense. Individuals and other nations may want to obtain these information. Individuals who obtain these information may want to profit from selling it. Other nations may send spies to get that information.
        • Financial Institutions, Banks: They have almost all of our important information. They also got our MONEY. Data theft is the most common in Financial Institutions as a result.
    • Statistics
      • According to the statistics on the www.prweb.com , employees are generally the ones to commit the crime of stealing their business information. Businesses are at a higher risk of losing their information to the employees because the information can easily be access by the employees.
    • Statistics
          • 7 out of 10 data breaches are committed by company employees
          • Information that is generally stolen:
          • 1 in 5 data security breaches involves customer information
          • 1 in 5 data security breaches involves employee information
          • 1 in 5 data security breaches involve social security numbers and/or credit card numbers
    • Consequences of Data Theft
      • Consumer’s will not trust the business with sensitive information.
      • The business will lose money.
      • The business can lose it’s competitive edge in the industry if the rival business illegally obtains their secrets.
      • Businesses may be force to close down if the damage from data theft is serious.
      • If the military lose it’s confidential information, then it could potentially put the nation at risk.
    • Methods to hinder data theft
      • Encryption was first used by the military to protect their vital information. Encryption is now widely used by the private businesses.
      • Important information are generally encrypted to prevent other’s from viewing the contents.
      • Access to information is limited to certain employees and within the business.
      • Every individual employee receive a unique password and identification. These allows the business to easily track the employee and potentially prevent crime.
    • Thank you for time!
      • Our Site is: www.geocities.com/paceproject