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Russian Education and New Media Visitors
Tuesday April 3, 2012

The University of Chicago Joseph Regenstein Library

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  1. 1. We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worstcrime is abandoning the children, neglecting the fountain of life.Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right nowis the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made,and his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer‘Tomorrow,’ his name is today. - Gabriela Mistral (Chilean poet, 1889-1957)
  2. 2. A discussion on the use oftechnology in the public schools The University of Chicago April 3, 2012
  3. 3. Donald G. York, Horace B. Horton Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Director of CUIPNeighborhood Schools Program (NSP)Shaz Rasul, DirectorKatie Schilling, NSP StudentChicago Public SchoolsCheryl D. Watkins, Principal, Pershing West Middle SchoolJelena Zivko, Technology Coordinator, William H. Ray Elementary SchoolCUIP StaffMitch Marks, Technology CoordinatorRuss Revzan, Technology Resource AdvisorTremayne Baker, Technology Resource AdvisorJulia Brazas, Curriculum SpecialistChristie Thomas, Digital Library Specialist
  4. 4. • Issues • Broadly speaking, students are falling behind in public education. • There are many reasons for this, including societal changes, family structures, financing, etc. • On the other hand, there are new technologies that can make learning more efficient and interesting. • CUIP set out to counter the first two issues by dealing with the third, in 24 schools near campus, 17 years ago.
  5. 5. • What we did • Power • Wires • Recycled computers (1300 to start) • Teacher professional development (Web Institute for Teachers) • Principal leadership • Work one on one with teachers • Create learning environments (the content initiatives Chicago WebDocent and eCUIP Digital Library)
  6. 6. • What we do now • Work in 20 schools, they pay us $5,000-$10,000. • One-on-one with teachers • Principal leadership • Fix things (NSP students, CUIP Technology Coordinator and Team) • Act as a bridge when CPS puts new software in place • Help with teacher/parent communication pages and blogs • Recycle computers
  7. 7.  Problems • Long range planning to address my first points are forcing major changes to the system that will take decades to have an impact. • Funds are being drained away that should go into technology (<2.5% of budget, including EVERYTHING). Very short-sighted.
  8. 8.  Problems • Raising funds requires showing outcomes and success, but all we have is stories. Quantitative evaluation is difficult because there are so many factors at play in the life of a child. • The main issue remains unaffected by the influx of more sophisticated teachers: there is little time to replace outdated presentations with new ones that challenge the students with the riches of web resources.
  9. 9. The University of Chicago• Problems of Civic Engagement Office 2008 • Long range planning to address my first points are forcing major changes to the system that will take decadesdefine aan impact. for how a Mission: To to have new model • Funds are academic and away that should go premier being drained research institution located within a world class city should into technology (<2.5% of budget, including interact in a meaningful way EVERYTHING). Very short-sighted.
  10. 10.  Connects the University of Chicago to Chicago (and more broadly connecting the Mission of the University to Local, National and International Efforts) Areas of Focus: Relationships with the City of Chicago, Local Communities, Community & Economic Development, Education Outreach, Public Safety, Enhancing Community Amenities, Real Estate, Collaborative Partnerships Across the University Example projects: 53rd Street Revitalization, “Future of the City” Series, 55th Street Arts Incubator Project, Partnerships with Urban Education Institute, Urban Health Initiative, etc.Notes: “Local” Neighborhoods are presently defined as Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland, Woodlawn, and Washington Park. We work with the Alderman in the 3, 4, 5, and 20th Wards.
  11. 11. • The biggest program that sends students into the community – last year 330 students working in 50+ sites devoted 34,000+ hours of support to classrooms.• Manages relationships with schools and community orgs. Well regarded in the community, perhaps more well-known outside of the University than inside it• Also supports other programs - Student Internship Programs for Office of Civic E in Government Offices, JUMPSTART, and GEAR UP Programs• Conduit for engagement of other units in the University with the local schools – Faculty, Staff, Students
  12. 12. • Partnership with CUIP allows (Ms. Watkins) University of Chicago students to receive specialized training and coaching to help support our community partners in technology• University of Chicago students are paired with a school in the role of Assistant Technology Coordinator and help with hardware, software, and training projects.
  13. 13. Site Partner Program Address 13th District Kwame Rahul A 1509 E. 53rd Street, 2nd Floor Chicago 60615 20th Ward Office/Willie Cochran A 6357 S. Cottage Grove AvenueOCE Site Partners – NSP GEAR UP Jumpstart CUIP (Revised 10/27/2011) 25th District (H)/B. Currie A 1303 E. 53rd Street. Chicago, IL 60615 26th District Office A* 405 East 35th Street Chicago, IL 60616 3rd Ward Office/Pat Dowell A 5046 S State St. Chicago, IL 60609 4th Ward Office/ Will Burns A 435 E. 35th Street Chicago, IL 60616 5th Ward Office/Leslie Hairston A 2325 E. 71st St., Chicago, Il 60649 Akiba Schechter N 5235 S. Cornell Ave. Chicago, IL 60615 Programs Ancona Elementary N 4770 S. Dorchester St. Chicago IL 60653 N – NSP Tutors Ariel Community Academy N 1119 E. 46th St Chicago IL 60653 G – GEAR UP Canter Middle School N 4959 S. Blackstone Chicago, IL 60615 Carnegie Elem. N 1414 E. 61st Pl. Chicago, IL 60637 J – Jumpstart Comer Youth Center N 7200 S. Ingleside, Chicago, IL 60619 C – CUIP (Tech) Dulles Elem NCJ 6311 S. Calumet, Chicago IL. 60637 A – Admin Interns Dumas Elem. NC 6650 S. Ellis Chicago, IL 60637 •– New 2011-12 Dunbar High School NG 3000 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL 60616 Dyett Academic Center (HS) N* 555 East 51st Street, Chicago, IL 60615 Fermi Elem. NC 1415 E. 70th Street Chicago, IL 60637 Fiske Elem. NC 6145 S. Ingleside Chicago, IL 60637 Fuller C* 4214 S. St. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615 GEAR UP Office G 4351 S. Drexel Chicago, IL 60653 Hales Franciscan High School N 4930 S. Cottage Grove Chicago, IL 60615 Harte Elementary (Bret Harte) NC 1556 E. 56th Street Chicago, IL 60637 Hyde Park Academy NG 6220 Stony Island Chicago, IL 60637 Hyde Park Learning Resource Ctr N 5114 S. Dorchester Chicago, IL 60615 Hyde Park Neighborhood Club N 5480 S. Kenwood Chicago, IL 60615 Kenwood Academy NGA 5015 S. Blackstone Chicago, IL 60615 King College Prep HS NA 4445 S. Drexel Chicago IL 60653 Kozminski Elem N 936 E. 54th St. Chicago, IL 60615 Mollison Elem. NC 4415 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive 60653 Mt. Carmel N 6410 S. Dante 60653 Murray Elem. N 5335 S. Kenwood, Chicago, 60615 NSP Office A 5525 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637 Operation Push A* 930 East 50th Street, Chicago, IL 60615 OSP/College Prep N 1225 East 60th Street, Chicago, IL 60637 Pershing West C* 3200 S. Calumet, Chicago, IL 60616 Price Elem NG 4351 S. Drexel Chicago, IL 60653 Ray Elem NC 5631 Kimbark Chicago, IL 60637 Reavis Elem NC 834 E. 50th St. Chicago, IL 60615 Robinson Elem NC 4225 S. Lake Park Ave. Chicago, IL 60653 Sexton Elem NC 6020 S. Langley Chicago, IL 60637 Shoesmith Elem N 1330 E. 50th St. Chicago, IL 60615 South Shore Fine Arts Academy N 1415 E. 70th Street Chicago, IL 60637 South Side Y J* 6330 S. Stony Island Avenue Chicago, IL 60637 St. Martin de Porres N 6423 S. Woodlawn Chicago, IL 60637 St. Thomas Elem N 5467 S. Woodlawn Chicago, IL 60615 Sue Duncan CC N 4225 S. Lake Park Ave Chicago, IL 60653 Till Elem. N 6543 S. Champlain Ave. Chicago, IL 60637 UC Donoghue Charter Elem. NC 707 E. 37th Street Chicago, IL 60653 UC Woodlawn Charter H.S. N 6420 S. University Chicago, IL 60637 UC Woodson Charter MS N 4444 S. Evans Chicago, IL 60653 Wadsworth Elem. NC 6420 S. University Chicago, IL 60637 Woodlawn Community School NC 6657 S. Kimbark Chicago, IL 60637 Woodson Elem N 4414 S. Evans Chicago, Il 60653
  14. 14. William H. Ray Elementary School Mrs. Živko with students:Curriculum integrated Research and evaluation of online resources:project creations with:Digital storytelling: Digital citizenship:
  15. 15. William H. Ray Elementary School Mrs. Živko with teachers, administration, & staff:Collaboration to implement the National Technology integration to enhance Educational Technology Standards curriculum: (NETS): Software training, equipment Professional development workshops on maintenance, and assessment: 21st Century Learning Skills:
  16. 16.  Examples of technical and instructional support activities, drawing examples from recent activity at the schools represented here today.
  17. 17. Support CPS-Enterprise software Deep Freeze • Install and manage at Pershing’s Media Center • Help Ms. Zivko at Ray School install on new computers in lab • Acquaint teachers and students with special use Scantron, NWEA/MAT (standards), and new Common Core assessment systems Antivirus and other remediation
  18. 18. Support CPS-Enterprise software, continued Help teachers with: • Gradebook • Network login • Official email system • CPS IMPACT tools • Individualized Education Program (IEP) tools • Remote login (from home, for example)
  19. 19.  Support school-parent and public communication initiatives • Ray School website  Support in-house Linux-based web server  Assist Ms. Zivko in design and update of non-blog sections of site, using Dreamweaver program  Host Word Press Multi-User-based, blog-format classroom pages  Help teachers create, design, and update those classroom pages
  20. 20. Ray School Website Grade-level pageFront page Classroom blog- format page
  21. 21. Support school-initiated programs and activities Ray example: Legacy Accelerated Reader and STAR Reader suite • Help maintain, clean, backup local-server-type installation • Help with client installation, e.g. on new computers
  22. 22.  Pershing example: Elevate Learning math remote-tutoring sessions • Help math coordinator and assistant set up auxiliary devices at each computer in advance of session • Attend session, help students login and stay connected on web and audio • Identify computers with problems in session, decide which can be fixed immediately and which the students should move off of
  23. 23. Computer provisioning & setup and lab management Schools obtain computers from: • Preferred vendor purchase within CPS • Donations or reduced-price deals within CPS • Donations from University of Chicago, channeled through CUIP • Donations from other sources In all those cases, CUIP will help partner schools with lab or classroom setup, physical and software.
  24. 24. Computer provisioning & setup and lab management Recent examples: Ray bought updated computers for teacher desks in classrooms, plus full set for lab. CUIP + NSP helped with physical and software setup in classrooms, software setup in lab. (Vendor helpfully did physical setup in lab.) UChicago ITS recently gave CPS a batch of used computers via CUIP. We installed OS and configured CPS image, and tomorrow will deliver to five schools, including both Ray and Pershing West.
  25. 25. General Tech Support Assist tech coordinator, or act in substitution for tech coordinator. Online or physical clipboard or book for teachers to request help. • Show teacher how to embed a You-Tube video in Prezi presentation • Resource room printer • Ms. M’s computer display, splitter, Elmo and Promethean setup
  26. 26.  Chicago WebDocent (CWD) • Social studies and science for grades 3 through 8 • More recently high school science (astronomy) • Standards-aligned, teacher created, classroom tested • Available on any Internet- connected computer • Features artifacts from 8 Chicago cultural institutions and other image repositories
  27. 27.  Unique features of Chicago WebDocent Integrates museum collections into the curriculum  Interpretation of object and images sharpens higher-order thinking skills through observation and analysis. CWD uses a story-based model for curriculum development  This model views lessons as good stories that can capture the imagination to teach content more engagingly and meaningfully (Egan 1988).
  28. 28. In Development:20 standards-alignedlessons on the history,science, tools and impactof multiwavelengthastronomy on ourunderstanding of theUniverse, as “told” byleaders in the field.
  29. 29. Interactives
  30. 30.  eCUIP 1.0 • Comprehensive library of high-quality digital resources for independent student inquiry and curriculum support  Digitization of teacher- selected materials  Link libraries • Example: Chicago 1919
  31. 31.  eCUIP 2.0 • Content creation in collaboration with teachers and scholars  Digitization of teacher-selected materials  Example, Chicago: City of Neighborhoods  Presentation of unique scholarship from the University community  Example, Chicago World’s Fair of 1893  Repackaging of university content  Fathom
  32. 32.  eCUIP 3.0 • Integration of unique scholarship with teacher-created lessons and interactives • Ancient Mesopotamia: This History, Our History • Science Fair in the City
  33. 33. Chicago Public Schools Integrated Library System For Information access and discovery Multiple modes of access for a large population with varying needs. Save and disseminate curated lists of resources.Integration of local itemswith electronic books andresearch databases.
  34. 34. Donald G. York, Horace B. Horton Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Director of CUIP don@oddjob.uchicago.eduNeighborhood Schools Program (NSP)Shaz Rasul, Director shaz@uchicago.eduChicago Public SchoolsCheryl D. Watkins, Principal, Pershing West Middle School cdwatkins@cps.eduJelena Zivko, Technology Coordinator, Ray Elementary School JBZivko@cps.eduCUIP StaffMitch Marks, Technology Coordinator mitch@cuip.netRuss Revzan, Technology Resource Advisor russ@cuip.netJulia Brazas, Curriculum Specialist julia@uchicago.eduChristie Thomas, Digital Library Specialist