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Our Country And Her Glory Symbols
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Our Country And Her Glory Symbols


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Unit 1 Week 2 Slide Presentation of the Country and the symbols.

Unit 1 Week 2 Slide Presentation of the Country and the symbols.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Our Country and Her Glory Symbols
    1st Grade
    Unit 1 Social Living
  • 2. We are off on a President Hunt…. Who is our President?
  • 3. Great Job, 1st Graders !!!!
    We have found our President of the United States !
    What is our President’s name?
    President BarackObama
  • 4. Where does our President live?
    The President lives in Washington, DC.
    Washington, DC is in-between 2 states:
    - Maryland and Virginia
    Important Fact:
    It is the only American city that is not part of a State.
  • 5. The White House
    In the White House lives the First Lady, the President’s wife and their family. It is tradition that the President’s family get a dog to live there with them.
    The family of the President lives in the White House only while their father is President. Once he is voted out of office, they move back to their home.
  • 6. The Oval Office
    Oval Office Location
    This is the office of the President in the White House. He has very important meetings here.
  • 7. Air Force One
    This is the only way that the President flies around the country. In the jet, there are many people with him.
  • 8. Past Presidents
    George Washington
    He was the 1st President of the USA
    He was the 1st person to sign the Constitution.
    He is on the quarter
  • 9. Another Past President
    Thomas Jefferson
    3rd President
    Helped write the Declaration of Independence.
    Very responsible and got things done that needed to be done
  • 10. How would you describe a President’s Role?
  • 11. Who is this?
  • 12. America’s Symbols
    The United States, like many different countries, have symbols that remind us of important people or events that have made us the country that we are today.
    Think of something's that you know is a symbol of someone you knew or somewhere you have been?
  • 13. The Bald Eagle
    There was a leader that wanted the Turkey as our country’s bird, but was out voted to have the Bald Eagle.
  • 14. The State Capitol Building
  • 15. Mount Rushmore
    4 past Presidents are shown here in a rock mountain. The statues were done with dynamite and drills. This is located in South Dakota.
  • 16. The Liberty Bell
    • This is a symbol of Freedom.
    • 17. The bell was read when the Declaration of Independence was read for the 1st time.
    • 18. The bell is cracked and no longer rings today.
    • 19. The bell is located in Philadelphia and is visited often by tourist.
  • Statue of Liberty
    • The Statue of Liberty is in New York Harbor on Liberty Island.
    • 20. The Statue was a gift from France and is a symbol of Freedom of our people.
    • 21. When many people came to our country long ago, they came by boat. The Statue was the 1st thing they saw.
  • What do we know of today that has symbols?
  • 22. A place to Meet
    Football Stadium
    Capital Building
  • 23. A Mascot or A country Animal
    A Mascot
    A country Bird
  • 24. A Flag to declare their Place
    LSU Flag
    Country Flag
  • 25. Victory
    Statue of Liberty
  • 26. Song
    Tiger Fight Song
    Star Spangle Banner
    God Bless America