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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Quick Response Codes Jordan Wood Social Media Marketing 04/4/2012
  • 2. Quick Response Codes• Two-dimensional codes• Quick readability, easy access and large storage capacity• Used worldwide by marketers
  • 3. History• First invented in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary• Used to simplify the manufacturing process at Denso Wave• Denso Wave trademark but patent rights not enforced• Recent worldwide adoption
  • 4. Statistics• Second half of 2010, QR scanning up by 1,200%• 2011 – mobile barcodes used by 22% of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies• 2011 – 2D barcode scanning higher than 1D
  • 5. How QR Codes Work• Designed and created by QR Code Generators – Encode information into the code• QR Code Readers enable users to scan the code – Users are sent to the encoded information
  • 6. QR Code Generators• Free code generators available on the Internet• Three most important generator options to consider 1. Code Format 2. Stored Data 3. Output
  • 7. QR Code Generators• QRhacker, Unitag,, QRStuff, Beautiful QR Codes, BeQRious, Delivr, Azonmedia, Maestro, and KeremErkan• Similarities – varying color and size options• Differences – data storage, error correction, foreign language and download file type options
  • 8. QR Code Generators• QRHacker and BeQRious – Change roundness, code color, upload photo and save as PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF• QRStuff – Broad range of data storage and URL options • Shortened or original URL
  • 9. QR Code Readers• Available on any smartphone & various other camera-enabled devices• RedLaser, BeeTagg Reader, AT&T Code Scanner, ScanLife and I-nigma• Enables you to scan the barcode and sends you to the information encoded in the code• RedLaser code reader – Offers a code generator program
  • 10. Business Implementation• Five important steps in QR code implementation 1. Define the purpose 2. Call on your customers 3. Design user friendly and attractive codes 4. Measure scans 5. Track code effects on website and social media networks
  • 11. Business Implementation• QR code application strategies – Information needs to be valuable and worthwhile to end user – Sharing: multimedia content or product, event, contact, company, location and offer details • Restaurants share nutritional information • Business cards contain meCards
  • 12. Business Implementation• Call to Action: email opt-ins, purchase products, provide contact information or feedback and contest signups – Strengthen customer relationships – Provide company with leads and potential clients• Build Communities: Link codes to social media platforms – “Like” button on Facebook – “Check-in” on Foursquare
  • 13. Business Implementation• QR code locations – Products or promotional products – Temporary tattoos – Cake icing – T-shirts – Point-of-sale displays – Business cards – Advertisements – Print and Media• Enhance the user experience, easily scan able and appropriate size
  • 14. Measurement• Google Analytics – Original URL or Google URL shortener 1. Unique landing pages 2. Parameter strings to the end of URLs• Third Party web analytics for QR codes – Shortened URL – Offered with QR code generators – Demographics, number of scans and repeat scans
  • 15. QR Code Campaigns• Macy’s department store – “Backstage Pass” Marketing Campaign – Celebrity advice on style tips and product information – Enter into a shopping spree contest
  • 16. QR Code Campaigns• Tesco global supermarket store
  • 17. QR Code Campaigns• Planned Parenthood of The Great Northwest
  • 18. Conclusion• Enhance business’s marketing efforts• Build customer relationships, increase brand awareness and encourage product purchases• Keep consumer in mind at all times• Inexpensive and proven to be beneficial
  • 19. Wood Brothers Racing