Computer skills for seniors
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  • 1. Computer Skills for Seniors
  • 2. A Computer Can Help You
    • Keep information organized
    • Write letters and store files
    • Connect with family and friends
    • Look for information
    • Submit forms
    • Entertainment
  • 3. What is often referred to as a computer is actually several components
    • Computer or “Tower”
    • Monitor
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
  • 4.
    • The computer is the main operational component. It is sometimes
    • referred to as the tower.
    • The other components can not
    • operate without the computer
    • and without the accessories
    • you can not see or manipulate
    • what the computer is doing.
  • 5. Monitor
    • The monitor looks like a small TV screen. It allows you to see the information the computer generates.
  • 6. Keyboard
    • The keyboard allows you to enter data and to manipulate the computer. The keyboard letters and symbols are laid out like a typewriter.
  • 7. Mouse
    • The mouse allows you to easily manipulate or operate the computer.
  • 8. Laptop
    • A Laptop computer has all these components on a smaller scale and made together into one unit.
  • 9. Turn On
    • To turn on the computer you only have to push a button.
  • 10. Turn Off
    • To shut down the computer you must close any open programs and turn off the computer using the mouse.
    • Start
    • Turn off
    • Turn off
  • 11. Left Click, Right Click
    • Left mouse button
    • Navigate through information
    • Right mouse button
    • Program operation
    • options
  • 12. Control Your Mouse
    • Controlling the mouse is difficult for some, but once that is accomplished, you are ready to start learning how to surf the Internet, operate programs and check your email.
  • 13.
    • Thank you for attending the program.
    • Questions and Answers?