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  • 1. Welcome Epsilon Class Introductions  Name, year, major, fun fact  Reorganize class  PIN numbers Magister “master”; “teacher” My goal(s) Your goals
  • 2. Benefits of Being GreekImportant Not quite as important Sacred brotherhood  Learn to dress like a Bonds of friendship gentleman Amazing people  Learn the fundamentals of Wonderful memories business/corporation/govern ment Alumni networking  Explain Exclusive American tradition  Meet important people  connections
  • 3. Expectations and Obligations Pledge definition  Pledge meetings Gentlemen status  Must be involved  Attire - explain  Committee system Brotherhood and respect  Attendance Eyes and ears  Tests and final Frat vs. Fraternity  I-Week and I-Weekend Formal attire Monday and Fridays
  • 4. Pledge class positionsPresident Annotator Formal leader of the class  In charge of texting and  Nominations today and next organizing class as a whole week  Nominations today and next  Speeches and voting next week week  Speeches and voting next week
  • 5. Housekeeping Brotherhood respect  Candle pass  Get to know brothers  Explanation  No nicknames  Ritual  Be respectful  Confidentiality  Speak up if you see anything fishy
  • 6. How to get dropped Be a (drunk)jerk  We goof around. Disrespect brotherhood  Draw the line  Women, girlfriends, friend  Use discretion s of the chapter  Don’t take jokes Do not embrace morals personally and ethics  Talk to us if you have a  What are morals? problem Act entitled  No way.
  • 7. Founding of ΣΧ – June 28, 1855 Miami  Deep rift in ΔΚΕ University, Oxford Ohio  Perceived lack of Matter of principle allegiance ΔΚΕ, Erodelphian  Six “rebels” proposed Fall of 1854, dinner Four dissenters + two  Ambush and ultimatum other DKEs, won support  Runkle’s explosion  Merit vs. blind  Six dissenters -> acceptance Expelled  Made new fraternity, formed on justice
  • 8. FoundersBenjamin Piatt Runkle Thomas Cowan Bell Fearlessness  Exemplified learning and Noteworthy military career friendship Helped design badge  Life work – educator
  • 9. Jordan Standard YOU MUST KNOW THIS  Start with “The standard with which…”
  • 10. Assignment Founding of Sigma Chi (NS 37-40) First two founders (Runkle NS 41 and Bell NS 42)  Full name, quote, and three facts Jordan Standard (NS 21)  Completely memorized, recite and write down Know founding date of Lambda Nu  April 21st, 2012 Greek alphabet  Character and word (A alpha, B beta, etc) Friendship, Justice and Learning:  “roots of our Fraternity” paragraph (NS 19)