Slo city news rotary community service project 5-5-11


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Slo city news rotary community service project 5-5-11

  1. 1. Volume 5 • Issue 36 • May 5 – 11, 2011 YOUR C OMMUNITY IN YOUR H ANDS It Takes an Army. Rotary at Work builds a classroom. Story and photos on page 18. City Considers Jack’s Helping Kidicial Coming Curfew Hand Downtown By Camas Frank By Jack Beardwood By Camas Frank bicycle safety and teachT he City of San Luis Obispo Police Department pre-sented an ordinance to the allow their wards out on the streets without supervi- sion could face fines as steep as $500. A disabled child’s family needed help paying for the cost of a specialized wheel chair Helping Hand in 2004 in memory of their son Jack, whose three-year struggle with a rare form of brain cancer ended in November T he San Luis Obispo County Coalition Bicycle wants you, along with your chil- dren, to join them on May some skills to the next gen- eration of riders, Dan Rivoire, Executive Director of the Coalition, said thatCity Council for final While the Council had so he could be independ-approval this week, yet to review the ordinance ently mobile. of 2004. 5 for the first in a series of they work hard to avoiddesigned to keep youth as of press time, the matter A young boy fighting During the course of theme nights celebrating peachiness when talkingfrom engaging in disrep- has been bouncing around bone cancer needed a com- Jack’s treatment, the two-wheeled locomotion. about safety.utable behavior after dark. City Hall for quite some puter for his home school- Readys realized that many Organizers are billing it “The inspiration behind Although replete with time. ing. The chemotherapy families with disabled chil- as, “A venue for parents to it is to allow people anexclusions for a variety of In September 2009, treatment he receives pre- dren needed assistance to teach their children to ride opportunity to ‘Ridesupervised and productive Police Chief Deborah vents him from going to meet their children’s spe- in the street safely.” Smart’,” he said. “We wantactivities, the ordinance Linden pitched the idea school and causes his fin- cial needs that are not pro- Being held for the third people to be uplifted by thewould make it an infrac- during a study session with gers to go numb, making it vided by other sources. year, the San Luis Obispo experience so we’re verytion for those 17 years old the Council addressing very difficult to hold a pen- Jack’s Helping Hand “Kidical” Mass event will careful about the languageand younger to be on the noisy gathering and under- cil. assists local children with kick off at 6 p.m. in we use.”streets after 11 p.m. until age drinking. A five-year-old with life- illnesses and disabilities, Mitchell Park, with riders Among the topics cov-the early morning at 5 a.m. The ordinance lists some threatening allergies need- providing for special treat- donning a Cinco de Mayo ered in the groups pre-ride The infractions would be of these concerns in justify- ed a specially-trained serv- ments, services, equipment theme. The rides will con- talks are “Driving yourpunishable with a fine ing the measure. ice dog to alert him to dan- and transportation. tinue the first Thursday of bike the way you wouldand/or community service, “Whereas the Council ger and to make his med- According to Mary every month between May your car,” a significant dif-starting with $100 for a finds that minors engaging ication available at the first Illingworth, charitable and September, with each ference in the way manyfirst offense and topping in criminal conduct or sign of an allergic response. administrator (director of ride taking on a different people think about the actout at $250 after three activities that are likely to San Luis Obispo resi- the organization), many theme. of cycling, Rivoire added.occasions. Parent or result in criminal conduct dents Paul and Bridget local families with children Although the point of “The event helps show par-guardians who knowingly create a public safety Ready founded Jack’s suffering from heart the rides is to promote ents how to do this with See Curfew, page 6 See Jack’s, page 7 See Kidicial, page 28 INSIDE INFORMATION Cris Cherry Tiger Sports He’s Got A Mother’s Talks Wine Round-Up Game Day Special page 19 page 20 page 26 page 30 TOLOSA PRESS
  2. 2. 18 SCN • May 5 – 11, 2011 • SLO City News slocity community Rotary at Work Street. “It’s great to see our San Luis Photos by Christopher Gardner M any hands make light work was exemplified at the Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School last weekend as three Rotary Clubs came together to build a new Obispo clubs coming together again for the sole purpose of improving our community,” said Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo President Ed Naretto. outdoor classroom. As part of “These Work Days are rewarding and “Rotarians at Work Day” the three fun.” clubs, Rotary Club of San Luis Not only did the clubs pitch in to Obispo, Rotary Club Daybreak and lend a hand, so did many businesses Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de by providing the materials and expert- Tolosa, chose this project as a public ise. Businesses outside of Rotary service. The sheltered classroom will agreed to contribute to the project help Rancho El Chorro continue their including Airvol Block, Miner’s charter of providing “hands-on learn- Hardware and Farm Supply Company. ing” and allow them to expand their The day went smoothly and was led marine science program. by Rotarians Anthony Palazzo of The collaboration between the clubs PMSM Architects and Christi Fry is a result of recent projects like last with Triad/Holmes Associates. ✤ year’s community garden on South