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A brief overview of the Surface Pro for a class assessment

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Surface pro

  1. 1. Microsoft Windows Surface Pro A presentation by the Buckfield's ● The buttons, the ports and the charger ● Vital Statistics ● The Start Screen ● Useful programmes & apps ● Maintenance ● Troubleshooting ● To buy or not to buy?
  2. 2. Know Your Surface Pro
  3. 3. Vital Statistics
  4. 4. The Start Screen
  5. 5. And the Apps screen
  6. 6. Useful Apps & Features ● OneNote – allows users to take notes by hand & sync directly to the Cloud (OneDrive) ● OneDrive & OneNote can be downloaded for iPhone, Android or Windows smart phones ● All work can be synced across all devices for access wherever you are ● Documents can be shared & edited online using free Office products such as Word, Excel & Powerpoint
  7. 7. Maintenance Microsoft Windows Surface Pro 128GB Date Purchased – 20/12/2013 Daily Wipe screen with a soft cloth Weekly Run virus/malware scanners Check for updates & restart Monthly Clean keyboard/ports with dedicated US hoover System tidy of temp. files & downloads Annually If required check state of charge cable & power supply Fresh Windows install may be required Both these checks depend largely on usage & usage conditions ALWAYS BACK YOUR WORK UP
  8. 8. Have you tried turning it off and on again... ● Online support & help available at ● Press and hold the power/sleep button ● Check the power cable is properly attached ● Check internet connection & select repair if necessary ● Are there too many apps running in the background?
  9. 9. When All Else Fails
  10. 10. To buy or not to buy? ● Apple & Samsung still have the tablet market cornered with plenty of cheaper plain label options also available ● Other combination tablet/computers are out there ● The Surface Pro does have limited battery life compared with tablets ● The core i5 processor can run hot under load – like playing games ● The rear camera is sub-standard with poor ambient lighting but good for outdoor daylight shots ● It is a touch heavier than some machines BUT ● The keyboard is a masterpiece, it's a fantastically constructed machine, native apps work like a dream and it is really a very impressive tool for work, study or playing.
  11. 11. WH&S ● Be aware of correct posture & positioning of hands when using a tablet or keyboard for extended periods of time – this will avoid repetitive strains on muscles and joints ● If you do intend using the device for extended periods remember to take a break and turn the brightness setting to a level that's easier on the eyes according to the ambient lighting. ● Keep device away from liquids, avoid exposure to direct heat. ● Don't drop the device, or transport it without protective case.