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Small solar panels

Small solar panels






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    Small solar panels Small solar panels Presentation Transcript

    • How You Can Easily Build Simple Small Solar Panels
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Homemade solar panels are becoming a more common sight on rooftops and in yards across the country.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com However, there is also a strong financial draw.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com It is common knowledge that solar power systems are great ways of saving money and by making your own small solar panels, you could be saving even more.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The good news is that you can make your very own panel with objects that are readily available in your local hardware or DIY store.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com These instructions will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple small panel.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com To make this solar panel you will need:
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com A small copper plate or copper sheeting that can be cut to size
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com An ammeter (current reader)
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Sandpaper, emery cloth or a wire brush
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com A glass jar
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Salt
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com If you are using copper sheet, then you will need to cut it to size.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Once you have a copper plate, wash your hands and the copper, to ensure that there is no grease or debris on either.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Then, take your sandpaper and brush away the oxidized coating.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Once the top layer of the copper has been removed, you will need to expose the plate to a source of heat to create another oxidized layer.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com This may seem counterintuitive, but the layer you are about to add is a cuprous oxide.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The easiest way to do this is to hold the copper over an electric stove until a black crust forms.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Next, you should remove the black crust on the oxidized copper by tapping it gently on your work bench and brushing away at it with your fingertips.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Take another piece of copper plate that has not been treated to a cuprous oxide and place it in a glass jar next to the oxidized plate.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com It is imperative that the plates do not touch, so ensure that you have a jar large enough to hold both pieces of copper comfortably.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Then, fill the jar with water and add the salt.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Ensure that the salt is mixed into the water and then take your jar outside into the sun.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com You now have a miniature homemade panel.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Next, it is time to test it.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Take your ammeter and attach the positive lead to the non-oxidized copper and the negative lead to the cuprous copper.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com You will obviously notice the more sun the jar is exposed to the greater amount of power that the solar panel creates.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The ammeter will display how much electricity your tiny panel is creating.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com This is an example of how simple it is to make a homemade solar panel.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com However, of course, your jam jar solar system will not supply you with enough energy to supply your household needs.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Thankfully, creating homemade panels on a larger scale is no more complicated than building small solar panels.
    • For More Information Visit Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com