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How to Recognize a Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptom

How to Recognize a Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptom



Learn how to identify a vaginal yeast infection symptom, and find out how to effectively treat it.

Learn how to identify a vaginal yeast infection symptom, and find out how to effectively treat it.



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    How to Recognize a Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptom How to Recognize a Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptom Presentation Transcript

    • How to Recognize a Vaginal Yeast Infection Symptom
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com More than 75% of women experience at least one yeast infection during her lifetime.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com That's why it's so important to be able to recognize the symptoms so that you can treat the infection quickly.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com If you've never had a yeast infection and you suspect you might have one, consider going to a doctor for a definitive diagnosis.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Only a doctor will know if it isn't something more serious.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Here are the symptoms to look for:
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Vaginal Itching
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Discharge that may be thick, white, and lumpy like cottage cheese
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Vaginal soreness, irritation, or burning
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Rash or redness on the skin outside the vagina (vulva)
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Smells like bread or beer
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Painful vaginal intercourse
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of the normal fungi that lives in the vaginal area.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com The overgrowth is often caused by specific reasons, including
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Recent use of antibiotics
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Wearing clothing such as nylon or Lycra that traps moisture and heat
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Pregnancy
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Obesity
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com PMS
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Multiple Sclerosis
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com And diabetes
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Preventative tips include
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Always wear white cotton panties.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Avoid wearing nylon and Lycra clothing as much as possible.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Never wear panty hose without wearing cotton panties underneath.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent transferring yeast to the vaginal area.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com If you're post-menopausal or use oral contraceptives
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Use a vaginal lubricant during sexual intercourse to prevent vaginal discomfort and irritation
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com If you're taking antibiotics, eat one cup of yogurt a day
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Avoid perfumed bubble baths.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Avoid using feminine sprays.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Avoid powders in the vaginal area.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Don't douche
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com It will wash away the natural protective mucous of the vagina and leave you susceptible to vaginal infections.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Use unscented pads and tampons during your menstrual period.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Dry your vaginal area thoroughly after showering or swimming.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Remove your wet bathing suit as soon as possible.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Use unscented and white toilet paper.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Decrease your consumption of sugar.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Increased sugar levels in your body causes yeast to grow faster.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Avoid use of scented, deodorant or colored tampons, pads, or panty liners.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com These products can be irritating to the vagina.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Knowing the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections will help you get treatment quickly.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com And knowing how to prevent them will help you to avoid them.
    • HomeTreatmentForYeastInfection.com Knowledge is power.
    • For More Information Visit HomeTreatmentForYeast Infection.com