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Flexible solar panels - How They work and Where to Buy

Flexible solar panels - How They work and Where to Buy



Learn about the new forms of flexible solar panels and where you can buy them .

Learn about the new forms of flexible solar panels and where you can buy them .



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    Flexible solar panels - How They work and Where to Buy Flexible solar panels - How They work and Where to Buy Presentation Transcript

    • Flexible Solar Panels How They Work and Where to Buy
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Traditionally, solar panels are heavy, rigid and difficult to move.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Now, however, technology has presented us with a new generation of solar panels.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Flexible solar panels are a wonderful revolution that could ensure the success of this form of renewable energy in the future.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com How are Flexible Panels Made?
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The vast majority of these panels are made from a thin-film amorphous silicon, which is placed over polymer substrates.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Semiconductor units are placed on the substrate and the solar cells are connected as the silicon deposits are being placed on top.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Essentially, what is created is a lightweight series of layers, which are thin and flexible, making it possible to roll the panel up.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Why Use Flexible Panels?
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com There are, of course, many reasons that these types of solar panels are becoming more popular.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Principally, because they are easy to travel with, so they can be used as portable chargers for handheld devices and gadgets, such as laptops, MP3 players and cell phones.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Moreover, they can be used to power camping equipment when you are out in the wilderness.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com However, their use is not confined to portable ventures.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com In fact, the flexibility of these solar panels makes them perfect for installing a solar power system into the fabric of any building.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Therefore, in the future, homes and business may be built with an integrated solar power system.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com How Much do Flexible Panels Cost?
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Perhaps surprisingly, these panels made from amorphous silicon are typically cheaper than the traditional crystalline panels.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The reason for this is that the panels use far less semiconductor material.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com In a flexible panel, each layer of film is just 1 micrometer thick.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Crystalline panels, however, have between 150 and 200 cells.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Of course, this does not come without its drawbacks.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com The efficiency of a flexible panel is way below that of a traditional panel.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com This means that the amount of energy harnessed by the sun is greatly reduced when using a flexible panel.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com However, the good news is that work is underway to improve the efficiency of the flexible cells.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com This will ensure that they reach the same level of efficacy as the crystalline cells.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Where Can You Purchase a Flexible Panel?
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Naturally, there is a wide range of flexible solar panels that differ in size and shape.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com All of the major solar panel providers, such as Silicon Solar, Inc and Powerfilm, have had a hand in the creation of these panels.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Now, there are many smaller businesses joining the competition.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Therefore, if you are looking for flexible panels, it is worth shopping around, as you may be able to get a bargain.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com As technology advances (and it is doing so at a rapid rate) the life expectancy of solar cells will improve as will the efficiency of all solar panels.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com However, it is expected that flexible solar panels will eventually usurp their rigid and bulky predecessors.
    • Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com Consequently, not only can you be self-sufficient in your own home, but you can also have your own source of electricity wherever you go.
    • For More Information Visit Do-It-YourselfSolarPanels.com