Assessing Social Media Risk for Healthcare Organizations


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How should healthcare organizations assess their social media risk? This presentation examines the areas each organization must examine to understand the regulatory, brand, and infrastructure risks their social media programs may face.

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Assessing Social Media Risk for Healthcare Organizations

  1. 1. Social Media Risk Readiness Assessment Joel Selzer Co-Founder
  2. 2. Establishing trust is essential to building stronger relationships with your HCPs We live in a new era of openness and transparency: of physicians now search for product information online of physicians currently use a smartphone Hospitals have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 2
  3. 3. Where will you build trust with HCPs in a social media world? HCPs have embraced social networking for Peer-to-Peer interaction of physicians are interested in or already use physician social networks The result… As your interactions are seen in a new light on these networks, you can redefine your provider relationships by earning their trust How will your actions in the “Age of Social Media” help or hinder your efforts to strengthen provider relationships? 3
  4. 4. How will you engage HCPs using social media when you face risk at every turn? Risk Brand Regulatory Infrastructure Category (Corporate & Product) • Loss of control over • Lack of FDA guidance • Constantly evolving your message tools and standards • Adherence to • Increased demanding data • Lack of required Risk transparency security & privacy technical skills Factors statutes • Failure to properly • Compatibility with engage HCPs • Concerns over legacy systems monitoring and • Damaged reputation reporting • Implications for security & privacy requirements • Fear of FDA sanctions and potential costs 4
  5. 5. Assess your organization’s readiness before confronting the risks of any social media program Elements of the Ozmosis Focused Engagement Social Media Risk Readiness Assessment Ozmosis tailors the scope of the assessment according to your needs and the status of any existing HCP social media programs. Standard Process •  Kickoff meeting with client stakeholders •  Stakeholder interviews •  Individual brand, regulatory, and infrastructure-level workshops  •  Compare to industry benchmarks and best practice •  Analysis of findings •  Final report & presentation •  Implementation (optional) 5
  6. 6. Minimize brand risk: engage HCPs without losing control of your message Your Objective Launch and accelerate your corporate, product or service focused social media programs How The Assessment Helps • Review current and planned social media initiatives • Examine HCP engagement practices Ozmosis will… • Evaluate results and any captured ROI •  Compare your readiness to metrics from launched programs industry best practices •  Identify areas for improvement • Review social media posting and •  Provide specific recommendations commenting guidelines 6
  7. 7. Minimize regulatory risk: proceed with confidence in an uncertain social media landscape Your Objective Develop and deploy policies that promote safer engagement practices in the absence of clear FDA guidelines and with respect to data security and privacy requirements How The Assessment Helps • Review monitoring and reporting processes for off-label comments and adverse events Ozmosis will… •  Compare your readiness to • Examine existing social media policies industry best practices • Share industry best practices •  Identify areas for improvement •  Provide specific recommendations • Benchmark policies against the Ozmosis Framework for SM Regulatory Best Practices 7
  8. 8. Minimize infrastructure risk: stay ahead of the technology curve throughout your portfolio Your Objective Build a flexible, modular and scalable network of IT software and systems that facilitate social interaction How The Assessment Helps • Create unified view of all social media platforms being used throughout the organization Ozmosis will… • Assess available social media skills and •  Compare your readiness to expertise among in-house staff industry best practices • Review security and privacy policies •  Identify areas for improvement •  Provide specific recommendations • Evaluate potential to integrate legacy systems with planned social media initiatives 8
  9. 9. Ensure that your teams have the processes they need to support emerging social media programs Your Objective Align your people and processes to the brand, regulatory and infrastructure needs of the organization How The Assessment Helps • Evaluate the people and processes engaged in each assessment area Ozmosis will… • Create a unified view of all staff with •  Compare your readiness to specific social media expertise industry best practices • Identify resource gaps that need to be •  Identify areas for improvement •  Provide specific recommendations addressed 9
  10. 10. Each dimension of your organization’s readiness is evaluated Social Media Risk Readiness Assessment Project Outputs •  Assessment of current capabilities •  Holistic view of all social media programs, highlighting redundant tools and capability gaps •  Recommendations for mitigating risk and reducing cost •  Benchmarking against best-in- class social media programs and policies •  Confidence to move forward = organizational risk readiness 10
  11. 11. Let the experts in social media and medicine help your organization succeed Ozmosis Business Solutions Focused Social Media Expertise •  Consulting clients have included one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading U.S. Health Systems, and national Payor organizations •  Members of the Ozmosis team have previously worked for IBM Global Services, Medsite, Prematics, Corporate Executive Board, Johns Hopkins, and Merkle. • is widely regarded as one of the top physician communities in the world and was recently named a finalist for “Best HCP Community” in the Dosie Awards •  Team members actively engage patient, providers and customers through Facebook, Twitter, Ning, and LinkedIn every day •  Ozmosis has provided analysis and recommendations to manufacturers and the FDA on social media regulatory frameworks •  Team members previously supported and its 1.5M member professional network 11
  12. 12. Please contact the Ozmosis Business Solutions team for additional information Joel Selzer Co-Founder & CEO - Ozmosis (202) 595-8005 12