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Building a personal learning network
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Building a personal learning network



Published in Education
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  • 1. Building a Personal Learning Network
  • 2. The Lightening Bug Theory of PLNs
    I think of my PLN as a jar of lightning bugs. Each bug flashes occasionally, giving light. If I collect enough lightning bugs who are bright, soon the light is constant and I can find my way forward, even in the dark
    -Kevin Honeycutt
  • 3.
  • 4. PLNs are deliberately formed networks of people and resources capable of guiding ourindependent learning goals and professional q development needs.
  • 5. Build a PLN using:
    Social Bookmarking
  • 6. Twitter is a micro blogging site that allows you to share your thoughts in 140 characters or less.
    More importantly, with the use a link to shorten a URL (bit.ly or tinyurl.com) you can add links as well!
    What is Twitter?
  • 7. Tweet – a 140 character post
    Hashtag(#) – a sign you put in front of a search
    Reply (@) – reply to all
    Retweet (RT) – a message that gets resent
    DM (d) – direct message
    List – a collection of peeps
    Twitter Lingo
  • 8. What does a tweet look like?
    Short URL Link
    Tool Used to post
  • 9. What does Twitter look like?
  • 10. You don’t have to tweet to get value from Twitter!
  • 11. Setting up a PLN using Twiitter
    Use Twitter Search to find people
    Find People who share your interests
    Check out a RT for the originator
    Follow them on Twitter
    Start by introducing yourself and a group: #sd43 or #cpchat
    Start expanding your list of people you follow
    Group people with similar interests together in a List
    Use Hashtags (#) to find posts similar to yours
  • 12. Use a Twitter Client to Organize
  • 13. Hootesuite
  • 14. Educational Blogs are being turned out constantly.
    Writers range from
    Internationally known authors and experts like Alflie Kohn, Will Richardson, Dan Tapscott, etc…
    Leaders in the field: Chris Kennedy, Cale Birks, George Couros, Judy Halbertand others…
    Local educators like Brian Kuhn, Bryan Jack, Chris Wejr
  • 15. Readers gather everything for you
  • 16. Social Bookmarking
  • 17. Key is to find a bookmarker that is versatile enough for you and will be kept up to date.
    Diigo, Delicious, Digg, Reddittand even Youtube can be used as social bookmarks.
    Find the one right for you.
    Using Social Bookmarking for your PLN
  • 18. @corinnew for the great SlideShare inspiration
    My PLN for giving so much
    @chrkennedyand @masrobinsonfor the great feedback
    Thanks to: