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There is, there are

There is, there are



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  • Reword: To state a negative fact, you can use there isn't a/an (4 words bold italics) or there aren't any (3 words bold italics

There is, there are There is, there are Presentation Transcript

  • 9 There is / There areThe Perfect House Focus on Grammar 1 Part VIII, Unit 26 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Our New HouseHoney, I found the Oh, that’s great!perfect house. You Tell me all about it.are going to love it.
  • Our New House There’s air There is a big conditioning. There are good backyard. schools nearby.
  • Present SingularUse there is or there’s to state facts about aperson or thing.There is a big There is air backyard. conditioning.
  • Present PluralUse there are if the noun is plural. There are a lot of windows. There are good schools nearby.
  • The Perfect HouseThere isn’t isn’tan trees, There aren’tfireplace, but … There a any but there’s a There’s even a extra Hmmmthere a in Are Is there a there.trees Is . . Great. basketball court. big but there’s athere’s a big pool,…for my swimming space bedroom for my mother! swimming pool? fireplace? the yard? driveway for my car. flat screen TV.
  • Negative To state a negative fact, you can use there isn’t a / an or there aren’t any. present singularThere isn’t a garage. present pluralThere aren’t any trees in theyard. present singularThere isn’t a fence. present pluralThere aren’t a lot of neighbors.
  • Contractions Use there’s in speaking and informal writing. There’s a basketball court. There’s even an extrabedroom for my mother.
  • Look at the information about Mrs. Practice 1 Chan’s class. Make sentences using there is, there are and information about this class. Mrs. Chan’s History Class Quiz Students Homework Readings This Week 0 18 very little many Example: This week, there isn’t a quiz.This week, there are 18 students.This week, there is very little homework.This week, there are many readings.
  • QuestionsPut is, or are before there to make aquestion. Arethere a swimming house? Is there mice in the pool?
  • Short AnswersUse there in questions and short answers. Are there any No, there Is there aproblems in the Yes, there is. porch? aren’t. basement?
  • Ask a partner questions about his Practice 2 or her neighborhood. Use is there, are there and short answers.Example: lots of houses Are there lots of houses in No, therea good school your aren’t. neighborhood?many childrena highway five years agorestaurantsproblemscafés five years agoparksnoise
  • ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education and itslicensors. All rights reserved.