The present progressive, wh questions


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The present progressive, wh questions

  1. 1. 6 The Present Progressive: Wh- Questions At the MoviesFocus on Grammar 1Part V, Unit 16By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ WellsCopyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. What’s happening?II think they areWell, the aliens Ahhh…!! What’s think they are Who This they is Why??? movie are looking forare looking forgetting hungry. happening? so scary! I can’t watch ... looking for? humans. life on the planet.
  3. 3. Form Begin wh- questions in the present progressive with a question word like what, where, why, who, or how. Use am, is, or are + the –ing form of the verb. BeWh- Word Verb Subject -ing Verb Form What am I doing? Where is he going? Who are you meeting?
  4. 4. Who Use who to ask about a person.Who is hetalking to? Who are they directing?
  5. 5. Why Use why to ask for reasons.Because this Why are youis the funny laughing? part.
  6. 6. Look at the underlined words. Practice 1 Then make questions with the present progressive.Example:Question: Where is he standing?Answer: He is standing in front of the movie projector.1. Question: What are they watching? TheyQuestion: Where is he standing? are watching a romantic movie. Answer: He is standing in front of the projector.2. Question: Why is she leaving? She’s leaving because the movie is too scary.3. Question: Who are you sitting with? I’m sitting with my friends.
  7. 7. Answers In informal conversation, answers are often short.What’s playing at A new romantic movie! Ugh… the theater?
  8. 8. IntonationIn wh- questions, your voice goes up anddown at the end. What are they wearing? Why are they standing?
  9. 9. Work with a partner. Ask and Practice 2 answer questions about the pictures. Practice intonation and short answers. Example: what / he / eat Question: What is he eating? Question: What is he eating? Short Answer: A lot of junk food. Short Answer: A lot of junk food.1. Where / he / hide 2. Why / she / cry 3. Who / you / talk to
  10. 10. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education and itslicensors. All rights reserved.