The present of be, questions with where, prepositions of place


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The present of be, questions with where, prepositions of place

  1. 1. The Present of Be:2 Questions with Where; Prepositions of Place A Big CityFocus on Grammar 1Part II, Unit 6By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ WellsCopyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. A Flight from SydneyBen: Did you enjoy Australia?Ann: Yes, but I’m ready to go home.Ben: Where do you live?Ann: I live in New York.Ben: So do I. I live at 347 West 82nd Street.Ann: So do I! Do you live on the fourth floor?Ben: Yes, I do! I live in apartment 4G.Ann: I’m across from you in 4H.Ann & Ben: We’re neighbors!
  3. 3. Location Questions Use where to ask questions about location.Where do you live?
  4. 4. Short FormsWhere’s is the short form for where is.Where’s the bus? Where’s my suitcase?
  5. 5. Prepositions of Place: At Use at with a street address.The United Nations The Metropolitan is at First Avenue Museum is at 1000 Fifth and 46th Street. Avenue.
  6. 6. Prepositions of Place: On Use on withwith a floor. the a street name. The Empire State The observation deck is on the 86th Building is on 34th Street. floor.
  7. 7. Prepositions of Place: In Use in with a city, state, country, or continent. Did you enjoyI live in New your time in York City. Australia?
  8. 8. Complete the sentences withPractice 1 in, on, or at. Example: Ann was born in Canada. 1. She loves living in New York City. 2. Her boyfriend lives at 935 Lexington Avenue. 3. He was born in Mississippi. 4. They both work on Chambers Street. 5. Their office is on the ninth floor. 6. The subway station is at Broadway and Chambers.
  9. 9. Prepositions of Place: Next To hospital bankThe bank is next to the hospital.
  10. 10. Prepositions of Place: Between museumcafé school The museum is between the café and the school.
  11. 11. Prepositions of Place: Across From department store post office The post office is across from the department store.
  12. 12. Ordinal Numbers Use ordinal numbers for streets and floors.My apartment is on the fourth floor.I live on West 82nd Street.
  13. 13. With a partner, ask questionsPractice 2 about Bedford Street. Use prepositions in your answers.Example: Where is the bank? It’s across from the bakery. bakery bank gym bookstore post office restaurant (3rd Floor) café Bedford art museum 421 Street Bedford Street
  14. 14. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Education and itslicensors. All rights reserved.