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The present of be

  1. 1. The Present of Be:1 Statements and Yes/ No Questions Introductions Focus on Grammar 2 Part I, Units 1 and 2 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. ConversationTom: Are you a new student here?Lea: Yes, I am. My name is Lea.Tom: My name’s Tom Sanchez.Lea: Oh, I think I know your mother. She’s MartaSanchez, right?Tom: Uh, Marta Sanchez isn’t my mother. She’s mysister.Lea: Oh.
  3. 3. FormSubject Be I am you are he she is it we are they
  4. 4. Use of the Verb Be 1We use the verb be before. . . NOUNS. I am a firefighter. He is a photographer. ?? ? They are aliens.
  5. 5. Use of the Verb Be 2We use the verb be before. . . ADJECTIVES. I am busy. He is afraid. It is hungry.
  6. 6. Use of the Verb Be 3 We use the verb be before. . . PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES.She is in the shower. She is from Japan. He is under the bed.
  7. 7. ContractionsIn a contraction, an apostrophe (’)replaces a letter. I’m am a student. I ’m student. a Sam’s from China. Sam’s from China. is They ’re excited. They’re excited. are
  8. 8. Talk with a partner aboutPractice 1 these pictures. Use the verb be and contractions. in the air upset painters shocked Example: 1. He’s shocked. She’s upset. 2. 3. They’re painters. It’s in the air.
  9. 9. Negatives  Not Subject + Be Contraction + Not I’m not Xaren’t not you’re not you aren’t he’s not he isn’tisn’t not she’s not she isn’t it’s not it isn’t we’re not we aren’taren’t not they’re not they aren’t
  10. 10. Make negative Practice 2 contractions for these sentences.Example: He is happy. He’s not happy. He isn’t happy. Answer 1 Answer 2 1. They are They’re not They aren’t teachers. teachers. teachers. 2. I am from the I’m not from U.S. the U.S. X 3. We’re not We aren’t We are single. single. single.
  11. 11. QuestionsThe verb be comes before the subjectin questions. She is at school? Is she . They are young? Are they .
  12. 12. Change the statementsPractice 3 into questions. Example: She is a teacher. Is she a teacher? 1. Sam and Lisa are in class. Are Sam and Lisa in class? 2. He is late. Is he late? 3. I am busy. Am I busy?
  13. 13. Be Careful! Don’t use contractions in affirmative short answers. Yes, Yes, I’m. Are you I here?
  14. 14. Talk with a partner about Practice 4 these pictures. Use the verb be and contractions.Example: Is it broken? 1. Am I at the right house? Yes, it is. No, you aren’t. 2. Are they in love? 3. Is he late? No, they aren’t. Yes, he is.
  15. 15. ReferencesCopyright © 2006 Pearson Educationand its licensors. All rights reserved.