Impact of Social Media in Hospitality Industry (Indonesia)


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A look at the impact of social media in the travel and hospitality industry and why social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TripAdvisor play important roles in your marketing plan. Together with growth in social media usage and understanding of how people use the services will help marketers to determine the right social media strategy for their business.

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Impact of Social Media in Hospitality Industry (Indonesia)

  1. 1. Impact of Social Media inHospitality IndustrybyJoris Satyadharma
  2. 2. SOCIAL NETWORKS GROWTH• There are more than 47 million active Facebookusers in Indonesia• Twitter has more than 200 million usersworldwide• Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube eachmonthSOURCE:!2b7f
  3. 3. TIME SPENT ONSOCIAL NETWORKSSOURCE: time visitors spend on social networkingsites per month.
  5. 5. Social media has hada huge impact onevery industry acrossthe world and travel isno exception.
  6. 6. The role of social medianow plays a key part inthe consumers travelexperience; from howthey research and booktheir holiday, ongoingengagement while they’retravelling to post reviews.SOURCE:
  7. 7. THE NEW WORD-OF-MOUTH“92% of global consumers trust‘earned media’, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations fromfriends and family, above all otherforms of advertising.”- Nielsen CompanySOURCE:
  8. 8. SOCIAL ENDORSEMENTSSocial influencerscreate direct brandendorsements.Their audiences driveendorsements throughengagement withinfluencer content.SOURCE:
  9. 9. 52%52% said their friends’ Facebooksaid their friends’ Facebookphotos inspired their holidayphotos inspired their holidaychoice and travel plans.choice and travel plans.SOURCE:
  10. 10. 76%76%Post vacation photos toPost vacation photos totheir social network.their social network.SOURCE:
  11. 11. Travel Planning• 80% begin planning their vacation two ormore months ahead of time when taking along trip.• 77% begin planning their vacation within amonth of departure when taking a short trip.• 55% consider 1-5 properties before bookingan accommodation.• 32% prefer to book directly on anaccommodations website.2012 TRIPADVISOR HOTEL REVIEW SURVEYConducted by PhoCusWright on behalf of TripAdvisor
  12. 12. Why Do Travelers Write Reviews?• 74% travelers say they write reviewsbecause they want to share a goodexperience with others.• 98% find TripAdvisor reviews to be accurateof the actual experience.• 87% agree that TripAdvisor hotel reviews“help me feel confident in my bookingdecisions”.• 53% will not book a hotel that doesn’t haveany reviews.2012 TRIPADVISOR HOTEL REVIEW SURVEYConducted by PhoCusWright on behalf of TripAdvisor
  13. 13. Travel Planning Is Dominated ByOnline Resources
  14. 14. Online Reviews AreChanging Travel
  15. 15. BONUS
  16. 16. 5 ‘R’ of SOCIAL MEDIA1. Reason2. Represent yourself3. Responsibility4. Respect5. RestraintSOURCE:
  17. 17. REASONUse reasonable etiquette, thesame as you would offline.
  18. 18. REPRESENT YOURSELFAnonymous profiles lendthemselves to more negativecontent.
  19. 19. RESPONSIBILITYMake sure that what you’re saying isfactually correct, and also that it doesn’tviolate any legal guidelines that prohibitrevealing information that is confidential.
  20. 20. RESPECTWhat you say online is a permanentrecord, so don’t say anything online youwouldn’t feel comfortable saying to thewhole office – with a camera rolling.
  21. 21. RESTRAINTBefore you hit that send button, pauseand reread. If you wouldn’t want thatparticular thought or contribution foreverassociated with your name, don’t post it.
  22. 22. Joris Satyadharmajoris.satyadharma@gmail.com