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Team Royal Flush's book for the Publicis NY Summer 2011 Intern Competition, which took first place.

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Publicis Intern Competition Book

  1. 1. You will spend a yearand a half of your life inthe bathroom. Charminwants you to feel likethe most importantperson in the roomduring that time. RF SUMMER 2011
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW CHALLENGE Explore alternate ways to fuel meaning and create conversation about Charmin’s existing campaign while remaining within a $1MM budget. Connect with consumers through digital, social, and experiential venues in an engaging and lasting way. TARGET Charmin’s target consists of caregivers who know a quality bath tissue makes a meaningful difference. We took a deeper look into the psychographics and lifestyles of these caregivers, and discovered that they not only care for others, but they care for themselves and their communities. They lead busy lives, leaving little to no time for breaks. STRATEGY The current conversation among caregivers is that “going to the bathroom is a nuisance.” Because their lives are so busy, having to stop everything to go can be an annoying interruption. We would like to change the conversation to “going to the bathroom with Charmin is a welcome break from a busy day.” The most inspiring thing we can say, which we believe is the catalyst for change, is “Embrace Your Break.” CREATIVE You will spend a year and a half of your life in the bathroom. Charmin wants you to feel like the most important person during that time. Through our Red Carpet Rollout and additions to SitOrSquat, we will ignite the conversation and encourage caregivers to embrace their breaks and enjoy the go. BUDGET & TIMELINE The Charmin Red Carpet Rollout will launch in eight cities, starting in April 2012 with New York, San Francisco and Chicago. The bus shelter installations and social components will kick start our campaign in January and will continue for a full year. The majority of our budget will go to the events and out of home components. Our campaign will garner earned media coverage and consumer generated chatter. 2
  4. 4. SITUATION ANALYSIS CLIENT PROFILE & CREATIVE HISTORY Charmin began in 1928, and has continued to bring out the best in going to the bathroom since then. The brand values simplicity, benevolence, and openness. Charmin’s purpose is to help people appreciate the inherent goodness in life’s daily essentials. Proctor & Gamble acquired the Charmin Paper Company in 1957, and in 1964 the iconic Mr. Whipple character was created to promote the “squeezable softness” of Charmin. This campaign ran for more than 20 years, causing “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!” to be one of the most recognizable advertising slogans. Mr. Whipple will never be forgotten, and now the bears continue to maintain the “playful instigator” brand personality that Charmin has always portrayed. Today, television advertisements feature the bears and emphasize the quality of Charmin’s products. With the new millennium and a new website, Charmin encourages people to be realistic and open about using the bathroom and enjoying it. This position inspired the Enjoy the Go campaign, which was actualized at the Ohio State Fair in 2000. It was the first of many public “Charminized” bathrooms that provided visitors with clean restrooms stocked with Charmin Ultra. This campaign continued on from state fairs to Times Square in 2006 and allowed Charmin to provide a better bathroom experience for consumers. The Charmin website continues to build a culture of convenience for consumers. Visitors can rate products, download the SitOrSquat application, and even shop online. Knowing that Charmin products outperform other brands in softness and strength keeps brand followers loyal. 3
  5. 5. SITUATION ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS S T RENG T H S W E A K NE S SES • Strong brand recognition • Priced higher than competitors • Superior product quality • Brand is only relevant in the bathroom • Strong brand loyalty OPP OR T UNI T IE S T HRE AT S • Can become relevant outside the bathroom • Lower priced brands improving quality • Grow online presence • Green-focused bathroom tissue • Bring something valuable to consumers’ lives • Leverage existing successes 4
  6. 6. SITUATION ANALYSIS THE DIRECT COMPETITION GEOR GI A - PAC IF IC K IMBE RLY- C L A R K “Making life’s simple necessities.” “Providing the essentials for a better life.” ANGEL SOFT COTTONELLE “An Ideal balance of softness and strength.” “Be kind to your behind.” Angel Soft prides itself on being “just right.” One Cottonelle recently ran its “How do you roll” of their promotions, Angels in Action, encourages campaign, asking consumers to vote on how volunteerism and community service. While they preferred their paper rolled. Cottonelle Angel Soft has strong brand recognition, the encourages its consumers to “Get fresh with brand has minimal-to-no online presence. a friend” and pass on Cottonelle products to others. The brand has a strong Internet presence and a loyal following. QUILTED NORTHERN “For a confident clean.” SCOTT Quilted Northern is looking to drive the “Toilet paper done right.” conversation about toilet paper with their recent campaign that encourages consumers to talk Scott has taken the environmental route with the about what they want from their product. The Scott Naturals campaign that asks consumers brand promises strength and has been affiliated to take a four-week test drive of the new toilet with Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure since paper in order to save 2 million trees. Scott’s 2004. Quilted Northern has strong presence TV and online presence is strong and the brand and consumer engagement across all media, offers daily online competitions and updates, including social. connecting with consumers. 5
  7. 7. SITUATION ANALYSIS THE INDIRECT COMPETITION M A RCA L 7 t h G e n e r a t i on “A small, easy step to a greener earth.” “Get involved.” Marcal’s Small Steps is an affordable bath tissue 7th Generation is a natural home goods that is environmentally friendly. Marcal has an company that encourages its consumers to active online presence and honors everyday get involved in saving the environment. Their environmental heroes. The brand has a clear advertising occurs mostly in print and online, point of view and a product that consumers can and emphasizes taking an active role in saving feel good about. The brand can be used in good the planet. Consumers can feel good about conscience, but it only serves a niche market buying 7th Generation toilet paper, but the brand and doesn’t have the fun and friendly tone of is limited to its niche market. most toilet paper brands. COMPETITIVE SUMMARY In addition to leading in softness and strength, Charmin has strong brand equity. While green brands have claimed a small market share, their niche target limits their potential. Competitors are seeking to increase digital consumer engagement, and Charmin has the opportunity to generate a greater following than other brands. However, because many consumers do not have strong preferences in the category, Charmin can strive to make toilet paper more relevant for everyone. 6
  8. 8. SITUATION ANALYSIS CONSUMER ANALYSIS THE TARGET Charmin targets caregivers who know a quality bath tissue makes a meaningful difference. We realized that caregivers are not only individuals who care for themselves, but they care for others and their communities. In order to figure out how to best reach these caregivers, we researched their lifestyles and habits. We started with various market research reports and social media data, and then conducted a survey and interviews. Camille, 32 (T From our secondary research, we found that caregivers are incredibly busy. Over the itl “Personal tim e Rep, Mother) e is just not life right no part of my past 60 years, women’s participation in the labor force has steadily increased, while w.” familial and household responsibilities have not decreased. Forty percent of American adults get less than seven hours of sleep on weekdays, and about sixty percent of adults are rushed at mealtimes. Lunch breaks are becoming less common among caregivers and many eat lunch at their desks or on the go. Because of this rushed lifestyle, to avoid wasting time, many people talk on cell phones while commuting to work, answer e-mails during conference calls and multi-task on a regular basis. In the home, parents constantly put their needs second to those of their children. They never feel like the most important people in the room because they are always looking out for someone else. The household chores won’t get done if they don’t do them, so instead of relaxing after work, caregivers are greeted with a whole new set of responsibilities. THEIR MEDIA USAGE Cons ultan t) The target is constantly connected, whether it is through the Internet, ment , 51 ( Ma nage y with me e.” berr her smartphones, or tablets. Moms are the fastest-growing buyers of iPhones, often David my Black an everyw “I b ring e… I me making purchases via mobile applications. They are among the biggest spenders wher every on the web and they frequently seek information about products online and are engaged with social media. They are one of the most vocal users on the web. They love to share and learn information in their online communities. 7
  9. 9. SITUATION ANALYSIS CONSUMER ANALYSIS INSIGHTS & INTERVIEWS We wanted to talk to the caregivers directly. The caregivers we interviewed validated our secondary research that their lives are very busy and that they would love to be able to take more breaks. When asked about how they feel about taking bathroom breaks, numerous respondents said it can be a pain having to stop everything to go. We also asked them about their media usage, and they confirmed that they are always on their phones, checking e-mails, and researching things online. l Man ager) the day a f nd to We also wanted to hear from a broader group, so we conducted a survey about (Hote ple most o ome time 5 Bill, 2 ith peo w e to s have e a breath .” going to the bathroom. We wondered about people’s bathroom preferences, what “I am be nic elf and ta k ld it wou p by mys u brands they are loyal to, and what else they like to do while in the bathroom. Of regro the 116 respondents, 64% were female and most purchase toilet paper for their households (75%). 35% of respondents prefer Charmin, while 32% simply buy the least expensive toilet paper available. When questioned about what is most important when purchasing toilet paper, quality and price ranked as the most important issues. Buying a brand name on the other hand was the least important, revealing an opportunity to increase brand engagement. To then gain further understanding of our consumer, we asked about bathroom activities. Over 50% text or talk on their phones while in the bathroom, and over 40% read a book or magazine. Also, 92% of those questioned use smartphones for games, social networking, and e-mail, showing their constant connectivity. Due to their unyielding lifestyles and yearning for breaks, busy caregivers are the ideal target for Charmin. Charmin has the opportunity to change the conversation among those who dislike taking a bathroom break, and encourage those that already Audrey, 47 (Nurse, Sin enjoy the go to continue to do so and to spread the word. “On a typica relax until l day I may gle Mother) not get to I go get the ‘me’ to bed, so I really do time that I n’t deserve.” 8
  10. 10. STRATEGY OVERVIEW STRATEGY Given what we learned from our research about the busy lives of caregivers, we realized that our biggest challenge is that people see going to the bathroom as a nuisance. It is an unplanned interruption that requires caregivers to step away from what they’re doing, be it getting their kids ready for school or working to meet a deadline. However, Charmin has a unique opportunity to change the conversation, transforming the bathroom experience from a nuisance to a welcome break from a busy day. Our research led us to the insight that caregivers deserve and need breaks, and Charmin is there to make those coveted breaks enjoyable. This will allow consumers to enjoy the go. Our message to caregivers is: EMBRACE YOUR BREAK 9
  11. 11. STRATEGY OVERVIEW BRIEF BRAND POV: We all go to the bathroom. Those who go with Charmin really enjoy the go. WHAT IS THE BUSINESS CHALLENGE OR OPPORTUNITY? Explore alternate ways to fuel meaning and create conversation about Charmin’s campaign idea while remaining within a $1MM budget. WHO DO WE WANT TO ATTRACT AND WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THEM? Caregivers. They lead busy lives, leaving little to no room for breaks. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING IN TODAY’S CONVERSATION? “Going to the bathroom is a nuisance.” WHAT WOULD WE LIKE THE CONVERSATION TO BE? “Going to the bathroom with Charmin is a welcome break from my busy day.” WHAT IS THE MOST INSPIRING THING WE CAN SAY TO IGNITE OR CHANGE THE CONVERSATION? Embrace your break. WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO CONNECT WITH THESE PEOPLE? Digital, social and experiential channels. WHAT WILL SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? Caregivers know that Charmin is the key to enjoying their bathroom experience, and are comfortable sharing their love for Charmin with their family, friends and online communities. WHAT ELSE? The campaign must address a consumer need, provide utility in a way only Charmin can, create talk value, make consumers wink and smile the way a playful instigator would, leverage the Enjoy the Go campaign idea, leverage Charmin’s existing assets, support the Charmin brand/franchise, and include the Charmin bears and tagline. 10
  12. 12. CREATIVE OVERVIEW You will spend a year and a half of your life in the bathroom. Charmin wants you to feel like the most important person in the room during that time. 11
  13. 13. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS As we thought about the brief and the mantra that followed, we asked ourselves how Charmin can make an ordinary person feel like the most important person in the room in any restroom, anywhere. We approached this question by exploring the lives of important people, and determining how Charmin can elevate everyone to VIP status in the bathroom. We created the following executions that will help each individual feel like the most important person in the room, and ultimately allow them to embrace their break and enjoy the go. RED CARPET ROLL OUT Charmin will initially visit New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, turning public bathrooms into a private, VIP experience complete with a bouncer, red carpet, clean bathrooms and, of course, Charmin. The secondary cities will be driven by the response we get through social media. We selected these cities based on foot traffic and digital aptitude. Guarded by a friendly bouncer and roped off in velvet, the restrooms are a perfect photo opportunity and point of conversation. In addition to pictures snapped by participants, photos taken by a Charmin photographer will be uploaded to the Charmin Facebook page. A Charmin-branded backdrop will add to the VIP feel, and participants can check in on Foursquare and tweet about the event. Once inside the bathroom, participants will be treated to a clean and comfortable experience. 12
  14. 14. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS OUTDOOR BUS POSTERS To launch the Charmin Red Carpet Rollout, we will install posters in bus shelters in the first city we execute our program in order to spark interest and ignite the conversation around the event. The posters will feature the bouncer in front of a bathroom, and a QR code to the Charmin Facebook page that will direct viewers to get more information. These outdoor promotions will pique interest without giving away details, in order to facilitate an element of surprise. 13
  15. 15. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS FOURSQUARE In order to increase awareness of our program, participants at the Red Carpet Rollout will have an opportunity to check in to the event on Foursquare. Because Foursquare is linked to various other social networks, this tactic will spread the word across the web and across the nation. Charmin VIP badges will be awarded. “Congrats! You have just unlocked the Charmin VIP Badge. You are now the most important person in the room. Enjoy the go.” 14
  16. 16. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS VIP AIR FRESHENERS To ensure that consumers are VIPs in every bathroom, smartphone air fresheners will be distributed at the Red Carpet Rollout. These branded devices plug into iPhones and Android phones, releasing wonderful fragrances on command. With these giveaways, consumers can enjoy the go anytime, anywhere. 15
  17. 17. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS SOCIAL MEDIA To drive participation, a Red Carpet Rollout tab will be added to the Charmin Facebook page. The page will display photographs, location details, and a live feed about the event. 16
  18. 18. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS NEWS The Red Carpet Rollout will receive national and local media coverage, increasing awareness about the event and the Charmin brand. 17
  19. 19. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS VIP CO-PILOT The most important person shouldn’t have to worry about the small details while traveling. A new feature on SitOrSquat will highlight top-rated restrooms along a chosen route, eliminating the common road trip woe of horrible or non-existent bathrooms. No matter where you are, Charmin has you covered. 18
  20. 20. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS REPORT-A-POTTY The most important person always has a clean bathroom. Currently, SitOrSquat allows users to write reviews, but they have no opportunity to make a difference when something is wrong. Furthermore, many reviews are incredibly crass, detracting from Charmin’s brand image. 19
  21. 21. CREATIVE OVERVIEW CREATIVE EXECUTIONS REPORT-A-POTTY Our new SitOrSquat feature will allow users to report bathrooms that are not up to par via clever letters that can be share through e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook. The public nature of these reports will persuade companies to improve their bathrooms. An archive of reports will be available online, and a badge will be added when an issue is resolved. This feature will change the conversation about public restrooms, as consumers are able to enjoy the go no matter where they are. Ultimately, Charmin will facilitate the improvement of public bathrooms across the country. 19
  22. 22. BUDGET & TIMELINE BUDGET The majority of our budget will go to the events and out of home components. Our campaign will garner earned media coverage and consumer generated chatter, so there is little paid media in the budget. Our budget is split between our events and SitOrSquat extensions. In total, the events will cost $724,100 and the SitOrSquat extensions will cost $37,500. The remaining $238,400 will go towards the out of home executions and for contingency. For a full upgrade of a large application there will need to be 100 hours for design, 200 hours for development, and 100 hours for quality assurance, which will cost $37,500. 20
  23. 23. BUDGET & TIMELINE TIMELINE The Charmin Red Carpet Rollout will launch in eight cities, starting in April 2012 with New York, San Francisco and Chicago. The bus shelter installations and social components will kick start our campaign in January and will continue for the full year. 21
  24. 24. TYING IT ALL TOGETHER FLOW CHART RED CARPET TWITTER To maximize the impact ROLLOUT of our campaign, our executions will work together to drive participation. We will utilize Facebook and Twitter to create hype around the Red Carpet Rollout, and the event will promote the additions to the SitOrSquat application. SitOrSquat is fueled by social media, and our campaign will drive brand engagement. FACEBOOK SITORSQUAT EXTENSIONS 22
  25. 25. WORKS REFERENCED RESOURCES Mintel Family Leisure Trends 2011 Mintel Household Paper Products - US - October 2010 Mintel Marketing to Moms, February 2011 “The BabyCenter 2010 Mom Social Influencer Report” eMarketer Demographic Profile—Millennials eMarketer Moms Who Blog: A Marketing Powerhouse 23
  26. 26. TEAM ROYAL FLUSH Jen Brotman Jen Buchholz Lauren DiBara ger Account Mana ger Strategist Account Mana ity Dartmouth College of Virginia Sy racuse Univers University MEET OUR TEAM d Sigourney Weaver Gordon Redmon Arielle Klein Account Manager t Manager Account Manager (Pu Accoun bMo) SUNY College at Bu rsity University of Pittsb ffalo Columbia Unive urgh Casey Marks Matt Runde Mike Gewinner Art Director/Copywr iter (PubMo) Creative Technologis t Copywriter VCU The Brand Center (VC iversity U) Northwood Un 24
  28. 28. RF