US Navy in WW II, part i-- course outline
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US Navy in WW II, part i-- course outline



Main points of the eight sessions

Main points of the eight sessions



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    US Navy in WW II, part i-- course outline US Navy in WW II, part i-- course outline Document Transcript

    • The U.S. Navy in World War II Part I-War in the Atlantic I. Why England [and America] Slept A. Ending the War to End All Wars B. The Democracies Disarm C. The March of Fascist Aggression D. Final Failure of Collective Security E. Popular Opinion and Grand Strategy II. Atlantic Surface Operations, I A. Phony War B. The War Begins at Sea C. The Battle of the River Plate D. Other early operations E. The Invasion of Norway III. Atlantic Surface Operations, II A. The Fall of France B. Operation Sea Lion C. German Surface Raiders, Bismarckdämmerung D. St Nazaire and Dieppe E. German Reorganization and the End of the Surface Raiders IV. The Struggle for the Mediterranean A. An Eye on Italy B. Taranto to Cape Matapan C. Germany to the Rescue D. Malta E. The Turn of the Tide V. The Battle of the Atlantic A. Phase I: U-Boat Operations Until the Fall of France B. Phase II: The Mid-Atlantic Offensive Based on French Ports
    • C. Phase III: “All Aid to Britain Short of War” D. Phase IV: The U-Boat Offensive in American Waters E. Phase V: Return to the Mid-Atlantic F. Phase VI: The Central Atlantic and Biscay Offensives G. Phase VII: The Final Struggle for the North Atlantic H. Phase VIII: The Final Campaign VI. The Allied Offensive against North Africa A. Strategic and Political Plans and Preparations B. Tactical Plans and Preparations C. Morocco D. Algeria E. Tunisia VII. Operations against Sicily and Italy A. Sicily: Planning and Preparations B. Sicily: Execution C. Italy: Planning and Preparations D. Salerno E. Anzio VIII. The Defeat of Germany A. Allied Attack Plans B. German Defense Plans C. Preparations for Operation Overlord D. D-Day E. Operation Dragoon and German Collapse 1/20/14 jbp