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From the 2012 Jasig-Sakai Conference, co-presented with Anthony Colebourne and Drew Wills. ...

From the 2012 Jasig-Sakai Conference, co-presented with Anthony Colebourne and Drew Wills.

Along with uPortal, Jasig also sponsors a comprehensive range of compelling, off-the-shelf portlet projects you can use to assemble an effective campus portal in little time. The last year has been a big one for Jasig portlets: we've seen some exciting new projects, as well as lots of incremental features, improvements, and bug fixes in some of the best known portlets.

This session will review and showcase these recent developments. We will discuss:

- New portlets in Jasig
- Development highlights for existing portlets
- The impact of uMobile on Jasig portlets
- JSR-286 portlets (Java Portlet 2.0)
- Emerging patterns for portlet development
- New portlets bundled with uPortal

If you're thinking of implementing uPortal or uMobile, or if you already have a campus portal based on uPortal and need to catch up with new developments, this session is for you. This is a high-level, highly visual overview: uPortal and Java platform knowledge is not required.



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Jasig Portlet Showcase Jasig Portlet Showcase Presentation Transcript

  • Jasig Portlet Showcase Anthony Colebourne Drew Wills Jen Bourey Jasig / Sakai Conference 2012 Atlanta, June 13th
  • About This Session • In the “old days,” the uPortal framework benefited from collaboration, but the content that went into it mostly did not • A few of the very best channels & portlets were shared via email • Occasionally a community portlet was posted to JIRA / CVS/ Subversion as a code dump • New adopters implemented such portlets by forking them in their own repositories
  • That Was Then... This Is Now • Today there are a wide variety of compelling portlets available through Jasig • They operate like real software projects • Code in GitHub • Issues in JIRA • Multiple institutions contributing • Active, ongoing development • These portlets are the low-hanging fruit • New adopters should implement these portlets to- taste before looking elsewhere
  • Themes in RecentPortlet Development
  • Migration to GitHub • Move to GitHubTogether with uPortal, CAS, etc. • Simplifies adoption and maintenance • Easier for non-committers to contribute patches
  • Cross-Context Invoker • Enables cross-context requests to uPortal REST services • Access any uPortal REST API from a portlet (e.g. groups, permissions, user attributes, etc.) • New in Jasig/portlet-utils (on GitHub) •
  • uPortal Search API • Allows portlets to add their own results to portal search queries • Based on JSR-286 portlet events, which means theres a PortletRequest and results can be user- specific! • Current Search Examples • Simple Content Management portlet • Directory portlet • uPortal Search portlet
  • Form API • Define form elements • Used by calendar portlet administration UI • Early version available in portlet-utils project
  • Performance • Reusable utilities for automating UX optimization • Minification • Aggregation • GZipping • Resource caching • Cache public resources across users • Set ETags for content
  • Interportlet Links • Link between portlets • Display location in map • Display user in directory • Configurable • Override default to direct to university-specific website
  • Portlet Maven Archetype • Quickly create simple portlet project • Supports Spring PortletMVC, JSR-286 • Includes sample controllers, desktop and mobile views • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06kJr4SnP94 mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.jasig.portlet.archetype -DarchetypeArtifactId=jsr286-archetype
  • Mobile Support • New mobile views for many Jasig portlets • Performance improvements • Brand new content driven by uMobile project • Integration with uMobile native application
  • uMobile Native App • Native smartphone and tablet support for iOS and Android • Persistent authentication • Integration with native map features • Ability to display mobile portlet views
  • Portlet Projects
  • Jasig Portlets Space
  • Student Success Plan (SSP)
  • SSP: Jasig Incubating Project • Software & processes for student success • Increases the persistence, success, and graduation rates of targeted students • Through holistic counseling, web-based support systems, and intervention techniques, students are identified, supported and monitored
  • SSP Features • Case Management Software • Early Alert • Student Interface • Student Information System (SIS) Integration • Reporting Tools / Data Collection
  • Notifications Portlet • Aggregates notifications from several sources into a single view • Accordion style display of notifications by categories • Displays error messages that can be deleted from the view • Loose data model allows for any type of notification • Caches data / provides refresh option
  • Notifications Portlet
  • Contacts Portlet • Searchable contacts • Pushed contacts • Save contacts SearchAdapter public ContactSet search(String searchText); PushAdapter public Set<ContactSet> getContacts(); PersistAdapter public boolean save(Contact contact);
  • Contacts Portlet
  • NewsReader Portlet • 3.0.2 (Portlet 2.0) • 2.0.1 (Portlet 1.0) • Mobile friendly • Improved performance • Video support
  • NewsReader Portlet
  • Map Portlet • Search campus locations • Browse by category • Display location details, image
  • Map Portlet
  • Courses Portlet • Student-specific course list • Course information and announcements • Grades and GPA • Supports multiple data sources • LMS, SIS
  • Courses Portlet
  • Campus Life Portlets • Provide university-focused content • Consumes REST feeds defined by XSDs • Content for • Dining menus • Athletics news and sports scores • Computer lab availability • Laundry availability
  • Campus Life
  • Campus Life
  • Classifieds Portlet • Brand-new portlet contribution from Ft. Lewis • Post ads by category
  • Calendar Portlet Overview • Read-only calendar feed aggregator • Distribute calendar feeds by role, override with user preferences • Supports iCal, CalDAV, XML, Exchange, custom integrations • Offers delegated authentication to personal calendars
  • Desktop in-page TabletPhone
  • Calendar Improvements • Massive performance improvements • Time zone fixes • Administration UI Updates • New mobile views
  • What’s Next?
  • Adopting New APIs • Configure existing projects with • Search • Badge Numbers • Administrative UI Forms
  • Data Migration • Add import/export library for portlet use • Integrate portlet data migration, import into uPortal build
  • Participation • You can contribute by sharing • Code • Testing • Use cases • Portlet wish list • https://wiki.jasig.org/display/PLT/Portlet+Wish+List