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Social Media and Higher Ed: My Presentation at CASE Advance
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Social Media and Higher Ed: My Presentation at CASE Advance



My Presentation at CASE Advance Conference from May 2014 all about using social media in higher education and how to engage your stakeholders.

My Presentation at CASE Advance Conference from May 2014 all about using social media in higher education and how to engage your stakeholders.



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  • My name is Jason Boucher – I’m the Social Media Manager at The University of New Hampshire. Before we begin – how many of you are on Twitter personally? Follow me!
  • Social media is important. But… why is it important? Because that’s where everyone is, right?
  • Let’s take a look at the top social media networks right now… Facebook with 900 million users, Twitter with 310 million, and LinkedIn with 250 million users. Instagram is about to catch up with 200 million monthly active users and over 20 billion photos shared. IT’s a lot and there is more and more social networks popping up everyday.
  • Social Media is everywhere it’s very crowded and makes a lot noise…. Your school and their alumni, are being mentioned and talked about, and there are photos from campus and alumni and the events they attend posted every single day. All of this occurs through a variety of social media networks by people from all over… students, alumni, staff, faculty, prospective students & their parents, and others in your community. It happens whether you participate or not. There are In 2011, UNH decided to hire a Social Media Coordinator to start listening and monitoring everything that was being said about the university… because up until that time, this is what the response was…
  • We needed to start listening to our stakeholders and explore some new communication paths, starting with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The conversations were happening, we just weren’t a part of it… yet.
  • Social media is all about listening and engaging your audience. So UNH began to listen and engage with our stakeholders. I created social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and updated our Facebook page. No one gave me permission, it was my job to create content and start to listen. We now had a variety of social channels, which all needed to be curated on a daily basis – Let’s look at a few of our social media accounts…
  • We started @UofNH in November 2011. @UNH was taken by University of New Haven. My first day, I tried to make a deal, but they weren’t going to play the game… So we’re @UofNH and in less than 3 years, we have about 9,000 organic followers and growing. (Organic means we didn’t buy any Twitter lists or pay for followers). Archive Social mentioned us as one of five colleges schooling the rest in social media and specifically mentioned our Twitter account.
  • This is what a lot of people STILL think happens on Twitter… Yes, there is some of this, but Twitter is so much more. (Ask how many have Twitter accounts and what they use them for, mainly)
  • How does UNH find relevant stuff on Twitter? One way is through keywords and/or hashtag searches… The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Our top hashtags are #UNH, #IBelieveInUNH, #UNHSocial, and #instaUNH (instagram). Does your school have an official hashtag? Register at tagboard.com
  • Using Twitter, In July 2012 we engaged a high school junior named Will by simply replying to his tweet - asking him how his visit to campus went… and yes, we found him by searching the #UNH hashtag.
  • Fast forward to April 2013 the same student tweeted the above (did we persuade him to attend our UNH?) We can’t specifically measure the (ROI = Return On Investment), but by getting involved and listening and engaging with the future student sure does let him know that we care about him and that UNH is paying attention. <br />
  • At the beginning of the school year, we ran a simple campus photo contest on Twitter – We posted a photo and asked our followers what building we were in and told them that the first correct answer would win some UNH prizes. Colleen was first! We didn’t ask this student to post a tweet, or a photo! She did this on her own, in which we re-tweeted. Great example of a new connection and a fun way to promote the university. From time to time, we have contests on Twitter and other social media platforms. It’s a good way to stay relevant with your stakeholders, be seen in a good light, and gain more followers, too.
  • Whether it’s an alum tweeting about the t-shirt he won in one of our UNH Alumni contests, or the White House tweeting a photo of the president eating ice cream in our campus dairy bar. When we’re mentioned on Twitter, we review it and then if appropriate we re-tweet with comment. It helps us attract more followers and again, it shows engagement and that we’re listening.
  • And Twitter is great for Alumni engagement. UNH Alumni had a contest in which envelopes were hidden around campus with the hashtag #50DaysUNH. It’s the first year they did this and the results were great. Each week a different envelope was hidden on campus and the senior who found it won the prizes – this senior is going to Oklahoma with the ‘Teach for America’ program, but she won tickets to see the Boston red sox, alumni t-shirt, hat, notebook, stikcers, etc. it’s a great way to make sure when they graduate they are not forgotten and they don’t forget us either!
  • How many here have a personal Facebook account? Do you follow companies or organizations on Facebook? Your alma mater, perhaps? Let’s take a look at how UNH uses Facebook.
  • Facebook examples: We can ask questions like, “What was your favorite class…” in which we collected over 120 comments, mostly from Alumni …and we can respond to messages sent to UNH through Facebook like this one from Brianna, who is a junior in High School, who recently toured campus. We’ll discuss our social media directory in a moment…
  • Throwback Thursday. #tbt -- We reached over 23k organically with this post in 2 days. We’ve had a larger reach on posts, but this was QUICK. People love nostalgia, especially about their own school. You can pay Facebook to boost a post, but if you can be engaging, fun, and post interesting things, then chances are you don’t have to spend much money on Facebook. Although the algorithm is always changing, so who knows what Facebook will do next. Other themes on Facebook that I’ve seen are: #TriviaTuesdays #FactFridays
  • 36,688 People were reached with this post, which featured The NH Gentlemen performing ‘Happy.” 1,142 Likes, Comments, & Shares – A very positive post for UNH. Facebook provides free insights, or data on each post you make as a page manger, so you can see how well your posts are doing.
  • This question always comes up – what’s better? Facebook Pages or Groups? How are you going to use it?
  • Searching for photos with hashtags #UNH18, #UNH, shows us what photos of campus are being shared. We then comment back, welcoming the new students to the class of 2018, growing our followers and extending our reach across social networks.
  • UNH and LinkedIn. How many of you are on LinkedIn? Do you follow your alma mater or the school you work at?
  • LinkedIn can be confusing. For example, UNH has an official UNH LinkedIn Group for Alumni for which there are subgroups attached to different programs on campus… BUT we also have a UNH Company page, where you can showcase products, or in our case… programs and list UNH as a place where you work, just like other companies do! Then there is the all new LinkedIn University page, in which we launched last September. We have over 61,000 followers so far – it’s a place for alumni, students, and prospective students to come and learn more about UNH. It’s more of a marketing tool, but I like how it’s set up and how the information is presented. We use this page to promote campus news and stories from students and alumni.
  • UNHTales.com is our student blog that is 100% original content created by students. Photos, blogs, and tweets are all from our students. We have about 12-15 student bloggers now, hoping to increase that number to at least 20 by next year. Our bloggers are all volunteer and come from students of all colleges and classes.
  • UNHTales is the student voice. It’s shared through all our social media channels, including the student-run channels like @UNHStudents on Twitter, @UNHStudents on Instagram, and UNHWildcats on Tumblr.
  • Blogging acts as an inbound marketing channel and as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agent. All blogs contain links that bring the reader back to the unh.edu domain. Because one of my goals is to increase click-throughs to our main website, which helps increase applicants and gifts.
  • Our social media index is a complete directory of all social media accounts campus-wide. You can view our top-level UNH department listings, or view a full listing of every social media account (that we know of) that is used by a department or college at UNH. Not only is it a directory, it is also a great place to find out how to use social media, including guidelines and how to’s – Let’s take a look! (open http://unh.edu/social)
  • We worked with the social media department at University of Michigan to create a website and a simple contest to get our fan base riled up for the big hockey game. I called Hilary at the social media office at UMich and together with our student workers created a social media contest in which whoever got the most mentions wins. To play: tweet the hashtag: #UMICHvsUNH and include #GoBlue for Michigan or #GoWildcats for UNH.
  • We may have lost the hockey game, but we won the social media war! At the end of the weekend, our students and alumni were more active than Michigan. 280 #GoWildcats mentions compared to 149 #GoBlue mentions. It was fun, easy, and a great way to engage fans and add another layer to the hockey game with social media.
  • We wanted to create a website where anyone interested in Commencement, or any of our graduation activities could visit and see all things social media related. We created a mash-up that includes a controllable webcam looking out onto Memorial field, where the 2014 commencement ceremonies took place. <br /> The website also included a live stream of the 144th commencement, a Twitter and Instagram feed featuring all #UNH14 tagged posts, a Foursquare list of each scheduled event on campus during the week of graduation, and three Facebook cover photos for anyone to download and use. If you can’t make it to commencement, or your just interested in checking it out, it’s all here! Our 2014 Commencement speaker is Jennifer Lee ‘92 (Director of Disney’s Frozen).
  • How do you cut through all the noise and make sense of it all? Earlier, I spoke of all the social networks we have to maintain at UNH and how we have all this content to curate. That is where Hootsuite can help. Hootsuite is a social media management system.
  • UNH is entering our second year using Hootsuite Enterprise. We have 20 seats and they’re distributed throughout many departments around campus including Athletics, IT, Health Services, Police, Media Relations, UNH Law, and more... I act as the administrator, we have monthly meetings where each representative get together to discuss all things Hootsuite, including what’s new, How Tos, and we also work together on joint campaigns that reach across many departments. It helps cut through the noise because as @UofNH I don’t feel responsible for everything – there are tweets that Admissions can respond to – or athletics for that matter.
  • We have 1 organization, many teams and many networks that all come together, working as one. Hootsuite allows us to build strong relationships with our audience and allows us to streamline engagement across all accounts using time-saving automation, and targeting tools. We can also assign tweets to different teams across campus, making the communication better between departments.
  • Some other social media channels that we use… Google+ not so much, we had many followers in our circles, but not much engagement – but I still use it to post, as it acts as a great search tool. By having a page, it appears anytime someone searches UNH or University of New Hampshire… so why not? Our YouTube subscriptions are growing as is our Pinterest followers. Again, people love visuals, whether its photos, videos, graphics, - they’re important.
  • I want to leave you with our new spot from YouTube.

Social Media and Higher Ed: My Presentation at CASE Advance Social Media and Higher Ed: My Presentation at CASE Advance Presentation Transcript

  • © 2014 University of New Hampshire. All rights reserved. Social Media in Advancement Services Jason Boucher UNH Social Media Manager @PortsmouthJay #casesasp
  • Top Social Networks[source: ebizmba.com] 900 million 310 million 250 million ------- 9,100 tweets per second! ----- 12.5% of worlds population 190 million Facebook users on mobile only200 MILLION | | | | | |
  • Social media is everywhere… and it makes a lot of noise.
  • Social media is all about listening and engaging your audience.
  • Twitter @UofNH
  • Top Hashtags at UNH: #UNH #IBelieveInUNH #UNHSocial #instaUNH The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Think of it as a keyword. #casesasp #casesasp #casesasp #casesasp
  • July 13, 2012
  • April 17, 2013
  • Facebook Facebook.com/UniversityofNewHampshire
  • Ask questions… AND answer them!
  • People love nostalgia, especially about their own school…
  • Facebook Pages vs. Groups
  • Instagram Instagram.com/UofNH
  • Student Engagement via Instagram at UNH
  • Does your school have an official hashtag for Twitter or Instagram?
  • #UNH18 on Instagram
  • LinkedIn http://bit.ly/unh_wildcats
  • UNHTales unhtales.com
  • Blogging acts as an inbound marketing channel and as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agent.
  • Hootsuite Enterprise
  • Archive Social named UNH as one of five schools that are "schooling the rest when it comes to social media.” http://archivesocial.com/blog/follow-friday- colleges-that-are-schooling-the-rest-in-social- media Student Advisor mentioned UNH as a creative user of Vine, a six second video app. http://blog.studentadvisor.com/StudentAdviso r-Blog/bid/117738/Universities-Using-Vine UNH named one of the top universities on Instagram http://nitrogr.am/blog/universities-on- instagram
  • Questions? Email: jason.boucher@unh.edu Twitter: @PortsmouthJay #casesasp