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This is my power-point presentation for English 1105 project.

This is my power-point presentation for English 1105 project.

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  • 1. By
    Jennifer Bonds
    Why fiber optics is the better option
  • 2. What is Fiber Optics?
    Fiber Cabling is used to broadcast
    communication signals between two points using light.
    It is made from glass or plastic that transports light throughout the fiber.
  • 3. Construction of a Fiber Strand
    1) Core
    2) Cladding
    3) Buffer
    4) Jacket
  • 4. Advantages
    Fiber is more environmentally friendly than Copper.
    Less of a fire risk
    Made from most proficient resource on earth, sand.
    Fiber has lower rates of attenuation than Copper
    Attenuation in Fiber—20 db/km
    Attenuation in Copper—30 db/km
  • 5. Advantages
    Fiber more flexible than Copper
    Lighter and smaller than Copper
    Uses less space in conduit
    II. Does not emit signals into the environment.
    I. Difficult to tap into a fiber wire’s signal.
    II. Easy to monitor
  • 6. Disadvantages
    More Expensive wiring
    500 feet of Fiber wire- 100 dollars
    500 feet of CAT 5e (copper) wire-
    50 dollars
    More expensive training/equipment
    I. High Cost specialized equipment
    II. Creating fiber cables are more complex
    than Copper.
  • 7. Recommendations
    Recommendation—Fiber will be a good choice because of more signal security, flexibility, and safer for the environment. Also, it is less attractive to thieves.
  • 8. Conclusions
    Conclusion- Fiber is the wave of the future. With
    the price of fiber going down 60 percent per
    year, it will only take some time before it catches
    with copper.
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