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21699167 My Friends

  1. 1. By: Joshua Copeland Song: Saturday in the Park by Chicago
  2. 2. My Friends consist of Brad Clark, Quentin Wainwright and a whole lot more people. My Friends are truly great people, and I am proud to call them friends.
  3. 3.  Brad and I have been friends for very long time.  We go on trips all the time  An example of one of these trips is our trip to Washington D.C  Brad and I sometimes get together and Build Bikes  Brad would like to get his pilots license and join the Air Force
  4. 4. I will never forget the time I met Brad. We were at China Grove Community Park. He was a daredevil. Brad was going to go half way down the slide and jump off. So he climbed up the slide and started to slide down. When he got about half way he slipped his legs over the side and jumped off. He ended up dislocating his shoulder. We took him to a friend of ours and he popped his shoulder back into place. Brad and I have been friends ever since. He was six years old.
  5. 5. We had a fantastic time in Washington D.C. We went on the fourth of July, the busiest time of the year. Brad and I went to all the museums and all the monuments. Our favorite museum was the Air and Space museum. We went there at least three times. Brad loved that museum. We also spent time at the National Cathedral. Our hotel had a Metro stop right outside. We had fun trying to figure out the Metro. Brad and I loved that trip to Washington and we still talk about it to this day.
  6. 6.  Quinton and I have been friends for three years.  He is much younger than I am  We went on vacation together.  We went to Williamsburg, Virginia  Quinton's Father owns the Goody Shop in Albemarle  He and I love to play basketball
  7. 7.  We met at Cub Scouts.  He was a Bear Scout  I was a Weblow Scout  We went on many camping trips together  That is how we became close  Then he started coming over to my house more and that is how we became best friends
  8. 8. In Williamsburg we had a lot of fun. We stayed in a Holiday Inn that had a pool. We had the greatest time in that pool. The first attraction we went to was Busch Gardens. We loved Busch Gardens because it had a major theme, Europe. We felt like we were traveling from country to country. Another place we went was Colonial Williamsburg. We loved this place because we felt like we were transported back into the 1700’s. Williamsburg was the greatest vacation I ever took with Quinton.
  9. 9.  All three of us have gotten together at birthday parties  One of these parties was at the Kannapolis Intimidators Game  We all got to go on the field  All three of us ,during the game , went to play all the games along the ballpark.  We all enjoyed fireworks after the game  After that night we were all best friends