19889582 Joshua Copeland Family Newsletter


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19889582 Joshua Copeland Family Newsletter

  1. 1. Josh’s Family By: Joshua Copeland 9-18-09 My Family Inside this issue: Mom of the 2 This newsletter in year dedicated to my whole Daddy-O 2 family. My family reaches everywhere in Rooten 3 the United States. My Tutens Mom and Dad have Copeland’s 3 been divorced since I Corner was four years old. In this newsletter I will tell Wild things 3 you, the reader, all about my family. Funny Stories 4 While I am an only Letter to the 4 child, I have many Caption describing Reader picture or graphic. cousins that are like brothers and sisters. More information about my family is inside this issue. Enjoy! Please enjoy the rest of the newsletter The Tampa Clan Judy and Chuck Grandma and I doing that together. Copeland, my sometimes do We have talked to grandparents, live in genealogy together. people as far as Japan. Tampa Florida. My We also talk about My Grandparents have Grandmother is an books. My grandpa is always been there for executive assistant fir a retired but is interested me and that is why I non-profit company. in HAM Radio. love them. Grandpa and I love 1
  2. 2. Mom of the year My mom, Judy Lewis witty and she loves to North Carolina. Copeland, is the greatest crack jokes. We enjoy mom in the world. She doing things together My mom is a great loves me for who I am such as playing the Wii, woman and that is why and treats me with watching TV or just I love her. respect. My mom also is hanging out. a great cook. For instance, her parmesan Her occupation is a crusted chicken is the pastor in the Lutheran most delicious thing I church. She has been have ever tasted! ordained for 20 years and served My mom is funny and congregations all over Daddy-O Keith Thomas Copeland Church in America, but Dad is one of the most is my dad. While my serves a Presbyterian interesting people I dad and I don’t always church. know. “I know he loves me agree on some things, I for who I am.” know that he loves me We enjoy going out on for who I am. the boat together during the summer and go My dad is also a pastor, camping together as serving a church in well. Watching movies Charlotte, Sugaw Creek together is also a Presbyterian Church. favorite pastime. He is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran The Grandparental Units Lewis, my middle name, The family is headed by sponsored by the is the name of my mom’s my grandparents, Bill Lutheran Church. family. When we all get and Sandra Lewis. Grandmomma and together, it is a ball of Recently they moved to Grandaddy are kind and fun! We enjoy spending a new home in the compassionate to time together celebrating Columbia, South everyone, especially birthdays and holidays. Carolina area, Heritage me. They have taught Laughter is always at Lowman. It is a me the value of family abundant when we gather. retirement facility and love that we share. 2
  3. 3. The Rooten Tutens The Tuten Family great sense of humor. such as softball, soccer, consists of my mom’s Elizabeth, a 16 year old and karate. Emily and I sister, Nancy, her junior in high school, is spend a lot of time husband Tom and their a very talented together playing all daughters Elizabeth and ballerina. This past kinds of games such as Emily. Aunt Nancy is a summer, she travelled to the Wii, putting professor of English at New York where she together puzzles and Columbia College and was invited to study at playing outside. we love to talk about the Joffrey Ballet books that I have read. Company for two I love the Tutens and I Uncle Tom is in sales weeks. am so proud to call for Roadway Trucking Emily is about to turn them my family. Company and has a 12 and is into sports Copeland’s Corner Uncle Scott is my dad’s became a sergeant. sure do have a lot of fun brother. His family Then he retired, for a doing that. Nick is consists of my two year and started seventeen. Alexander is cousins, Alex and Nick working as a civilian for twenty-one and he and I and my Aunt Denise. the Air Force. My Aunt like doing the same My uncle is currently Denise has been battling things. We both like to living in Hawaii cancer for a long time. read and play games. working for the Air She is a great cook and I My Uncle Scotts family Force as a civilian. He love going to see her. is a lot of fun to go see started working for the My cousin Nick and I and some day I am Air force when he was love to play video going to go to Hawaii 18. He served twenty games together. We and See Uncle Scott. eight years till he Aloha! Wild Things I have three dogs, the smartest dog I have Cooper is the same mix. Maggie, Sophie, and ever had. Sophie and He is a little smaller Cooper. Maggie is the Cooper are twins. than Sophie and he is oldest; I have had her Sophie is black and is a Wild! He runs ever since I was in the poodle-Yorkshire everywhere. second grade. She is Terrier mix. Sophie My dogs are truly gray and has poodle and loves to play and run Wild Things, but that is Schnauzer in her. She is around the fire place. why I love them. 3
  4. 4. Dear Reader, I hope you have enjoyed learning about my Family. There still one more article to go! Thank you so much for reading. Joshua Copeland Funny Stories I have heard many bowl and broke it in funny throughout my half then slaps them life, but the funniest half way across the one to me is when my room. dad and Uncle Scott It is funnier when you were fighting over a hear it in person, but I bowl. My Dad and still think it is so funny. Uncle Scott were fighting over their favorite bowl. They were fighting way too loud. When my Grandfather doesn’t get his sleep he gets grumpy. So they were fighting over a bowl when a very grumpy Grandpa. He took the 4