IPP Logipal Introduction


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Introduction to the services of IPP Logipal in Europe

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IPP Logipal Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. What we do “Deliver high quality pallets using a simple process to service the whole supply chain flexibly at a competitive price”
  3. 3. We are A credible Pallet Partner Not selective – we are not only interested in the flows to large retailers. We are determined to build a presence across Europe – Comprehensively everywhere. Financially strong – €106 m to invest for a long term position in the market In long term, secure, private ownership – by a pallet secure specialist A good long term partner – not in for the fast cash !!
  4. 4. Why us? Quality – Our pallets are from a high quality and are always inspected prior to delivery – every time; both new and recon pallets. Simple and straight forward – As a customer you load our pallets and tell us where they have been shipped – we take care of the rest. Customer service focused – We promise to listen to our customers in order to continually improve our service. Flexibility – We will work alongside our customers, tailoring any operational or commercial arrangements to their needs. Price competitive – We will focus on delivering a solution that generates value for both the customer and ourselves.
  5. 5. Our Values • Integrity – Deliver our promises; honour our commitments • Easy to work with – Professional, enthusiastic, approachable people. Simple processes. Open and honest, clear and transparent. • Results focused – Create and grow value for both customers and shareholders • Committed – To customers, suppliers and retailers . We care about the service we give. • Proactive – Constantly look for a better ways to work. Present solutions not problems. Strive to find new opportunities. • Responsive – When needed, act quickly and address issues speedily.
  6. 6. Faber Halbertsma Groep B.V. • Founded in 1933, originally Dutch and privately owned • A leading supplier of logistic platforms in the European market • The largest pallet production company in Europe • Strong use of economies of scale • Use of different pallet brands to avoid cross-sectored product interference • Experienced in many sectors Chemical, Electronics, Building materials, FMCG, Produce, Recycling
  7. 7. Group Strategy Group Pooling Europe’s number 1 in production Regional expansion in current industries Europe’s number 2 in pooling 1. add new countries to the pool Strengthen intercompany area synergies 2. add new clients outside the pool area to the pool area New technology adoption Continuous increase in network Production density (production, transport, Innovative solutions for our clients depot, collection, repair) Focus on availability, guaranteed delivery and knowledge Expansion mainly to support pooling activities
  8. 8. European coverage IPP LOGIPAL offices Austria Belgium FHG production facility Czech Republic Denmark Selection of depots Finland France Selection of pallet suppliers Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom
  9. 9. Environmental responsibility • Environmental policy • We are actively involved with a Pallet pooling contributes to the number of initiatives/projects environmental goals issued by the which include the certification of EU sources in Ukraine (http://www.smuf.com.ua/) and Over 90% of the timber used is from certified sources, either FSC North Russia. or PEFC • Advantages of wood Naturally renewable and biodegradable Carbon neutral Re-useable Recyclable
  10. 10. Environmental responsibility (2) • The Faber Halbertsma Group • Member of Timcon (Timber takes its environmental Packaging and Pallet responsibilities seriously. Confederation) Members of the Group Board • FHG is a member of Fefpeb have seats on the committees: (www.fefpeb.org) Probos (formerly st. Bos en Hout) Platform Hout in the Netherlands (PHN) Stichting SVM Pact. (SVM-Pact. Foundation) Stichting Kringloop Hout
  11. 11. We are not “just” a pool provider … • A comprehensive assortment of pallets and materials: ESD ready Plastic boxes for Production Environments PRS Pallets for chemical purposes (upstream) Pallet Banking for EURO pallet purposes easypal paper pallets for export and in-store purposes Plastic pallets and boxes for specific environments
  12. 12. TAW pallets • Always needed for specific products • Co-makership with customer according to needs • IPP preferred supplier • Nine production companies within group, in BNL, FR, GE • Network op pallet production companies who produce for IPP and PRS
  13. 13. PalletBanking PalletBanking delivers logistic packaging where you need them and takes back where they go empty.
  14. 14. PalletBanking • IPP answer to the lack of trust in the EPAL pallet exchange system • Logistic Service Provider pressure to quit exchanging • Delivery of pallets by agreed issue fee Availability on agreed locations According to agreed quality level (at minimum EPAL / DIN) Usage until the end of the following month • Return possibilities: Delivery at an IPP Logipal controlled depot Deposit of original pallet vouchers (f.i. Aldi, Lidl, Edeka) Collection by IPP Logipal Transfer to the account of another PalletBanking user
  15. 15. PalletBanking Delivery Extra services – IPP LOGIPAL delivers pallets on the –Rental agreed location –Delivery of broken pallets – You pick up the pallets at one of our –Tranfers between u and your customers depots. –Trade (f.i. EPAL/ EUR pallets voor (Pallets can be used until the end of the Düsseldorfers) following month) –Upgrading of pallets Return – Delivery at one of our depots – Collection by IPP LOGIPAL – Palletvouchers – Administrative transfer to other IPP LOGIPAL klanten
  16. 16. Types of pallet pools Converging pool: the pool manager delivers to a large number of suppliers and collects at a limited number of collection points. Rent system Diverging pool: the pool manager delivers to a limited number of customers and collects from a large quantity of collection points. Trip system
  17. 17. Daily rental fee system
  18. 18. Advantages Rent System • Standardized packaging system between upstream producers, assembly centres and downstream warehouses • Optimal connectivity and exchangeability between pool members • No investments in packaging material off balance solution • Repair, sort, handling included in a day rent fee • Price transparency as you decide on material to use • Less seasonality and overstock
  19. 19. Pool Material in Rent System 1000 x 1200 mm 800 x 1200 mm “C1210” “E812”
  20. 20. Products in use C+M C+M+R C+M+M C+R C+R+R C+R+M
  21. 21. Products in use storage
  22. 22. Supported by 24/7 online IS WHAT CAN BE FOUND • The pool materials are circulating in a closed ON THE INTERACTIVE rental pool and pool management is easily PART OF THE INTERNET managed for all connected pool-members by the SITE? availability of our Internet site • www.internationalpalletpool.com • BOOK MOVEMENTS • ACCOUNT REPORTS • LOCATION REPORTS • PERMISSIONS • DOCUMENTS • PROCEDURES
  23. 23. From RENT System … • Effective system in closed loop systems Component Supplier 2 Component Supplier N Assembly Center Component Supplier 1 Warehouse Component (E)(N)DC Supplier 3
  24. 24. … to TRIP System Outlet • Effective system in open systems Outlet Outlet Retail Outlet Retail Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 Outlet Outlet Outlet Retail Outlet Warehouse N Warehouse (E)(N)DC Outlet
  25. 25. One-way-trip system 1000 x 1200mm “A1210” 600 x 800mm “D608” 800 x 1200mm “E812”
  26. 26. Why the one way trip system? • Better quality of pallets • Better flow at production location Every new pallet is checked on No replacements !! specification !! No disruption in production process !! Every used pallet is checked before it is reissued in the pool !! • Responsibility Pallet pool provider: quality control • Better for transport environment prior to delivery Preferably full truck loads !! Reduced quantity of trucks • Better flow at DC/ retail Not only full truck loads are being collected !! No disruption at DC due to high quality
  27. 27. Our WEEE Recycling Program • Standardized European-Wide packaging and transportation program, independent from collection and recycling company. • Focused on network density, availability and low operating and transport costs. • Multi-user model, incorporated in existing recycling programs
  28. 28. IPP LOGIPAL pallet pool for recycling For years IPP LOGIPAL has been the pallet partner for the important manufacturers of electronic appliances across Europe. Whether it concerns domestic appliances, lighting equipment, IT and telecommunications equipment everything will be packed in the ecological-friendly and re-useable IPP LOGIPAL pallet boxes. Companies such as Philips, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc and all their material and component suppliers rent the pallets and pallet boxes of IPP LOGIPAL for efficient and economically transport on a daily basis.
  29. 29. IPP LOGIPAL pallet pool for recycling The IPP LOGIPAL W3E boxes are also used for collecting WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary and France. At the end of the life cycle of electrical and electronic equipment there is a need for re-useable and stackable boxes for transporting these products, from the council recycling park where the consumer deposits the material into the IPP LOGIPAL W3E box towards the delivery of the certified recycle companies. It goes without saying that the industrial sector can also rent our W3E boxes for the transport of electronic waste/refused material. IPP LOGIPAL invests in pool material and makes them available on the basis of daily rent. Furthermore we guarantee a constant and optimal quality.
  30. 30. IPP LOGIPAL pallet pool for recycling The IPP LOGIPAL W3E boxes are circulating in a closed rental pool and pool management is easily managed for all connected pool-members by the availability of our Internet site www.internationalpalletpool.com. This way you can register your daily movements and control your required stock in a simple manner.
  31. 31. In Cooperation with us Mission: Implement standard high quality packaging system in the supply chain, which enables our clients to concentrate on their core activities. Packaging: Take over the current packaging and rent them out to suppliers / customers. Transport: With our means of transportation and networks we can offer you transportation; delivery and collection of empty pool material. Quality: Sorting, repair and cleaning of pool material. Management information: Physical and digital information-management. Management of stocks, incoming and outgoing flows of packaging and products.
  32. 32. Quality Pallet specification Control • One European specification • At production • Incorporating production Production batches sample tested audit standards against strict specification • Covering all aspects of pallet • At sorting specification: 100% inspection Wood type Audited and sampled Construction • At repair Dimensions Repairs to specification Humidity Audited
  33. 33. Advantages • Reduced investment • No hidden cost No bound capital. Efficiency stock and No repair costs / no destroy cost transport of small products. Inside packaging decreased/avoided. • Administration • Value No exchange problems. IPP-LOGIPAL's pallet pool offers a • Management information system cost effective alternative to purchasing IPP Logipal internet based systems pallets or other pooling systems. have been designed to be accessible • Quality and easy to work with. IPP-LOGIPAL specifies high quality • Logistics pallets and ensures that all pallets are Reliable pallet deliveries reduce stocks inspected and repaired before every and release storage space. Minimum trip. Minimum chance of transport on transport with empty pool material. damages. • Ecology • Directive on packaging Less detrimental impact on the Re-use of wooden products pool environment; repeated packaging activities
  34. 34. Retail support on a European scale
  35. 35. Selected Trip references
  36. 36. Selected Rent References
  37. 37. References in the recyclingpool zijn vereist om deze TIFF (ongecomprimeerd)-decompressor QuickTime™ en eenafbeelding weer te geven. zijn vereist om deze TIFF (ongecomprimeerd)-decompressor QuickTime™ en eenafbeelding weer te geven.
  38. 38. Contact details IPP LOGIPAL B.V. Peter Verheyen Het Schakelplein 14-16 +32 495 103830 5651 GR EINDHOVEN The Netherlands Jurgen Boelaars +31 6 1055 1191 Tel: +31-(0)40-2662110 Fax: +31-(0)40-2662111 IPP LOGIPAL is a company of the Faber Halbertsma Group www.ipplogipal.com www.internationalpalletpool.com