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What You Need To Know About The Texas
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What You Need To Know About The Texas


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Published in: Education, Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. What you need to know about the Campus Statewide Star Chart. Presented by Jennifer Roberson
  • 2. Introduction
    • Hello, my name is Jennifer Roberson and I am an educator for Rockwall ISD. We are going to look at the Campus Statewide Summary for the 2007-2008 school year.
  • 3. The four areas of the Star Chart
    • The key areas of the Texas Star Chart are:
      • Teaching & Learning
      • Educator Preparation
      • Administration & Support
      • Infrastructure
      • Lets take a look at the Campus Statewide Star Chart Summary‚Ķ.
  • 4. Campus Statewide Summary by Key Area Number: 511 Percent: 6.7% There is on-demand access for every student, direct connectivity available in all rooms. All rooms have WAN. Number: 276 Percent: 3.6% Campus plan focused on student success, supported by board and administration. 1 tech support to 350 computers. Number: 44 Percent: 0.6% There are regular technology-supported learner-centered projects. There is vertical alignment of Tech. TEKS. Number: 69 Percent: 0.9% The teacher serves as facilitator, mentor, and co-learner. Target Tech Number: 4370 Percent: 57.2% There are 4 or less students per computer. There is direct connectivity to Internet in 75% of classrooms and library. Web-based learning is available. Are rooms are LAN/WAN. Number: 3474 Percent: 45.5% Campus plan board approved and supported by supt. 1 technical support staff to 500 computers, full-time district technology director. Number: 1520 Percent: 19.9% There is integration of technology into teaching and learning. There is use of online resources regularly. 60 % of educators meet SBEC standards. Number: 1947 Percent: 25.5% Instruction is teacher-facilitated and students work with peers and experts to evaluate information, analyze data and content in order to problem solve. Advanced Tech Number: 2666 Percent: 34.9% There are 5-9 students per computer. There is direct connectivity to the Internet in 50% of classrooms and library. Most rooms are connected to WAN/LAN. Number: 3742 Percent: 49% Campus plan aligned with Long-Range Plan for Technology. Teachers and administrators have vision for technology. One technical support staff to 750 computers. There is a full-time district technology director. Number: 5668 Percent: 74.2% Use of technology is for administrative tasks and classroom management. There is use of online resources. 40% of educators meet SBEC standards. Number: 5327 Percent: 69.7% Instruction is teacher-directed and students regularly use technology on an individual basis to access electronic information and develop communication and presentation projects. Developing Tech Number: 94 Percent: 1.2% There are 10 or more students per computer. There is a dial-up connectivity. There is no web-based learning. There is shared use of technology resources. Number: 150 Percent: 2.0% There is no campus technology plan. Technology is used mainly for administrative tasks. No technical support is onsite. There is no district technology coordinator. Number: 409 Percent: 5.4% Technology skills include multimedia and the Internet. 10% of educators meet SBEC standards. Administrators recognize benefits of technology in instruction. Number: 298 Percent: 3.9% Instruction is teacher-centered and students occasionally use software applications and/or use tutorial software for drill and practice. Early Tech Infrastructure Administration & Support Educator Preparation Teaching & Learning 2007/2008
  • 5. Lets focus on Educator Preparation
    • Educator Preparation is just one of the key areas of the summary. It measures how well a school is integrating technology into their curriculum. It also measures how many educators meet SBEC standards.
  • 6. So what does the summary say?
    • The summary shows that 74.2% of schools across the state fall into the developing tech category in educator preparation. This means that only 40% of educators meet the SBEC standards.
  • 7. So how did our school measure up?
    • Nebbie Williams fell into the category of Advanced Tech for Educator Preparation for the 2007-2008 school year.
    • This means that 60% of our teachers meet the SBEC standards.
    • It also means that the use of technology is expected in our classrooms!
  • 8. In Summary
    • We still need to strive towards becoming a Target Tech school where 100% of our educators meet SBEC standards.
    • Teacher collaboration will be key to this happening in addition to training. We can do it.
    • For more of my thoughts visit: http://