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Remote Access How To| Best Remote Software
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Remote Access How To| Best Remote Software


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BeAnywhere is a company specialized in cloud-based solutions, with leading products in the remote access, remote support, data security and data leak prevention markets, targeting companies and home users. Our objective is to provide innovative software-as-a-service solutions, based on easy to manage, exclusive technology, that can be used by organizations of any dimension. Founded in 1996, BeAnywhere has offices and datacenters in Europe, Asia and North America. Our international sales, development and support teams work around the clock, 24 hours a day, to provide our customers with simple, complete and secure solutions, which assures the maximum ROI.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. BeAnywhere Support Express v3 Product
  • 2. Table of Contents• What is BeAnyWhere Support Express• Technology• Product Features• Management Features• Integration Options• Wrap Up
  • 3. What is BeAnywhere Support Express• Remote support solution for consulters, helpdesk departments, VAR or RSP providers• Allows remote assistance from anywhere at any time• Works through any type of network architecture (fully compatible with proxies and firewalls)
  • 4. What is BeAnywhere Support Express• More than 15 years of experience with remote support technologies • 30,000 clients / 190,000 techs around the world • 5,000 support sessions a day
  • 5. Your remote Access To The WorldBeAnywhere Support ExpressTECHNOLOGY
  • 6. Technology>Architecture Overview• Redundant infrastructure for routing and management, direct connection between peers
  • 7. Technology>Requirements• Works even with ancient hardware • OS: Windows 2000 or later (32 or 64-bit, Client or Server) • Internet connection: 28.8Kbps (absolute minimum… don’t expect warp speed! ) • CPU: Pentium I @450MHz • RAM: 128MB
  • 8. Technology>Security• Network: Multi-layered secure communications: • Web: HTTPS • Communications protocol: AES-256 (default) or RSA-2048, encapsulated in HTTPS on some scenarios• Network: Monitored 24-hour a day for disruptions or breaches (99,99% uptime, no security issues for almost 10 years)• Software: BASE Agents can be setup with a Master password, with two modes • Independent, individual password (more secure) • Windows logon (more flexible) COMPATIBLE WITH ACTIVE DIRECTORY
  • 9. Technology>Security• Software: Session information is recorded on the Event Viewer of the remote machines• Software: OS can be locked after remote sessions with Agents• Management: granular permissions for techs (restrict individual features)• Management: restrict the access based on IP address
  • 10. Technology>Networking• Firewall/Proxy friendly – Any network, any time • Remote computer starts the connection • UnPnP • Three modes assure the establishment of the session in any scenario: • UDP (P2P – achieved on 73% of all sessions) • TCP (through gateway) • Mixed mode (through gateway) • Instant connection • Rapid establishment of sessions through the use of a proprietary messaging system.
  • 11. Technology>Networking• High Performance network • Dependable infrastructure, spread on Amazon EC2 datacenters worldwide.• Regional and national scalability • Network can be expanded in minutes with local servers, responding to the needs of a specific country or region• Blazing fast remote control • ~30% faster than Logmein
  • 12. Technology>Product• True SaaS offer: FAST development cycles • NEW FEATURES at least every two months. • New API and management features, and new software betas every couple of weeks. • We really LISTEN our customers and accommodate specific feature requests in the less time possible (one month average).• One Click (or no click at all!) • Generate PIN codes with only one click; send users to a direct URL which immediately starts a session.• No software pre-installation, no admin privileges required • Neither for the applet nor the Console
  • 13. Technology>Product• Portable version • Don’t send a lame Flash or Java viewer to do the job of a pure, fast and stable C++ solution. Take BASE Console with you anywhere.• Supports Windows RDP • If enabled, RDP can be used in the context of a BASE session.• Unattended access • Install BASE Agent as a service on the remote machines and perform remote sessions without any supervision.
  • 14. Your remote Access To The WorldBeAnywhere Support ExpressPRODUCT FEATURES
  • 15. Product Features• Chat with clients• Remote Desktop• System Shell• File Transfer• System Dashboard• Port Forwarding• Calling Cards Engine
  • 16. Product Features>Remote Desktop• Multi user and UAC compatible • Works seamlessly with Fast User switching or other multiple TS scenarios. Mix RDP and BASE sessions simultaneously. Fully working with UAC.• Reboot and reconnect with autologon • Request remote credentials, reboot and shutdown the computers in session, and boot them in safe mode, logging in automatically.• Full Screen, Auto-scale & Auto-scroll • Scale the remote resolution on the fly to whatever size you need or scroll automatically through the screen.• Color depth on the fly • Conserve bandwidth by working only with the amount of color you really need, from grayscale to full color.
  • 17. Product Features>Remote Desktop• Multi-monitor navigation • View monitors side by side or toggle between monitors for PCs with multi-monitor setup.• Two way clipboard • The user and the technician can seamlessly pass information between computers.• Session video • All the activity in the remote computer is automatically recorded and then provided as a flash video through the Web• Screen snapshots • Take a picture of the remote screen directly from the program.• Laser Pointer and View only mode • Advanced interaction options.
  • 18. Product Features>System Shell• Quickly perform support or sysadmin tasks, even on very slow networks or when the graphical system has crashed.• Emulates the command prompt of the remote system, with the same permissions of BASE • Two options: Standard CMD or Powershell (where available) • Ability to run batch files or WSH scripts
  • 19. Product Features>File Transfer• Upload and download files• File compression• Supports pause and resume• Tech can change the order of the transfer queue• Refresh, rename and delete files/folders; create folders
  • 20. Product Features>System Dashboard• Powerful System Information Engine
  • 21. Product Features>Port Forwarding• BASE Agents can be configured to act as a gateway between local applications and services.• Create temporary or permanent port forwards to the remote network.• Encapsulate any protocol in a BASE Session.• Emulate a VPN functionality in a quicker and much more flexible setup.
  • 22. Product Features>Calling Cards• Easily generate single or multiple calling cards with advanced expiration options: • Expiration date • Time left• Search, view history and edit groups of cards or single calling cards.• Forward cards to specific departments or groups.• Customize URL error messages presented to the clients.• Use BASE Calling Cards as a business generation tool.
  • 23. BeAnywhere Support ExpressMANAGEMENT FEATURES
  • 24. Management>Customization• Several customization vectors: • Applet: logo, messages and behavior can be personalized • Exclusive link: create an easy to remember, direct link to immediately start support sessions • Different standard URLs to chose from:;;;… (more to be added) • Calling cards must have an easy to remember custom prefix (4 to 8 digits) • Text of the automatic e-mails can be customizable • ADVANCED SESSION CUSTOMIZATION THROUGH APIs
  • 25. Management>Helpdesk>Permissions• Granular management per Tech or Department: • Divide Helpdesk Center teams in Departments with different attributions (each tech can be associated with several departments). • Administrative access, session history, access to computers and all the session features can be configured independently. • Session recording can be made mandatory • Creation or receiving of requests can be customized. • Routing of requests and advanced escalation procedures can be created. • Different departments can have different applet customizations.
  • 26. Management>Helpdesk>Reporting• Session history is searchable, editable and can be used to produce different reports, both to Clients and to HC Admins• Missed sessions are logged and clients can leave messages• Tech activity can be monitored in real time• KPI information for techs can be produced, visually analyzed and exported.• Client and Tech survey information can be visually analyzed and exported.• Session recordings can be analyzed and shared
  • 27. Management>Clients• BASE Agents • Can be easily added, removed or edited • Real time statistics• Custom warnings • When using the applet, web pages can be shown automatically to the clients on certain conditions: • Defined schedules (e.g. to inform the user of different conditions for support applicable on certain schedules...). • No connection. • Applet closed (Show information at the end of a session or a warning if the applet is prematurely closed). • Invalid Calling Card.
  • 28. BeAnywhere Support ExpressINTEGRATION OPTIONS
  • 29. Integration>Exclusive Proxy• Connect to computers with no access to Internet: • Completely transparent, with automatic configuration • Can be run as an application with no special permissions or as a service • Definable interface bindings • Only authorize the utilization from specific IP addresses within the LAN • Direct Connect – Use the less hops as possible
  • 30. Integration>APIs• Customize, modify and perform pre-processing of support session requests.• Start sessions from any software or web application.• Advanced personalization of the web interface for clients.• Export and process session historical data.
  • 31. Integration>APIs>New Session• Enables the generation of support tickets and corresponding BASE applets using a call to a webservice (XML through HTTPS, GET or POST)• The webservice is capable of receiving optional parameters that are used to pre-configure the support request: • Client name, number and e-mail • Problem description
  • 32. Integration>APIs>Landing Page• API allows Helpdesk Centers to use their own page for insertion on PIN codes or Calling Cards.• A simple form is used to pass parameters to our webservice: • Language (for error messages) • Code type (PIN or Calling Card) • Code text field
  • 33. Integration>APIs>Session Validation• Allows a powerful pre-processing of support requests: • Authorize/block • Register to an external DB/CRM • Change and/or Forward• Applet can request authorization to block or forward the support request to the corresponding Helpdesk Center, through a query to an external webservice (XML through HTTP/HTTPS, GET or POST)• Fail-safe behavior can be configured (what to do if the external webservice is unresponsive)
  • 34. Integration>APIs>Session Validation• Main information provided by the applet • Client name, number and e-mail • Problem description • Computer name• Allows the correction of invalid fields by the customer after validation• Allows the changing or adding of visible information to the tech receiving the request.
  • 35. Integration>APIs>Post to URL• Pass the post-session information to an external webservice, in order to integrate this data with CRM solutions: • Tech ID data • Client data • Session log • Answers to surveys
  • 36. BeAnywhere Support ExpressWRAP UP
  • 37. Why BeAnywhere• We’re FAST! • Developed and optimized since 1996. Just compare our remote desktop with any other solution.• We are a small team • Roughly 50 people in HQ. Development people has the Support dept. sitting on their left and Sales on their right. Guess what happens when a customer or prospect needs something…• We’re fun to work with • 100% customer fanatic. It’s SaaS, not sell and forget it.• We are always evolving • Perpetual R&D assures maximum stability with the continuous launching of new features.
  • 38. with Thank You!