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Google Advanced Search


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Workshop on using Google's Advanced Search features to improve results. Works best when done as a workshop in a computer lab. Delivered several times to college faculty and staff with great results.

Workshop on using Google's Advanced Search features to improve results. Works best when done as a workshop in a computer lab. Delivered several times to college faculty and staff with great results.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • Record Recent Searches on Board for later examples
  • Basic Search Page – PreferencesSearch Products Available – Images, maps, etc….Wisconsin Labor Market TrendsShow Options – Wonder Wheel, Related Searches, Time FrameTrends in Career Education Switch to Google Sqaured
  • Review Advanced Search fieldsUse: Trends in career educationThen add restrictors: Costs OR FundingFiletype: PowerpointDomain: eduExpand Date, Usage rights, numeric range and more….Take note of change in Safe Search OffShow URL of search string resultsSending search strings to people
  • Jobs +54701
  • Jobs +54701
  • Note the options below
  • Inurl: jobs, current openingsLabor market intitle:laborintitle:marketLabor market allintitle:labor market
  • What would the Google search be to locate a Google cheat sheet?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Google Advanced SearchGetting the ResultsYou Want
    • 2. Search SkillsarePowerful
      Learn the TRUTH about UFOs
      Be the envyof the office
      Findfriends & stalk enemies
      Find greatfashion tips
      Be the life of the party
    • 3. 1. Open WWW.Google.COM
      2. Open Wordto savesearches
      3. Think of projects& interests
    • 4. john deere 1020 with loader $7500..$10000 715
    • 5. wind turbine technician
    • 6. sphynx cats for sale 54701
    • 7. Google
      Trolls Internet searching for pages
      Finds pages based on links
      Finds hidden pages
      Caches pages
      Democratic rankingusing link structure
      page A LINKStopage B MEANS A VOTESFOR B
      Google analyzes the page that casts the vote
      IFAis “IMPORTANT” votes for B raise B’simportance
    • 9. PAGERANK + text matching = search ORDER
    • 10. We all know basically how to use Google. But how many set up Preferences?
    • 11. Advanced Search Results
      Now let’s look at the Advanced Search page.
    • 12. Let’s refine the search for PowerPoint presentations in the Education domain.
      Advanced Search Results
    • 13. Note the query syntax that results.
      Once you learn this syntax the previous page is not needed.
      Advanced SearchResults
    • 14. Advanced Search Results
      Let’s limit the results to more recent in the US.
    • 15. Refining Search Results
      Now, let’s explore the other Search View Options.
    • 16. SwitchingProducts
      Dynamically switch to other products
    • 17. SearchModifiersCommonOperators
      Usepunctuationinsteadof words
      DO notrequire a colon
    • 18. <term1> AND <term2>
      <term1> OR <term2>
      And/Or Operator
    • 19. “<phrase> ”
      Quote Operator
      Finds Exact Phrase
    • 20. -<term>
      Minus Operator
      Ignores search word
    • 21. +<term>
      Plus Operator
      Includes search word
    • 22. ~<term>
      Synonym operator
      Finds related words
    • 23. <term1> *<term2>
      Wildcard Operator
      Fill in the Blank word
    • 24. Examples
    • 25. SearchModifiersAdvancedOperators
      usepunctuationinsteadof words, BUTDOrequirea colon
    • 26. Info:<website> information Google has about page
      Cache:<website>versionGoogle has in its cache
      Linked:<website>Pages that have links to the site
      SITE:<website>pages from the specified site
      Similar:<website>pages that are related to a page
      Advanced Operators
    • 27. Site: restricts results to specific website or those websites in the given domain.
      Filetype: searches for files with a specific file extension
      Advanced Operators
      Numrange or [#]..[#]: searches within a range of numbers
      MANY More……
      Author: searches groups for posting by submitter
    • 28. Search
      RestrictorsAdvanced Operators
      Safesearch: sex education restrictor that restricts search results to child safe pages but allows educational content
      SET in SEARCH SETTINGS aka Preferences
    • 29. Inurl: orAllinurl:
      The terms must appear in the URLof the page
      Intitle: orAllintitle:
      The terms must appear in the titleof the page
      Search Restrictors
      Intext: or Allintext:
      The terms must appear in the textof the page
      Must be in anchor text of links to the page.
    • 30. GoogleCheat Sheets