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7 iraq communications overview (sample of work - 2010) - jenna bisenius
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7 iraq communications overview (sample of work - 2010) - jenna bisenius


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  • 1. USAID-Inma Communications Overview July 18, 2010 This presentation was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by The Louis Berger Group, Inc. under USAID Contract 267-C-00-0700500-00
  • 2. COMMUNICATIONS GOALTo promote and publicize USAID-Inma’s identity, accomplishments andbenefits to a wide range of audiences to build support for the programand strengthen the image and reputation of USAID-Inma.AUDIENCEUS Agency for International Development (USAID); US Department ofAgriculture (USDA); US Military; Provincial Reconstruction Teams(PRTs); other US Government (USG) implementing partners in Iraq;Government of Iraq (GOI) national Ministries of Agriculture and WaterResources (MoA, MoWR); Iraqi farmers’ associations, cooperatives andprivate businesses; Iraqi media; Iraqi citizens; US taxpayers;international donor community 2
  • 3. CORE MESSAGE:USAID-Inma approaches Iraqi food markets through value chain analysis to addressthe constraints to profitability as product flows from the farm through markets to theconsumer. USAID-Inma supports two of the most needed and profitable agriculturalvalue chains in Iraq:• Livestock• HorticultureThese activities increase productivity, lower production and marketing costs, increasethe profitability of agricultural enterprises, and generate rural employment.USAID-Inma assists Iraqi enterprises to attain a critical mass of producers andmarketers to convincingly demonstrate high-value businesses. Specific USAID-Inmaactivities include field trials, demonstrations, and institutional support to catalyze theadoption of improved production, postharvest, and marketing practices.USAID-Inma’s Business Development Services unit complements the value chainsthrough agribusiness financing, market information systems, business consultationservices, and training programs. 3
  • 4. COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT Jenna Bisenius Public Affairs & Reporting Manager / 0-780-109-9426 Zina Natheer Senior Communications Officer Graphic Designer 0-781-130-0038 0-790-497-4145 Website: General Inquiries: Grants: Agribusinesses: 4
  • 5. Public Affairs 5
  • 6. GETTING THE WORD OUT THROUGH: - Success stories - Media advisories prior to an event - Press releases after an event - Website content (verbiage, photos & video) 6
  • 7. MEDIA RELATIONS- Media query response- Interviews- Informal roundtable events- Press conferences- Site visit coordination & media escort 7
  • 8. EVENT COORDINATION & SUPPORT(Conferences, symposiums, workshops, MOU & grant signings, ribbon cutting ceremonies,trainee graduations, recognition ceremonies, etc.)Requires extensive coordination of many interdependent parts: - Talking points, Q&A, speeches, PPT presentations, bios - Facility booking - Food / beverages - Guest list & invitations - Agenda, handouts, certificates, badges, etc. - Podium, microphone(s), speaker systems - Translation coordination (personnel & equipment) - Coordinate with printer(s) to create / deliver / set up signage - Transportation & security coordination - Set up of photo walls, booths and other displays - Facilitation of guest entry / VIP meet & greet - Guest registration & orientation upon arrival - Media management / escort during event - Photo & video support - After Action Reports 8
  • 9. 11 PUBLIC EVENTS Held in 2009 Aprox. Attendees Date Event Location (not including Inma, USAID, PRT’s or media) 4 Mar 2009 “Reviving Irrigation” Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 50 (Central Baghdad)20 Apr 2009 “Poultry Industrial Growth” Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 53 (Central Baghdad)16 May 2009 “Greater Income With Less Water” Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 60 (Central Baghdad)14 Jun 2009 Rabee Packing House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Adhamia 120 (North Baghdad)21 Jun 2009 National Agricultural Finance Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 125 (Central Baghdad)25 Jun 2009 Feedlot Symposium Al Rasheed Hotel 125 (Central Baghdad)12 Jul 2009 Agriculture Workshop Inma Compound 15 (Mansour, Baghdad)3 Aug 2009 Irrigation Workshop Inma Compound 20 (Mansour, Baghdad)20 Aug 2009 Sheikh Sabah Taji Packing Facility Opening Ceremony Taji 50 (Northwest Baghdad) 6 Dec 2009 “Irrigation Water: A Precious Commodity” Conference Inma Compound 52 (Mansour, Baghdad)13 Dec 2009 “Prospects for Red Meat Production in Iraq” Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 70 (Central Baghdad) 9
  • 10. PUBLIC EVENTS: 2009 “Greater Income With Less Water” Rabee Packing House Ribbon National Agricultural Finance Conference 5/16/09 Cutting Ceremony 6/14/09 Conference 6/21/09 Feedlot Symposium Agriculture Workshop Irrigation Workshop 6/25/09 7/12/09 8/3/09 Taji Packing Facility Opening Irrigation Conference Red Meat Conference Ceremony 8/20/09 12/6/09 12/13/09 10
  • 11. 6 PUBLIC EVENTS Held in 2010 to Date Aprox. Attendees Date Event Location (not including Inma, USAID, PRT’s or media) 27 Jan 2010 Livestock Veterinarian Laboratory Workshop Inma Compound 50 (Mansour, Baghdad) Market Demand-Driven Production Al Rasheed Hotel 11 Feb 2010 65 (Horticulture Conference) (Central Baghdad) 22 Feb 2010 Dates Marketing Conference Al Rasheed Hotel 120 (Central Baghdad) Market Demand-Driven Horticultural Sheraton Hotel 30 Mar 2010 212 Production Conference (Downtown Erbil) Baghdad Flower Show Mansour 90,000 15 - 29 USAID-Inma participated in this event, but did not host it. (Zawra Park in (approx. 6,000 people per Apr 2010 The event was held by the Government of Iraq Downtown Baghdad) day for 15 days) (Amanat Baghdad) 12 Apr 2010 Strawberry Conference Inma Compound 30 (Mansour, Baghdad) 11
  • 12. PUBLIC EVENTS: 2010 Livestock Veterinarian Laboratory Workshop Market Demand Driven Production Conference Dates Marketing Conference 1/27/10 2/11/10 2/22/10 Strawberry Conference Market Demand-Driven Horticultural Baghdad Flower Show 4/12/10 Production Conference 3/30/10 15-29 Apr 2010 12
  • 13. PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS- Banners, posters, storyboards and other signage- Brochures, flyers and other handouts- Folders, pens, hats, key chains, calendars 13
  • 14. PROGRAMMATIC MATERIALS- Program overviews in MS Word and PowerPoint- Sector fact sheets, project fact sheets- Activities maps 14
  • 15. PUBLICATIONS- Training handouts (usually in Arabic)- Generic “USAID-Inma packets” (folders containing basic program information in “USAID- either Arabic or English)- Handbook creation, formatting/editing & printing- Certificates of completion for trainees A training course participant receives a certificate of completion from Inma during a ceremony in Adhamiya 15
  • 16. EXAMPLES OF PRODUCTS PRODUCED (Partial List):TECHNICAL REPORTS BRIEFS (cont.)Iraq: A Strategy for Dates Golden Crescent GFAIraq Dairy Industry Grant to Loan & Microfinance Program InitiativeAl-Anbar Dairy Industry Feasibility Study Hameediyah Mushroom FarmIraq: A Strategy for Pomegranates New Baghdad MarketPre-feasibility Report: Date Processing Northern Zone GFA & Ninevah Minorities Program InitiativesInma Date Workshop Packing HousesDates Value Chain Analysis and Opportunities for Iraq Pomegranate Export TrialLarge Dairy Farm Guidelines Taji Abu Ghraib Vegetable Improvement Program InitiativeCentral Iraq Poultry (Broiler) Production: Problems and Prospects Two Rivers GFACompetitiveness of Broiler Production in Central Iraq: An Update SUCCESS STORIESVALUE CHAIN ASSESSMENTS Balad Canning Factory (BCF) Success StoryValue Chain Assessment: Fresh Stone Fruit Fish Farmers Weigh Benefits of AerationValue Chain Assessment: Fresh Tomatoes Drowning Fish: AerationLamb and Beef Value Chain (diagram) Swimming Home from HillahFish Value Chain (diagram) Investing in Babel Aquaculture: How Small Fry Become Big FishFeedlot Value Chain (diagram) Economic Opportunity Replaces Conflict Cultivating Change at Um QasrSPECIAL REPORTS Water Resources Unlock Flow of Peace and ProsperityIraqi Dates: Production, Problems and Market Prospects Milkman DeliversInma Date Studies: An Overview Not Just FishingInma Program Overview Modern Greenhouses Increase Agricultural ProductivityIraqi Poultry Industry Construction of New Baghdad Market Brings New EconomicInma Activities Overview Opportunities Al Anbar Reaping Maize BountyHANDBOOKS Inma Scouts Anbar Agribusiness OpportunitiesLamb Feedlot Management Guide (Arabic / Kurdish / English) Vegetable Project Kicks Off Northwest of BaghdadBeef Feedlot Management Guide (Arabic / Kurdish / English) Fresh on the Hoof Everything’s Coming Up OnionsBRIEFSAgricultural Market Information Collection & Dissemination BROCHURESAl Taee Greenhouses Program Initiative Inma Agribusiness Program (Arabic / English)Anchor Enterprises Inma Bilingual Tri-fold BrochureAquaculture Program InitiativeBalad Canning Factory CALENDARSSeed & Feed Program Initiatives Inma 2008 CalendarDate Export & Processing Program Initiatives Inma 2009-2010 Iraqi Farmers’ GuideFeedlots Program Initiative 16
  • 17. QA/QC OF STAFF OUTBOUND MATERIALS - Ensure materials meet USAID branding & marking guidelines - Liaise with USAID to get materials approved 17
  • 18. INTERNAL SUPPORT- PowerPoint presentations- Assistance or training in Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, photography, etc.- Graphics (maps, illustrations, photo editing, report covers, promotional materials, business cards, badges, photo / video support, etc.)- Certificates of award, completion, etc.- Management of photo database, document templates and visual library (logos, graphics, etc.)- Fielding public queries sent to Responding to general data calls from within USAID-Inma, the Louis Berger home office, USAID, etc. 18
  • 19. Reporting 19
  • 20. REPORTING Reporting Manager is primarily responsible for coordinating with USAID-Inma technical and Geographic Focus Area (GFA) teams to develop internal reports and deliverables for USAID: Weekly Reports Quarterly Reports - Quarterly Progress - Security Provider Data - Employee Nationality Data - Sub-Activity Data (2207 Report) Provincial Fact Sheets (Quarterly) SIGIR Report and Data Requests (Quarterly) Ad Hoc Reporting Requests Also responsible for close coordination with USAID-Inma Monitoring and Evaluation unit to document results and program impact. 20
  • 21. WEEKLY REPORTSCapture Highlights of Significant Accomplishments in Easy-to-Read Format 21
  • 22. QUARTERLY REPORTSDocument Quarterly Progress and Highlights Planned for Next Quarter 22
  • 23. PROVINCIAL FACT SHEETS (QUARTERLY)Assist USAID Iraq to Develop Provincial Narratives on USAID-Inma 23
  • 24. SIGIR REPORT (QUARTERLY)Assist USAID Iraq in responding to SIGIR requests for informationsuch as: Provide an update on the Iraq Agriculture Extension Revitalization Project or any other U.S.-funded agriculture project, as well as any GOI resources devoted to increasing output in the agricultural sector. Discuss any changes in U.S.-funded irrigation projects since the drought last year. Provide data on the decrease/increase in Iraqi agricultural output so far in 2009 and over the past two years, including reductions attributable to the drought. Discuss any non-drought factors, such as the volume and price of imported food, that may be creating disincentives for Iraqi farmers to plant crops. 24