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3 recommendations - jenna bisenius

  1. 1. Jenna Bisenius: Recommendations The 82 recommendations below are posted on LinkedIn at www.LinkedIn.com/in/JennaBisenius Defense Group Inc. (DGI) Employed as a Business Development Consultant from Aug 2011 to Sep 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan (short-term assignment)“I hired Jenna to work a business development project for 30 days in Kabul Afghanistan. Shes truly remarkable in the publicaffairs and BD arenas. Not only does she have a deep understanding of the public affairs niche but she was able to graspnew concepts quickly and adapt in situations that were very difficult; in fact, she consistently took our product and ourconcepts to a level beyond my best expectations.My trust in her is absolute and I would recommend her to any employer. I only wish I had a permanent, rather than part-time, opening for her right now because wed snatch her up in a heartbeat. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”October 7, 2011Ioannis Koskinas, Vice President, Afghanistan & Pakistan Operations, Defense Group Inc. (DGI), hired / managedJenna as a Business Development Consultant in Afghanistan. giannis.koskinas@gmail.com / +93-79-819-0256--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jen is a life-saver! I brought my business to Kabul earlier this year and flopped around until I met Jen--she helped medevelop a marketing presence that succinctly communicated my abilities to my target audience. The proof is in thepudding--hits on my website multiplied by ten, I received a flood of inquiries from the local market and landed a number ofcontracts. Easily the best investment Ive made. Thanks Jen! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value.”October 11, 2011Adam Pudenz, Business Development Consultant at Peace Thru Business, LLC, hired Jenna as a Marketing andBusiness Development Consultant in Afghanistan. adam.pudenz@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Upon meeting Jenna in Kabul, it was immediately apparent that she was a connector and facilitator. Her businessdevelopment prowess to effectively market her company - in a short period of time - displayed her ability to enable trust andthus widen her network of resources. Her knowledge and experience in the contracting community shows a clearcomprehension of utilizing her past experience to create opportunities in the future, and this creates confidence in all withwhom she works." October 14, 2011 The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (implementing USAID’s Inma Agribusiness Program) Employed as a Communications & Reporting Manager from May 2009 to Aug 2010 in Baghdad (Mansour district), IraqErik W. Kuster, Vice President Marketing, HQ Defense Services, Afghanistan. erikw-wkuster@lycos.com“I had the good fortune of working with Jenna while serving in a civil capacity within USAIDs Inma Agribusiness Program,an agriculture development project in Iraq managed by the Louis Berger Group.Jenna arrived to assume the responsibilities of our PA staff during a time of great transition. Inma was in the midst ofdelivering a tremendous level of products while being heavily scrutinized by the parent organization, USAID. It was Jennasjob to convey for reporting purposes and for public consumption Inmas efforts. To this end she was effective, efficient, andwas always professional. Her ability to articulate or convey in writing Inmas mission, purpose, actions, and effects in a brief,thorough, and timely manner purchased Inma many adherents and supporters where before few existed.I highly recommend Jenna as a professional representative of any company seeking an individual well versed in conveyingcritical information in a manner that promotes while at the same time it protects the company with which she is employed.”June 29, 2010Jeffery Bonner, Geographic Focus Area Manager, managed Jenna indirectly at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.jbonner@inma-iraq.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna has been with my establishment for more than one year, During that period of time we worked together; as mysupervisor, she has had an amazing impact and she is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to helpanyone anytime, very well organized, diligent in her duties and paperwork, easily reachable, work is a breeze and always Page 1 of 14
  2. 2. on time. Jenna is a super professional employee in communication, Public Affairs and Reporting, she can manage three fulltime jobs in one hand while saying "Hi" with her other hand.Working with her is not an ordinary job; she is removing the workload stress by her sightly spirit.” July 25, 2010Sahib Jaffar, Communication Officer / Graphic designer, reported to Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.sahib.jaffar@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I was Jenna’s colleague during our tenure at The Louis Berger Group, supporting the INMA Agribusiness Program inBaghdad, Iraq. I was the Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting Specialist for the program, while Jenna served as theReporting Manager. I worked closely alongside Jenna and have firsthand knowledge of her work ethic and qualifications.As a valuable contributor to the program, Jenna consistently fulfilled programmatic needs and requirements with enthusiasmand initiative. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently,and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that reports were completed in a timely manner. During her tenure, Jennaproved her devotion to her department and the program by ensuring that all project accomplishments were communicatedto the client on time. Jenna worked exceptionally long hours to meet deadlines and I admired her cheerful spirit throughoutperiods of multiple deadlines.It is my pleasure to recommend Jenna for future employment. I am confident that she will devote herself to any new positionwith a high degree of diligence. I look forward to the pleasure of working with Jenna again in the future.” May 26, 2011Nerys Irving-Jones, Ph.D., Reporting Specialist, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.nerysirv@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was an integral member of the Inma Agribusiness Program for the United States Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID) in Baghdad. She was extremely dedicated in the various outreach initiatives necessary to thesuccess of the program, to include leadership in conducting conferences that brought the Iraqi people together with USAIDand Inma program leaders in order to discuss the various tenets of the program so that the optimum results could beachieved.Jenna also traveled to the governorates and met directly with recipients of program training and assistance in order toassess progress of the respective programs and provide in-depth reporting of same to the Client.Jenna’s enthusiasm and commitment to the program was a valuable tool in keeping the Iraqi agricultural leaders and USAIDtogether on their path forward to modernizing and improving the agribusiness activities in Iraq.” May 26, 2011Julie Preston, Subcontracts Manager, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. houallegra@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is the complete Public Affairs and Reporting Manager. I worked closely with her in the organization of a nationalconference, and I could not have wished for better support.” May 20, 2011Stuart Paton, Agricultural Finance / Microfinance Specialist, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.patonbanker@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a true professional. She reliably prepares documents and reports, commanding the respect of our clients. Herorganizational abilities are exemplary and we have full trust at even the highest level representation. It is my view that shewould grace any position similar to that she has at present, plus she has a far broader understanding of many othersubjects.It is my great pleasure to make this recommendation.” July 24, 2010Graham Dale, Senior Advisor to USAID, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. grahamdal@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a bright and intelligent young woman; she is highly professional and always ready to go that extra mile to makeeverything perfect, she is a perfectionist. She has organized for us major events in Iraq in difficult conditions and has alwaysmanaged to turn them in to success stories. I can only highly recommend Jenna and wish her all the best for the future.Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.” July 24, 2010Alexandre Dahan, Agricultural Marketing & Development Specialist, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group,Iraq. dalexandre@hotmail.co.uk--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I knew Jenna Bisenius in Baghdad- Iraq, where she was a Public affairs and reporting manager in Inma AgribusinessProgram. She was appreciated by her superior and her coworkers. She is very capable, knowledgeable, and hard workerperson in her field. I recommend Jenna Bisenius for any related assignment.” May 20, 2011 Page 2 of 14
  3. 3. Alphonse Karangwa, Ph.D., Aquaculture / Poultry / Feed Value Chain Manager, worked with Jenna at The LouisBerger Group, Iraq. a_karangwa@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I worked with Jenna for almost a year for the Louis Berger Group, Inma Agribusiness Program, (3 contracted years and 2extensions), a USAID-funded program in Iraq. During that period, I knew Jenna as a committed, well-organized,cooperative & productive person. Jenna is an open-minded person who can adapt easily with the work environment andovercome the cultural barriers dealing with both local and expatriate employees.Jenna is a creative reporter. She can transfer the required information to stakeholders accurately and efficiently within thetime constrains. She will be a good member to any program seeks to hire qualified persons.I wish that Ill have another chance to work with her.” May 20, 2011Muwafaq Ali, Program Officer, worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. m.aljandeal@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an exciting and sharp person she works diligently as part of a team while self-motivated to generate ideas. Iworked with Jenna in her job with Inma a contractor to USAID, helping develop the agricultural infrastructure.” May 24,2011Walid Sharif, Agricultural Marketing Specialist, Food & Safety (FAS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA),worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. walidmsharif2000@yahoo.co.uk--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I recently met Jenna and worked with her on two different projects relating to developing business for my company, 4pointsIraq. I found her to be extremely well organized, highly professional, very knowledgeable about networking in this region,and in general, a pleasure to work with. She is very outgoing and personable, and had many creative and original ideas thatwere helpful to my work.I highly recommend her for any projects involving public relations, public affairs, or business development.” May 10, 2010Allegra Klein, Business Development Director, 4points Iraq, was a consultant or contractor to Jenna in Iraq.AllieNYC1@aol.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna brings limitless and infectious positive energy to everything she does. She’s a natural at public and personalrelations, and a master at event planning. She’s motivated, a self-starter, and experienced working under the most difficultconditions.” May 21, 2011Matt Gold, Senior Customs Advisor to USAID, worked with Jenna indirectly at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.matthewagold@msn.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an excellent colleague. reliable, friendly, helpful and generous. She would go out of her way to make sure that thetask she is responsible for gets done quickly and very professionally.” May 10, 2010Michael Voronenko, Economist, worked indirectly with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.mvoronenko@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a true journalistic professional. She knows exactly how to pose an institution, its people and its mission in a lightthat encourages others to directly support it. Jenna has a direct, frank manner of interacting and working with others in avery positive way that motivates anyone to happily take ownership of the mission she defines, and achieve results.Jennas military background puts her in a good stead to command. Together with her technical and professional backgroundin journalism, proofreading and public affairs, Jenna has the ability to make assignment given to her a success.” July 25,2010C. Ross Croulet, Senior Microfinance Advisor, worked with Jenna indirectly at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.croulet52@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is hard-working, detail-oriented and nice to work with. A very professional woman in her field and a real asset for anyorganization that hires her.” May 20, 2011Gabriel Reyes, Senior Banking Advisor, worked indirectly with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.gabrielreyesp@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is well connected and has long-term experience in Iraq. She has covered the responsibilities for two positions sinceIve known her and is very committed, hardworking and gets the job done -- on time and well. I highly recommend her.” July25, 2010 Page 3 of 14
  4. 4. Chuck Lambert, Senior Economist & Agricultural Advisor, Louis Berger / AECOM International Development,worked indirectly with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. chucklambert2@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna embodies everything you look for in a colleague, teammate and manager. During the last couple of years we haveworked together in our field, which is a unique and harsh environment, I have had the pleasure of witnessing her reach hertargets utilizing both team dynamics as well as detailed meticulous independent work. She not only takes care of herpeople, but through expressing her vision to her direct reports in a manner that ties them in to the bird’s eye view of whatshe wants to accomplish, she ensures that anyone she is managing produces beyond expectation. She is an expert in herprofession and champions hard work, dedication and a relentless obsession to never quite until the job is completed rightthe first time.My bet is on her to deliver no matter the odds…” May 10, 2010Raymond Mendenilla, International Development Advisor, Louis Berger / AECOM International Development,worked indirectly with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. rayrayatthezoo@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I had an opportunity to know Jenna when she was working on presentations where our projec t activities were overlapping.Jenna has been a reliable partner, meeting hard deadlines and always delivering on time and with excellent quality, withattention to even the smallest details.Jenna is an exceptionally competent and devoted worker. She also has a unique gift to choose devoted, striving andefficient team members and to utilize the best of team members she was not able to choose herself. Jenna is an excellentteam player with the ability to make people deliver even under the most difficult conditions.I would always choose Jenna as a team member or a team leader for the most demanding positions.” July 27, 2010Holcner Ludek, Senior Advisor / Credit Analyst, Louis Berger / AECOM International Development, workedindirectly with Jenna in Iraq. Holz2@seznam.cz--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna in one of those rare individuals who is capable of handling almost any situation on her own. She possesses nearlyinexhaustible energy, creativity and drive that are bound to make her a success in almost any situation.”Devrin Weiss, Director of Communications, USAID / Tatweer Program, Management Systems International (MSI),worked indirectly with Jenna in Iraq. devrinweiss@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a flood of positive energy and unlimited drive. In the short time I have known her, I have observed her uncannyability to see the whole picture in the most fragmented and complex situations. She possesses the dexterity to anticipateand plan to the tiniest detail for every possible contingency which makes her, in my opinion, an exceptional organizer / eventplanner. Jenna carries herself in a very professional manner. Her intelligence and exceptional command of the Englishlanguage, both written and verbal, makes her a very noteworthy employee in Public Affairs / Business Communication typepositions.I will without hesitation recommend Jenna as a class “A” employee to any organization. Truly someone you want on yourteam!!” July 24, 2010Nattalie De la Mothe, Budget Execution Advisor, Management Systems International (MSI), worked indirectly withJenna in Iraq. nattaliedelamothe@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an incredibly competent and knowledgeable professional with an extensive network of contacts. She is extremelythorough and detail-oriented within every aspect of her life, more specifically her planning and organizing capabilities, whichI have had personal experience in viewing.Jenna has a very impressive, confident personality that represents herself and her organization in a positive manner, whichis a valuable asset as a Public Relations Manager. Her many years of experience speak to her ability as a provider ofquality and substantive work, while always maintaining positive relationships with all that she comes into contact with.” May10, 2010Alison Wittenberg, Reports Writer, 4Point Solutions, was a consultant or contractor to Jenna in Iraq.alisonwittenberg@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have seen Jenna repeatedly prove her incredible strength of pulling many different people together to work on the sameagenda. Her generosity and her kindness combined with her attention to details make it a pleasure to work with her.” May10, 2010 Page 4 of 14
  5. 5. International Relief & Development (IRD) (implementing USAID’s Community Stabilization Program) Employed as a Public Affairs Officer / Project Reporting Officer from Jan 2008 to Jan 2009 in Baghdad (the IZ), IraqGretchen Severson, Project Manager, Management Systems International (MSI), worked indirectly with Jenna inIraq. gretchenliv@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is consummate public affairs professional with a broad understanding of both the issues and the players in Iraq. Herextensive time in-country has provided her a strong knowledge base from which to operate, and she quickly is able to graspprogrammatic goals, accomplishments and challenges.During her time at IRD, she has taken a large amount of complex material from multiple sources Iraq-wide and successfullyturned it into concise public affairs products, to include "good news" stories, briefing packets, brochures, fact sheets, tripbooks, and quarterly reports. Her assets include a strong writing ability, formidable creative skills, and a remarkable talentfor getting the very best submissions and cooperation from field personnel through establishing close personnelrelationships.Rest assured, whatever assignment Jenna is given, the finished product will be polished, professional and will have that"punch" that makes both internal and external stakeholders go, "Wow".During my time as IRD Deputy Chief of Party, I was proud to have Jenna on my team and would recommend her to anyfuture employer. Shes a hard worker, exceedingly bright, and an asset to any organization. Thank you for the chance torecommend Jenna for any job - She will get it done!” November 5, 2008Thomas Bishop, Deputy Chief of Party, managed Jenna at International Relief & Development (IRD), Iraq.t_j_bishop@yahoo.com / +001- 703-927-8051--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“During my nearly three-year tenure as the Country Representative, and then, Country Director of International Relief &Developments programs in Iraq, I worked collegially with Jenna Bisenius on a daily basis. Jenna worked in theCommunications section of IRDs large Community Stabilization Program (CSP) -- the largest USAID program in Iraq duringthis time.CSP was largely a "stabilization" program, operating in fourteen governorates, most of which were inherently unstable andprone to violence. This was not a "post-conflict" situation, but best described as "kinetic." I would often confer with CSP andother IRD programs top management and discuss the Communications efforts in their respective programs. This processwas formalized in our weekly Senior Management Meetings, and my informal daily meetings with all Chiefs of Party(COPs). Jenna was always reported to be an extremely competent, resourceful employee, whose attention to detail on themany weekly, monthly and annual reports to USAID proved invaluable.Jenna was also engaging, calm, and incredibly enthusiastic, even during the most chaotic and challenging of times inBaghdad. Her work, and approach to her job was always professional, and yet personal.She often brought innovation and new technologies to the attention of the COP and DCOP, and CSPs consummatereporting reflected her own personal and technical capabilities and attention to detail. Many of Jennas technical innovationswere transmitted to and adopted by IRDs other collegial programs in Iraq - the Community Assistance Program (CAP), theHumanitarian Assistance in Iraq (HAI) program, and the Cultural Heritage Program (CHP).I would recommend Jenna Bisenius to any employer, and particularly to those INGOs working in "post-conflict" andchallenging environments. Jenna seems to always find a way to "get it done." June 1, 2011Michael Dockrey, Country Representative, managed Jenna indirectly at International Relief & Development (IRD),Iraq. dockrey@syix.com / +530-329-3229--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was a highly-skilled public relations professional that not only developed top-quality promotional material for ourprogram, but also demonstrated strong business acumen and professional etiquette (sic). I highly recommend her for workwith your company and please feel free to contact me directly if you would like further information.” October 17, 2008Beau Taylor, Program Operations Officer, managed Jenna indirectly at International Relief & Development (IRD),Iraq. hermosabt@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is power house in PR. I was always impressed at her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the USAID fundedCommunity Stabilization Project that we served in Iraq from 2006 to 2008. Her attention to detail and complete grasp of themany project outputs was excellent. I have no qualms in recommending her.” June 20, 2011 Page 5 of 14
  6. 6. Charles Vokral, Economics Advisor, managed Jenna indirectly at International Relief & Development (IRD), Iraq.nomad999us@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I had the pleasure of working with Jenna at International Relief and Development (IRD) on the USAID funded CommunityStabilization Program (Iraq) in her position as Public Affairs Officer / Project Reporting Officer.Jenna was a well-liked and professional member of the IRD team in Iraq providing up to date and relevant advice to TheChief of Party on areas that impacted the CSP program which was at the time USAIDS largest single contract. She providedsolid, concise advice and reporting on the many projects implemented under CSP - Iraq.She works well under pressure and multiple reporting deadlines. She is a confident public speaker having honed her skillsthrough attending regular meetings with USAID and IRD senior management.I have no hesitation in recommending Jenna to any prospective employer who is looking for a smart and professionalperson with a can do attitude.” May 20, 2011Edward J T Rowe, Director of Operations, managed Jenna indirectly at International Relief &Development (IRD),Iraq. edwardjtrowe@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I first met Jenna in 2008 when we were both working for IRD in Baghdad, Iraq. She provided outstanding support to theprogram, using her extensive public affairs skills to promote awareness of USAIDs Community Stabilization Program (CSP)amongst various stakeholders both in Iraq and back Stateside. She wrote over 30 "good news" stories during her time withIRD, greatly enhancing positive perception of CSP by Iraqis, USAID, and local & international media.I again ran into Jenna in Kabul, Afghanistan in August 2011 while she was doing a short-term business developmentconsulting assignment there, using her strong people skills and extensive network to generate business development leadsfor DGI. Jenna is a natural networker and hit the ground running in Kabul, quickly adapting to the operating environment andmaking connections at a phenomenal speed.Regardless of whatever task she takes on, Jenna tackles it with enthusiasm, creativity and a relentless determination tosucceed. She is definitely an "outside-the-box" thinker and is undeterred by seemingly-impossible obstacles, even in difficultoperating environments such as Afghanistan or Iraq. In a nutshell, she simply refuses to fail, and her energy and drive isinfectious.Professionally she is hugely competent in her field and a pleasure to work with; personally, she is likeable, genuine andgenerous to strangers and friends alike. Id be proud to recommend her on either front and hope to have the chance to workwith her again in the future.” October 16, 2011Iain Findlay, Project Operations Officer, worked with Jenna at International Relief & Development (IRD).ir_findlay@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a very capable individual that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously in a very efficient and effective manner.She is accustomed to working in very difficult operating environments, such as the International Zone in Iraq. She ishardworking, dedicated, and goal-oriented. She commands the respect of all those she works with. Jenna has my highestrecommendation.” March 12, 2009Thoric Cederstrom, Director of Food Security, worked with Jenna at International Relief & Development (IRD), Iraq.thoric_2000@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was a highly professional, competent and successful Public Affairs Officer at International Relief and Development inBaghdad, Iraq. Although assigned to another city, I had the opportunity to interact and cooperate with Jenna on numerousoccasions when she directly supported the work or my local team by helping to raise awareness toward impact andeffectiveness of the project activity under my supervision.I recommend Jenna for any position for which she is being considered within the area of expertise and training she hasreceived.” February 24, 2009Dar Warmke, Program Operations Director, worked with Jenna at International Relief & Development (IRD), Iraq.darwarmke@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a skilled and dedicated professional who produces first class PR materials for IRD. Jenna lives and works in avery challenging environment yet always maintains business acumen while staying positive and upbeat. She will work longhours to make deadlines though knows how to balance work with her other interests.Jenna is the consummate professional who adds value to every organization with which she is involved. She has myhighest regard and recommendation.” November 27, 2008 Page 6 of 14
  7. 7. John Roscoe, Program Development Manager, worked with Jenna at International Relief & Development (IRD), Iraq.johnrosc@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna Bisenius was employed by International Relief & Development (IRD) in the role of Public Affairs officer and wasbased in IRD headquarters in Baghdad. This was a key appointment to the project. When observing Jenna in this role, it isvery clear that she is an experienced woman with a very strong grounding -- Not only in her writing abilities, but also inleading her multi-national staff, the latter always by example. She is a cheerful, good-natured manager and is always readyand willing to assist.On the other hand, when required to deal with matters concerning her staff and discipline, she does not hesitate to take theappropriate action. Jennas approach to her role and commitment to her employers is first class. She is totally trustworthy,and her integrity is never in doubt. A completely realistic and very capable woman who has proven on many occasions her Stanley Consultants (this is the third of three positions I held at the Project & Contracting Office / PCO) Employed as a Public Affairs Officer / Reports Writer from Sep 2007 to Jan 2008 in Baghdad (the IZ), Iraqability to lead and effectively deal with often complicated issues in areas of extreme hostility.I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending her for similar employment elsewhere. Jenna Bisenius will undoubtedlyremain a valued asset to her employers.”Charlie Tourish, Security Manager, Sabre International Security, was a consultant or contractor to Jenna in Iraq.charliet3@mac.com“In managing reconstruction programs for the Corps of Engineers in Iraq, getting the data right and reporting it up the chainof command was as important as getting the projects done. In the area of data entry and report and presentation writing,Jenna was superb. It was, happily, one of the areas of my responsibility about which I didnt have to worry.” May 31, 2011John Casey, Program Manager, DAAR Engineering, managed Jenna indirectly at Stanley Consultants, Iraq.jscasey3@msn.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an upbeat and enthusiastic team player whose organizational skills are superb. She is able to multi-task whilemaintaining critical priorities, and her writing and communication skills are excellent. She is a real gem!” May 20, 2011Christine (Hess) Florea, Program Manager, worked with Jenna at Stanley Consultants, Iraq.phantom_oftheopera@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna has excellent communication skills, both written and oral. In addition she is extremely organized and reliable. She isable to multi-task with results despite deadline pressure. Her ability to work independently enables her to follow through toensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project she is assigned.” May 21, 2011Kim Barnes, Deputy Program Manager, Closeout, worked with Jenna at Stanley Consultants, Iraq.kimrbarnes@me.com Parsons Brinckerhoff (this is the second of three positions I held at the Project & Contracting Office / PCO) Employed as a Public Affairs Officer / Program Operations Analyst from Oct 2005 to Sep 2007 in Baghdad (the IZ), Iraq--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is talented, dedicated and committed to exceptional performance. I have known Jenna since 2005 as she wasinvolved with important reconstruction projects in Iraq . She is a consummate professional and is always pushing bothherself and the company in terms of improved performance. She always focused on the right result and finding the bestsolutions for her multiple customers. I highly recommend her for any position in which she can share her talents withothers.” October 15, 2011Christelle Monteillet, Capacity Development Program Manager, worked with Jenna at Stanley Consultants, Iraq.christelle208@hotmail.com“Jenna worked as the Program Reporting and Public Affairs Officer for the Iraq Power Alliance (IPA), a joint venturebetween Parsons Brinckerhoff and WorelyParsons and part of the Iraqi Reconstruction Program under the Department ofDefense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Gulf Region Division) from October 2005 to September 2007. I was herimmediate supervisor. Page 7 of 14
  8. 8. Some of her noteworthy responsibilities included. Prepared press releases, reports and fact sheets; monitored programachievement metrics; initiated and developed new reporting systems and protocols; led the design and execution of severaltop-level presentations to USACE command, State Department, Secretary of the Army, and other governmentalstakeholders.Jenna consistently performed her duties with a high level of expertise and competence. She is a strong communicator andexhibits tremendous enthusiasm in all of her work. She was a valued member of our team and demonstrated strongcommitment to the program and JV during some of the most trying and difficult times of the Iraqi conflict. For example . shehappily accompanied our site teams on missions outside the relative safety of the Green Zone in support of important publicrelations and outreach efforts.It was a privilege to have worked with Jenna.” June 6, 2011Joseph Edge, Program Operations Manager, managed Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq.edge_joseph@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna Bisenius worked for Parsons Brinckerhoff as a Public Affairs Officer during the busiest time of the IraqReconstruction effort for the Electricity Sector. Jenna put together many of the meeting information slides and reportswhich were required on a daily and weekly basis for project oversight committees and executive review. There were, at anygiven point in time, several hundred projects that needed information circulated and clarified for public presentation. Thiswas a key feature of the program to keep all stakeholders informed of project developments.Jenna also provided the initial interface with the media and set up many of the media events for the sector as well aspreparing the individual to be interviewed.During her time here, Jenna had a positive impact on the public perception of the success of the Electricity Sector program.Jenna writes very well and could summarize complicated technical and financial data to a level that provided all audiencesa clear understanding, and I would certainly recommend Jenna for a similar position.”Walter Quinn, Business Manager, managed Jenna indirectly at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq. quinnw@pbworld.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna provided excellent support to publicize the needs of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity organizing various symposiums inJordan to obtain funding to stimulate the reconstruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. Jennas devotion to the task extended totravelling out to various substation projects either complete or in progress, and coming under hostile fire whilst travellingsouth of Baghdad. A true expat!” May 30, 2011Alex Culver, Project Manager - Substations, managed Jenna indirectly at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq.alex_culver@msn.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“As a member of the same program team with Jenna in Iraq for nearly three years I know her both as a valued co-workerand friend. She possesses the highest degree of professionalism with an excellent work ethic and always shows an obviousenjoyment and enthusiasm for her career.I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jenna again and would also recommend her without reservation to any projector program that could use her considerable experience and superb talents for PR and promotion. Without a doubt she is atrue professional who would be a valuable asset to any team.” May 20, 2011Mike Cunningham, Project Manager, worked with Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq. akaseabrook@aol.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was a very proactive person that interacted with all levels of the organization with ease and confidence. She was avery caring individual who attempts to get the information right and performed her job well. She is an excellent networkerand uses that talent in her job and professional life. I would highly recommend her.” May 20, 2011Bob Krause, Tariffs Advisor, worked with Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq. b.krause@sbcglobal.net--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a professional, hard-working person. I’ve worked with her for a year. She is a multitasking person. I like themotivation she used, which is “can do.” She handled tasks simultaneously, effectively and efficiently. I worked with her invery difficult operating environments in Iraq. She is dedicated and goal-oriented. Page 8 of 14
  9. 9. The Louis Berger Group, Inc. (this is the first of three positions I held at the Project & Contracting Office / PCO) Employed as a Public Affairs Officer / Reports Writer from Sep 2004 to Sep 2005 in Baghdad (the IZ), IraqI am happy to give Jenna my highest recommendation. ” June 2, 2011Zainab Ibrahim Adham, Office Manager, worked with Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq. Za--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an energetic person, team worker, dedicated to success and to meet deadlines even in the a challenging workplace that we shared, she is smart and nice person, highly professional and always ready to go beyond expectation to doher job, she is very organized.I highly recommend Jenna and wish her all the best for the future.” June 8, 2011Nihad Alkhafaji, Project Manager, worked with Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff, Iraq. nihad_alkhafaji@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was well regarded and part of the inner circle of PR and technical writing support and frequently handled IraqProgram-wide PR responsibilities as well as PR for the 9 subsectors handled by our Louis Berger JV. Her capabilitiesextended beyond PR to networking. Berger would hire her back, especially in a complex international setting.” February 26,2009Barbara Phillips, HR & Readiness Manager., The Louis Berger Group, Inc., hired / managed Jenna at The LouisBerger Group, Iraq. bphillips@louisberger.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna did a superior job as the F&T sector public relations officer. She was always creative, well respected, trustworthyand loyal. She was well liked by not only her team mates but other sectors as well. She found time to give to her communityeven though she was extremely busy. She was able to see a need and respond to fill it with little or no guidance.Excellent employee in every respect. I would hire her again without hesitation. Top qualities : Great Results, Personable,Expert.” November 24, 2008William Allen, Senior Program Manager, managed Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. billallen4973@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna joined the Berger/URS JV team in the Iraq Reconstruction Program Management Office during my tenure as deputyprogram manager in 2004. While her title was Public Affairs Officer / Reports Writer, she quickly earned my appreciation forher cheerful willingness to take on any assignment, and my respect for her initiative in identifying actions she could take tocontribute to the effectiveness of our work on this $3B+ effort to provide infrastructure and capacity building services for theIraqi people.I do not stay in touch with everyone I worked with in Iraq, but Jenna is someone worth keeping track of. I would hire heragain if the right opportunity came up.” June 2, 2011David Van Horn, Program Manager, Planning & Facilities, URS Corp., managed Jenna indirectly at The LouisBerger Group, Iraq: davidvh@comcast.net--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a ray of sunshine with a can-do attitude. She will get the job done in a very professional manner.” May 23, 2011Richard Arsenault CPA, CFF, CoS Treasury, worked with Jenna indirectly at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.ArsenaultR@msn.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I felt quite honored when asked me to write a recommendation for Jenna Bisenius.She has the ability to provide management and leadership for contract compliance for large multi-million dollar projects at aspecified site, region, or country. Leads, and develops the assigned professional staff responsible for management ofprojects from contract development through completion. Supervises the total effort to ensure the project is in accordancewith the budget, and schedule. Supervises, control and monitor subcontractors as required. Also coordinates and Page 9 of 14
  10. 10. supervises on-site functions (scheduling, and day-to-day direction of on-site administrative staff, when assigned). Appliesstandard practices and techniques in specific assignments, including proficiency in use of scheduling tools. Develops qualityand workmanship standards. Follows and implements Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for planning andadministration, support and Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA), as required. This includes providing workschedules for the assigned staff. Authorizes and/or approves personnel transactions, and modifications with the client.Manages the work of teams to procure and completed work assessments. Ensures all t staff and subcontractors employedexecute tasks that conform to applicable work rules, SOPs for security and safety. Develops, guides, and mentors assignedstaff; correcting (when necessary) and improving their performances.” May 20, 2011Martin Sanders, Project Manager, URS Corp., worked with Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq.martinrsanders@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a dedicated, conscientious and well respected person. She is a self-motivated, hardworking multi-tasker who isboth capable and creative at her job. Working with her in Baghdad, I was impressed not only by her strong work ethic butalso by the selfless volunteering she did after hours at the hospitals.Jenna is an amazing person whom I highly recommend.” May 20, 2011Kathy Harrington, Project Manager - Equipment Planner, Louis Berger / URS Joint Venture, worked with Jenna atThe Louis Berger Group, Iraq. kh2cm@q.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Jenna. Although we worked in different sectors of the reconstructioneffort in Iraq, I often saw examples of Jennas work with her group during joint presentations to our Military supervisors. Allof her presentations were professionally presented and adequately conveyed the necessary information. As a fellowcolleague living under the same at time trying conditions, she was often a calming influence on others that were struggling.I have no hesitation in recommending this professional manager for work in her areas of expertise.” May 20, 2011Angela Cavill-Burch (MBA), Resources Manager / Lead Business Manager, Halcrow Group Ltd, worked indirectlywith Jenna at The Louis Berger Group, Iraq. onmybiketoo@yahoo.co.uk--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a highly skilled individual who excels in all areas. She is a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic is astounding; she Eagle Support Services Employed as a Document Control / Logistics Specialist from Apr 2004 to Sep 2004 in Tikrit (COB Speicher), Iraqwould be an asset to any organization. I would not hesitate to hire and/or recommend Jenna to any of my colleagues.”January 5, 2009Liane Shanahan, Financial Accountant, Project & Contracting Office (Department of Defense), worked indirectlywith Jenna in Iraq. liane.shanahan@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“During my tenure in Iraq I have had the pleasure of working with Jenna in various capacities. Jenna exudes all of thequalities of a true professional. Her attention to detail and superb organizational development skills are outstanding. Irecommend Jenna to any prospective employer.” September 29, 2008Allyson Fischer, Project Controls Consultant, API Corp., worked indirectly with Jenna in Iraq.allyson.fischer@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have worked with Jenna for almost four years in Iraq. Jenna is dedicated to her work and performs diligently on all levels. Iwould recommend Jenna for any employer.” September 28, 2008Randy Stiles, Owner, Applied Planning International, Inc., worked indirectly with Jenna in Iraq. rstiles@api-corp.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna Bisenius has been pivotal in organizing fund raising events with Control Risks in Baghdad. Her key strengths are hercreative and organizational skills, comprehensive contact list, and ability to pull together highly-successful events.”October 14, 2008David Amos, Country Manager, Control Risks Iraq, was a consultant or contractor to Jenna at Parsons Brinckerhoff(PB), Iraq. CMIraq@control-risks.com“I have known Jenna professionally and personally for over 4 years. During the tenure of our professional relationship, wehave worked under the same projects for approximately 3 years. Jenna has a proven acumen for success; she has the Page 10 of 14
  11. 11. U.S. Army Reserve (300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment / MPAD) Employed as a Print Journalist / Public Affairs Officer from Jul 1994 to Sep 2002 in Atlanta, GAability to accomplish any task that is given to her in a timely and professional manner. Her expertise in her field proved herto be far too advanced for her position with Eagle Support Services, but that did not deter her from getting the job done orfulfilling any obligations.Jenna is a true team player and is a very diligent and dedicated employee; she will be an asset to any company ororganization. I would recommend her for any position to which she qualifies.” January 22, 2009Vicki Nolly, Logistics Analyst, worked with Jenna at Eagle Support Services, Iraq. vicnol@hotmail.com“Jenna was a pleasure to work with. She was quick paced and always willing to help out. Her attitude was outgoing andcheerful every day. She was always willing to learn something new and adapted well.” March 2, 2009Jamey Gentry, Graphic Designer, worked with Jenna at Curtis 1000, USA. gentry454@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a very work-minded individual who always kept the focus on the customer. Jenna was always going the extra mileto support our customers’ needs. Working with Jenna was always a pleasure.” May 27, 2011Phil Plonski, Digital Graphics Operator, worked with Jenna at Curtis 1000, USA. pplonski@curtis1000.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was a good soldier and great journalist who was willing to go the extra mile to support the mission. Jenna would be agreat asset to any organization that she chooses to be a part of.” February 28, 2009Oliver Character, Print Journalist, worked with Jenna at 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD), U.S. ArmyReserve (USAR), USA. ocharac@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna was one of our super performers during our deployment to Bosnia. No matter what the task, she got itdone.....always to high standards. Equally as important, she was a team player, willing to help others accomplish theirmissions.” February 26, 2009Guy Shields, Public Affairs Officer, US Army, managed Jenna at 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD),U.S. Army Reserve (USAR), Bosnia. Guy_Shields@raytheon.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“When Jenna reported to me in the 300th MPAD (approximately three years), she was one of the hardest working and mosttalented journalists in the unit. She was incredibly reliable, demonstrated tremendous initiative and often went above andbeyond the assignment. She was by far, among the best and brightest and I would highly recommend her for any positionshe chooses to pursue.” February 25, 2009Kim Ryan, First Sergeant, managed Jenna at 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD), US Army Reserve(USAR), USA. kimryan@bellsouth.net--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an accomplished print and photo journalist. She is detail oriented and has a mission-first attitude. Jennaconducted various high-level public affairs functions at the highest level of command in AO Bosnia-Herzegovina, including. Curtis 1000 Employed as a Graphic Artist / Typesetter from Sep 2003 to Feb 2004 in Atlanta, GApreparing for and conducting daily press conferences for international media for the SFOR commander, preparing pressreleases for international distribution, representing the American AO Public Affairs Officer inside the American sectorTactical Operations Center during field operations, conducted various in-the-field escort missions for print and film mediafrom various countries.” February 25, 2009 Page 11 of 14
  12. 12. Zach Thompson, Public Affairs Specialist, worked with Jenna at 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD),US Army Reserve (USAR), USA. zachthompson58@yahoo.com“Jenna worked with me at USMotivation. She handled sales accounts for four account executives. This included maintainingdetailed records of all goods and services sold to clients.She worked closely with our accounting department to determine monthly commissions for account executives. Onceorders were placed, she was responsible for meeting event dates, supervising order flow, graphic needs, and ultimatelyoversaw timely delivery of orders to clients. Once orders shipped, she reconciled factory invoices with purchase orders toensure accurate billing from factories and ultimately to clients. She also sourced product for Account Executives, choosing Brenau University – Gainesville, GA Majored in Journalism (1991-1992)vendors and factories to ensure best pricing / value for clients and to ensure customers received good quality, correctly-decorated products on time for their event.” May 27, 2011Dianne Helliwell, Account Executive, managed Jenna indirectly at USMotivation, USA. dh@adnov.com-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Union County High School – Blairsville, GA (Aug 1987 - May 1991)“Jenna is able to use her relational, organizational and attention to detail skills successfully in both a team environment aswell as working on her own. She would be an asset to any company whose objective is to succeed with excellence.”February 17, 2009Vironetta Lawrence, IP Data Technician, worked with Jenna at USMotivation, USA. vlawrence41@yahoo.com“Jenna is a top-notch troubleshooter when it comes to helpdesk support, and I cannot think of anyone better to interfacewith clients and end users. She understands the importance of people skills when providing PC support, and she isincredibly determined when tackling difficult hardware or software issues. She has a true hunger for learning and is a natural USMotivation Employed as an Account Coordinator from Oct 2000 to Oct 2001 in Atlanta, GAwhen it comes to computers.During her time at Lotus, the speed at which she picked up new IT skills and grasped the technical ins and outs of complexsoftware packages was absolutely phenomenal. Her technical aptitude, a strong attention to detail and a genuine interest inproviding the customer with effective solutions puts her head and shoulders above more-experienced IT gurus whosecertifications are their only claim to fame.I would recommend her to any employer looking for someone committed to providing quality IT support that will win overeven the most difficult client.” February 22, 2009Len Knitter, Sr. Systems Engineer, LAN Services of Corporate IT Operations, Nextel, worked with Jenna indirectlyat Lotus Development Corp., USA. lenknitter@gmail.com“Jenna is a creative, motivated self-starter that brings an unmistakable energy to anything she endeavors. She has anenthusiastic, can-do attitude and is committed to doing an outstanding job - no matter what it is. It is my opinion that Jennais a great and almost necessary asset to any employer.” February 24, 2009 Lotus Development Corp. (a subsidiary of IBM) Employed as a Technical Support / Customer Service / Sales Representative from Oct 1995 to Jan 1998 in Atlanta, GAAngelina Clark, Business Control Supervisor, Primerica Financial Services, studied with Jenna at BrenauUniversity, USA. enahaha@yahoo.com“Even over 25 years ago, when I first met Jenna, she has always been friendly and filled with intellectual curiosity. Over theyears, her curiosity, love of people, love of books and love of learning has led her all the way around the world. Jenna has Page 12 of 14
  13. 13. spent considerable time and energy mastering the nuances of diplomacy and information exchange with other cultures,especially during her time in the Middle East.Not only does she excel in mastering new technology and have the skills necessary to provide technical support and learnnew software quickly, but she has management and people skills as well. As a former systems engineer, I can assure youthat her level of comfort with people of all walks of life from any culture and the ability to communicate very technical andcomplicated ideas in a clear and understandable way is rather rare and a highly sought after trait in the IT industry.Jenna is very good at bringing people together, seeing the bigger picture and inspiring others to share her enthusiasmtowards completing assignments and projects. Even after her last overseas assignment ended, she used her extra time tocontinue to travel, learn and grow.If you are looking for someone who is reliable, dependable, focused, enthusiastic and who will dedicate themselves to anyassignment, project or task and inspire others to follow her example, someone who will continue to learn, grow and changeas a company’s priorities and needs change, Jenna is the perfect fit. She would be a valuable asset to any company.” May30, 2011Penny Black, Data Analyst, EDS, studied with Jenna at Union County High School, USA. pennyblack71@gmail.com“Jenna is one of the most productive, responsive and disciplined international development professionals I have met in my15 years in the industry. I met Jenna in Iraq in 2010 when Chemonics was investigating new business opportunities there.Jenna immediately responded to my request for an informational meeting and came highly prepared with contactinformation and other materials that made my assignment more successful.Jenna is very well-connected with some of the key international development players in Iraq and these connections helpedChemonics tremendously. Even though Jenna was not a paid consultant, she promptly responded to our request and tookthe time and energy to supply Chemonics with a wealth of valuable information. Indeed, Chemonics later hired some of hersuggested contacts as consultants.Jenna has continued to provide Chemonics with assistance since then, participating in teleconferences and meetings withChemonics staff as needed to help direct Chemonics development activities in Iraq and elsewhere. Based on myexperience with her, I would recommend Jenna as a highly professional and productive international development specialistand a very personable colleague besides.” October 14, 2011William (Bill) Hallock, Director, Middle East Region, Chemonics International, Iraq. bhallock34@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna Bisenius has been a valuable resource for several Chemonics personnel visiting Afghanistan and Iraq over the pasttwo years. She has provided useful information on country context and media issues to travelers and connected us withlogistical and technical resources which strengthened our ability to operate in and understand the environment and currentsituation in various sectors.Jenna would be an asset to any organization in need of someone who is energetic and can get things done in the difficultenvironment in Iraq.” October 14, 2011 Miscellaneous Character ReferencesMystelle Ruble, Manager, Chemonics International, Iraq. mruble@chemonics.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I grew up with Jenna from the time she was 9 and have watched her develop as a no-nonsense go-getter. She knows whatshe wants and will logically take the steps necessary to achieve her goals.” May 20, 2011Kevin Adamson, Owner, KEVIN A. ADAMSON, P.C., USA. kevin@kaapc.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is a really proactive, hardworking and enthusiastic person who manages to combine this with a great personality andgood sense of humor. This is a vital combination for someone working in a challenging part of the world such as Iraq and Iwould thoroughly recommend Jenna as a good addition to any company working in such conditions. Im sure she will addvalue as well as morale to any firm.” January 22, 2011John Drake, Senior Risk Consultant, AKE Group, Iraq. johnazdrake@hotmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I first met Ms. Bisenius in Baghdad early in 2007. She is a confident and outgoing individual, and has represented theorganizations she works with in a professional and positive manner. Ms. Bisenius maintains a substantial network of Page 13 of 14
  14. 14. contacts within the Iraq IZ community, and she has been generous about connecting various parties within that network.Her experience is significant and her credibility is high.” October 5, 2008Greg Beirne, Sr. Business Consultant (Sector Lead / Sr. Advisor for Commercial Law), BearingPoint Inc., USAIDfunded Economic Governance II Project, Iraq. gbseasia@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna since December 2006. Jenna has extensive experience in the field of public affairs, report writing,project management and administration. Her easy going nature and commitment to professionalism would make her avaluable addition to any organization.” October 2, 2008Gavin Gould, IT & Communications Manager, MPRI, Iraq. gavgould@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna for approximately one year while working in Baghdad Iraq. Jenna is the epitome of professionalism. Iam constantly impressed with the level and attention to detail that is displayed within her work; her organizational skills arephenomenal. Jenna has unbelievable people-skills as is apparent with her extensive list of contacts and ability to getabsolutely anything done.Without hesitation, I would recommend Jenna for any position she applies; she is sure to succeed.” September 30, 2008Leah Caldwell, Contracts Manager, Triple Canopy, Iraq. caldwellal@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have worked with Jenna in various capacities and special projects in my 5 years in the International Zone, Iraq. Jenna is ahighly-ranked professional, completing nearly five years of service in Iraq. Jenna is an experienced and proficient managerin high threat areas of the world. She is very good at organizational development and employee productivity specializing inmanagement.Jenna’s skill sets have been proven to be very effective and flexible especially in a high-threat and unorthodox environment.Her drive and focus have made her the “go to person for ground truth.” September 29, 2008Jorge Sandoval, Country Logistics Manager, CHF International, Iraq. jsandov1@yahoo.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna impressed me greatly with her attitude and approach to the tasks that she had at hand when we worked alongsideone another in the cauldron of Baghdad. She is quite clearly a team player and motivator who takes much pride in her abilityto direct and galvanize the efforts of others. She is an accomplished individual who sets high standards and who then meetsthem always.” September 29, 2008Jonathan Tait-Harris, Director - Secure Evidence Unit (Iraqi Higher Tribunal), U.S. Government, Iraq.jonathan@taitharris.org--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Jenna is an incredible communicator who easily adapts to new challenges, roles and responsibilities. She is a dedicatedteam member with superior organization skills. She understands the critical importance of networking and how to put thatnetwork to effective use.Jenna is a wonderful person with a motivating passion for life. The quality I admire most in Jenna, she is as fearless as sheis compassionate.” September 29, 2008Steven Mehringer, TV Studio Manager, U.S. Embassy-Baghdad, Iraq. steven.mehringer@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna Bisenius for approximately 12 months, while working in the International Zone in Baghdad, Iraq.Jennas charisma and candor is mellifluous, allowing her the innate ability to arouse enthusiasm in anyone she comes intocontact with. Jenna is in her element when it comes to Public Affairs and Business Development. Her copious experienceand vibrant personality are conducive components for making her a valuable asset to any organization or team she isassociated with.Above all else, Jennas character is personified by loyalty and dedication in what she puts forth her efforts into. Ive seenher succeed in the 12 months I have known her, and I sincerely believe Jenna will continue to develop successfully in aprofessional capacity in the years to come.” September 29, 2008Josh W Calhoun, Deputy Program Manager, Versar International Assistance Projects (VIAP), Iraq.calhounjw@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna for a couple years and I highly recommend her work ethic, dedication, and most of all, her socialinstincts. Jenna is a classic "connector" type personality with great ability to put the right information in the right hands to getthings done, and always knows the "go-to" person in every organization she deals with. She is well-known in theInternational Zone of Baghdad as an excellent resource when youre trying to find information or contacts.” September 28,2008 Page 14 of 14
  15. 15. Larry Good, Systems Engineer, JTSI Inc. / Prosis of Hawaii, Iraq. larry.good@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna for the last 2 1/2 years, and over the course of this time, she has done an amazing job to connectpeople and concepts. If there is an idea out there, she will take it, run with it, and find the right people to get involved. Hernetwork of friends / colleagues is priceless, and her demeanor / attitude is always positive. Jenna is someone you wantworking with you or for you!”Jill Charpia, Owner, Sourcing Specialists, Iraq. Jill@SourcingSpecialists.net-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 of 14
  16. 16. Larry Good, Systems Engineer, JTSI Inc. / Prosis of Hawaii, Iraq. larry.good@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna for the last 2 1/2 years, and over the course of this time, she has done an amazing job to connectpeople and concepts. If there is an idea out there, she will take it, run with it, and find the right people to get involved. Hernetwork of friends / colleagues is priceless, and her demeanor / attitude is always positive. Jenna is someone you wantworking with you or for you!”Jill Charpia, Owner, Sourcing Specialists, Iraq. Jill@SourcingSpecialists.net-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 of 14
  17. 17. Larry Good, Systems Engineer, JTSI Inc. / Prosis of Hawaii, Iraq. larry.good@gmail.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I have known Jenna for the last 2 1/2 years, and over the course of this time, she has done an amazing job to connectpeople and concepts. If there is an idea out there, she will take it, run with it, and find the right people to get involved. Hernetwork of friends / colleagues is priceless, and her demeanor / attitude is always positive. Jenna is someone you wantworking with you or for you!”Jill Charpia, Owner, Sourcing Specialists, Iraq. Jill@SourcingSpecialists.net-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 of 14