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2-CV - Jenna Bisenius

  1. 1. JENNA BISENIUS Nationality: American (but currently based in Dubai, UAE) Email: j_bisenius@yahoo.com / Cell: (+971) 55-959-8221 / Skype: j_bisenius View My Professional Profile on LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/JennaBisenius Project Management experience in the Oil & Gas industry as well as an18-year track record of implementing successful Public Relations / Marketing / Communications initiatives across international operating venues, including 7+ years in Iraq. Also experienced in Program Analysis / Project Reporting. I’m a strong leader skilled at managing 35+ staff, excellent people skills and a natural networker, detail-oriented, highly computer-literate, and an excellent writer. Thorough understanding of Middle East cultures, customs & operating nuances. Skilled at bringing together diverse individuals, organizations and cultures to work towards a common goal as well as liaising with top civilian, govern ment and military leaders to resolve issues. My professional network includes 2,600+ contacts in the UAE, both expat and local national, and it enables unparalleled access to key leaders, information and resources throughout the region. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Project Implementation Manager (Iraq) Shell Markets (Middle East) Limited Apr 2013 – Present UAE / Iraq 1. Project Action Implementation for Iraq: • Implement recommended project actions in country, review Macro Distributor capability, in-market sales through effectiveness,and performance against agreed Macro Distributor annual Business Plans. • Gain and capture market insights and recommend changes, improvements and upgrades to existing Macro Distributor performance management processes and marketing activity effectiveness • Feedback into Shell sales and marketing the competitor position in country, channel captaincy, market coverage, etc. • Where necessary identify replacement Macro Distributor’s by country, negotiate new contracts, ensure fit with Macro Distributor capability profile, appoint and onboard new Macro Distributor’s • Recommend optimum value chain for various channel partners 2. Business Analysis of Iraq: • Run country reviews with economic, political and competitive intelligence and recommend appropriate tactics • Review and identify opportunities for cost squeeze in the value chain ensuring market and sector coverage • Develop performance scorecards for MDs with analysis & recommendations on improvements 3. Other: • Provide advice and steer to Sales & Marketing teams to ensure adequate and appropriate competence is deployed to grow the lubricants business in country • Drive E2E value delivery by optimizing value creation with lubricant supply chain (maximize the integrated margin) • Provide on-the-ground input and co-ordination for following project types: (1) Channel management strategy development / reviews and (2) Country deep-dives, reviews and portfolio studies/reviews Independent Business Development & Marketing Consultant (Freelance) Jan 2011 – Mar 2013 UAE / Afghanistan / Iraq • Based in Dubai providing consulting services to various companies in the UAE and the surrounding Middle East and South Asia region. Sectors covered include Construction, Security, Logistics, Agriculture, Life Support, Foodstuff as well as the Government / Defense sector. Assignments have ranged in length from days to several months and have included travel to Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Turkey, Afghanistan, South Africa, Latvia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and the U.S. • Represented companies at large international conferences in the UAE and Iraq, providing Business Development & Marketing services at Dubai’s 2012 Seatrade Middle East Maritime Exhibition & Conference, Abu Dhabi’s 2012 International Petroleum Exhibition / ADIPEC, Dubai’s 2012 "The Big 5" International Building & Construction Show, and Basra’s 2011 International Oil & Gas Conference • In less than three weeks of being on the ground in Afghanistan, generated four leads within ISAF and U.S. Government First Responder communities for Defense Group Inc.’s Emergency Management System (EMS) software, CoBRA. Provided a competitive analysis of other companies operating in the same niche (Public Affairs / Media Analysis / Information Operations) in Afghanistan. Provided an operating environment assessment of Afghanistan. Acquisition Project Manager (short-term assignment prior to the company closing out of Iraq) Aug 2010 – Dec 2010 Transformation Advisors Group, LLC Baghdad, Iraq The Transformation Advisors Group provided the Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) team in support of the Business Transformation Agency (BTA). WAWF is a secure web-based system that enables electronic invoicing, receipt and acceptance of goods and services, and payment by U.S. DoD components and other government offices. Jenna Bisenius Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. • Conducted business development / sales activities to promote WAWF use theatre-wide by clients and vendors, liaising with Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs), the U.S. military, U.S. Central Command (ARCENT), Defense Finance & Accounting Services, and CENTCOM Contracting Command (C3) • Trained nearly 100 local nationals, U.S. military and government personnel on how to use the electronic procurement tools required for BTA’s “Cash off the Battlefield” initiative to increase use of electronic invoicing and acceptance through WAWF • Developed WAWF training materials (brochures, instruction pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) that explained the electronic receipt and acceptance process • Provided WAWF technical support, training, and customer service to incoming CORs and local and international vendors via phone, email and site visits in order to ensure $70-$90 million in invoice transactions per month were successfully processed • Developed and managed a comprehensive database of thousands of WAWF users, then sent out a survey to determine training needs; used the results of the survey to highlight weaknesses and strengths of the WAWF training currently in place so that management could make better use of manpower and funding to focus on areas needing improvement • Analyzed WAWF output and generated comprehensive weekly reports detailing WAWF program impact to C3, the Iraq Regional Contracting Centers and stakeholders both Stateside and in Afghanistan CONTRACTING WORK IN IRAQ 2004 – 2010 *NOTE: The three Iraq-based contracting positions listed on the following page were all very similar in nature and basically entailed acting as a liaison to bring numerous organizations together to work towards a common goal, increasing positive public perception amongst various stakeholders both within Iraq & internationally, and program analysis & project reporting. Duties also included vetting / hiring / training / managing up to 35+ local national staff and introducing them to Western business principles such as anti-corruption guidelines and international safety standards. Communications & Reporting Manager May 2009 – Aug 2010 Inma Agribusiness Program (USAID project implemented by the Louis Berger Group) Baghdad, Iraq Inma was a $169.8 million U.S. Government initiative awarded to the Louis Berger Group by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 2007 to increase the competitiveness of Iraqi agriculture and agribusinesses. Located in 14 governorates throughout Iraq, the program assisted commercial agribusinesses producing high-value agricultural products, thereby increasing employment and revenue of farmers and associated businessmen. Public Affairs Officer / Project Reporting Officer Jan 2008 – Jan 2009 Community Stabilization Program (USAID project implemented by IRD) Baghdad, Iraq International Relief & Development (IRD) implemented the Community Stabilization Program (CSP), a $644 million U.S. Government initiative awarded to IRD by USAID in 2006 to help stabilize and economically revitalize Iraq. Located in 15 critical cities, CSP assisted Iraqi communities through rehabilitation of community infrastructure and essential services, vocational training, apprenticeships, job placement, business development, youth engagement, and conflict mitigation. Public Affairs Officer / Program Operations Analyst Sep 2004 – Jan 2008 Project & Contracting Office (PCO) Baghdad, Iraq The PCO was responsible for planning and executing more than $18.2 billion in infrastructure reconstruction projects throughout Iraq. Rebuilding efforts focused on Iraq’s Electricity; Oil; Water; Facilities & Transportation; Security & Justice; and Buildings, Health & Education sectors. Duties for the three above roles are as follows: Acting as Liaison • Liaised with Iraq Ministry representatives at all levels to secure their support of, and participation in, PCO and USAID programs, as well as linking them with local leaders throughout Iraq’s various value chains • Forged collaborative inter-governmental, inter-agency and local national relationships to integrate and synchronize communications among internal/external stakeholders, including representatives from the U.S. military; Joint Contracting Command-Iraq (JCC-I); Iraq Transition Assistance Office (ITAO); Department of Defense (DoD); the U.S. Department of State (DoS); U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID); Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (GRD USACE); Coalition commanders and others • Brought together and maintained open communications with contract groups, military and civilian public affairs offices, and U.S. / local government organizations to minimize “infighting” and promote collaboration to achieve mutual objectives • Built an extensive personal network of 760+ contacts comprised of coalition military, foreign embassies, civilian contractors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and local nationals, thereby earning a reputation for being the “go to” person for information or assistance in the International Zone Increasing Positive Public Perception Jenna Bisenius Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. • Bolstered awareness of the organization's mission and accomplishments, built organizational credibility, and garnered support & funding from U.S. Congress, international military, local government and other parties; devised communication plans and approaches to be used in interacting with local and international media; • Transformed the way the organization viewed and responded to the media and public by establishing cohesive media plans, developing key messages and engaging in regular press conferences and other communications to promote favorable organizational perception • Devised communication plans, media approaches and unified messaging for Iraq Ministry officials to use in communicating with local and international media; coordinated numerous press conferences, including spokesperson training, talking points and slide presentations; created comprehensive media kits, including project and program fact sheets, speaker biographies, and FAQs; created promotional materials such as brochures, posters and fliers • Solicited success stories and photos from expat and local national sector personnel; used this data to write articles for dissemination nationally and internationally; was published in upwards of 40+ electronic and print media outlets; wrote 32 internal good news stories that showcased programmatic impact and increased positive public perception; created program highlights for dissemination in-country and back Stateside • Managed two conferences monthly with 50-200+ participants to include: drafting talking points, Q&A, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and bios; facility selection and booking; food / beverages; guest list, invitations and RSVPs; agenda, handouts, certificates, badges, etc.; podium, microphones, speaker systems; and translation services (personnel & equipment); coordination with printers to create / deliver / set up signage; transportation & security coordination; setup of photo walls, booths and other displays; facilitation of guest entry / VIP meet & greet and guest orientation upon arrival; media management / escort during event; coordination of photo & video support; and compiling After Action Reports for use by USAID and other stakeholders in theatre and back Stateside • Utilized a database of 575+ local and international public affairs offices, news agencies, magazines, websites and 30+ industry specific outlets to “get the word out” and regularly showcase stories related to sector activities; developed tracking mechanisms to assess the volume of press coverage and gauge perception by the media and public • Fielded requests from ABC News, The New York Times, The London Times, The Washington Post, CNN, NPR, BBC, Azzaman Newspaper, Technical Review Middle East, IEE Review, Power Engineering Magazine, Christian Science Monitor and numerous other media outlets for interviews, site visits, and background information for use in stories related to reconstruction efforts in Iraq; set up site visits of projects throughout Iraq for local / international media and VIPs to showcase reconstruction projects • Developed press kits, including program and project fact sheets, biographies and FAQs; drafted project brochures that explained the programmatic goals and focus for use within local communities; created project maps to showcase activities at both a governorate and countrywide level; created “trip books” for USAID and congress members in preparation for project site visits; edited maps, templates, logos, photos and banners; created and managed databases for same • Created technical papers, speeches and PowerPoint presentations for major international conferences both in the Middle East and Stateside, enabling contractors to showcase program successes, share best practices, build organizational credibility, and solicit funding and awards for future projects Program Analysis / Project Reporting • Responsible for all programmatic reporting (7+ monthly reports), to include writing verbiage for, and editing staff submissions to, weekly reports (seven pages on average) and quarterly reports (100 pages on average); also responsible for providing quarterly Provincial Fact Sheets; quarterly Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) reports; providing verbiage for Congressional testimony and reports to Congress, responding to ad hoc reporting requests from various stakeholders; and for close coordination with Monitoring & Evaluation units to document results and programmatic impact • Wrote program overviews, sector & project fact sheets, website content, technical reports, value chain reports, misc. briefs, and activities maps; created training handouts; generic “USAID-Inma packets” (folders containing basic program information); technical manuals; certificates of completion for trainees, etc. and provided layout and design support for the final products • Directed internal and external graphic artists’ production of banners, posters, storyboards and other signage; brochures, flyers and other handouts; giveaways such as folders, pens, hats, key chains, calendars; etc. • Performed QA/QC of staff outbound materials, ensuring all program-affiliated items were properly branded and met USAID branding & marking guidelines as well as ensure unified / consistent external messaging and branding; liaised with the USAID public affairs representative and the USAID Contracting Officer Representative to get approval on materials; worked closely with local national staff to get all programmatic materials translated into Arabic and Kurdish • Provided internal support to the program, including creation of PowerPoint presentations; assistance or training in Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, photography, etc.; graphics (maps, illustrations, photo editing, report covers, promotional materials, business cards, badges, photo / video support, etc.); managed photo database and visual library (logos, graphics, etc.); fielded public queries sent to the Inma website Jenna Bisenius Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. VOLUNTEER WORK IN IRAQ 2004 – 2011 • Assisted with charity fund raisers and civil affairs programs aimed at funding community projects within Iraq and building goodwill within Iraqi communities • Raised over $7K in funds for wounded soldiers and civilians in the IZ Combat Support Hospital and launched a grassroots donation program to provide items needed by hospital patients and staff -- at its height, the program was receiving up to 40 boxes of donations per day which I helped to sort and disseminate to patients in the hospital and soldiers in the field; also served as a volunteer at the hospital in the evenings and weekends • Volunteered for participation in mock casualty exercises with security company medics to help hone their combat lifesaving techniques MILITARY EXPERIENCE Print Journalist (46Q) / Public Affairs Officer U.S. Army 1994 – 2002 U.S. / Bosnia / El Salvador EDUCATION • Microsoft-Certified Expert – Officially certified by Microsoft as an Expert in Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook (2005) • Additional Software – Also skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Freehand, Quark, Microsoft Publisher, and SharePoint; extremely computer literate and able to pick up new software programs quickly and easily (1994-1995) • Public Relations / Journalism – Atlanta Metropolitan College in Atlanta, GA (1994) • Journalism – Brenau College in Gainesville, GA (1991-1992) • Public Affairs / Print Journalism – Defense Information School (DINFOS) in Indianapolis, IN Jenna Bisenius Page 4 of 4