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Lni Presentation

  1. 1. “The Not So Big Building”  Le*Nature’s World Headquarters   Phoenix. Arizona  design to product in 12 months •Southwest contractor magazine “Best of 2005 industrial Project of the year” •Real Estate Development (RED) magazine “Industrial Project of the year” •NAIOP, Arizona chapter “Industrial build-to-suite Project of the year”
  2. 2. Interesting facts  •At full capacity 1,000,000 gallons of water a •Original site was a High School day is used. Discharges less than 5% •Nearly 600,000 SF of total building with a •From preform to a finished product in 15 min. building inside of a building. •Preforms are made 120 at a time. A few •Over 60,000 SF of mezzanine. seconds. •14,000 SF executive level that resides 40’ •1,200 bottles a minute are blown on a water above ground w/ 360 deg. views. line. •An executive wing with it’s own lobby. •Pallets are handled and stored two wide. •32’ clear min clear height •Then new cardinals stadium has 8 substations. We have 16 •More power than most towns in the state of AZ •3 stage RO system that will process water so that it taste the same no matter what facility •Over 300 concrete tilt panels produces it •Elevated Tour platform throughout the •Will ship 150 trucks a day manufacturing facility with separate public entry and exit. •More employees to clean the plant than run the equipment. (8) per line •12,000 lineal feet of African mahogany molding •Fully pasteurized in the bottle with the cap on to ensure the best possible taste
  3. 3. Design concept  The Le*Nature’s world headquarters is the Physical manifestation of a company’s ideology and culture that helps to emphasize a branding and identity already established by a successful product line. Le*Nature’s has the opportunity to reintroduce and reinforce their “confidence in purity and quality” to Phoenix, Arizona and visitors worldwide with a state of the art facility. The facility is indeed a tribute to design, and community. The experience begins from views of the 141 and the 202 where the facility rises out of the landscape like an oasis out the desert lending the image of confidence and quality. Driving by the facility you would not recognize it as a typical manufacturing facility for it has the appearance of a high tech office building with a manufacturing component. The fact that people cannot clearly identify the type of building is a success in the presentation to the public. The facility is highlighted by a main lobby entrance that rises 40 feet out the ground with natural stone, stainless steal and glass. Providing a 360 deg. view of the Phoenix Marco environment including Sky harbor airport, downtown, camel back mountain, red rock and the rest of the valley of the sun. On the corners of the building are elliptical towers that soften the edges and add interest to the horizontal scale of the building. The elliptical corners also serve as an entrance to the facility for the community both local and world wide. The Facility is like no other facility of its kind in the world. Because of Le*Nature’s commitment to the community and its environment, the Design team went to great extremes to design a facility that would completely bring the workings and utilities of the Manufacturing on the inside. Interior mezzanine’s totaling more that 60,000 s.f. are home to every possible piece equipment that supports the process of the facility, out of sight from all aspects of the community either from the ground or the air. There is no roof top equipment and no exterior process piping. The only items that are on the outside of the facility are the ones that could not be inside the facility due to the functions of the equipment and the safety of people and the environment. We believe that the exterior product tanks and cooling towers are integrated pieces of the facility that provide a crucial life blood of the process and the fact that Le*Nature’s is a manufacturing facility.
  4. 4. History of the Project  Early 2004    • San Clemente CA,  water, power, land & incentives  •Design presentation over the weekend awards us the  Project.  • Henderson NV, site, water & incentives  •Las Vegas NV, site & incentives  • Palm Spring CA,  water, power, land & incentives  • Phoenix AZ,  was an option in years past. Reconsidered  and LNI was more than welcomed from all jurisdictions.   In June of 04, we have a site ! 
  5. 5. Definition of scope  March of 2004    •WM meets with LNI and Krones in Latrobe PA.   For 2 days we discuss definition of scope for the major  utilities. 
  6. 6. Design of the project  April & May of 2004    •Start of due diligence for NV  •No real coordination between  Krones and WM.   •The Hunt for dirt continues  •LNI authorizes DD for the plant to  get a head start  June of 2004    •The design teams of WM and  Krones meet in Phoenix and the race  is on.   •3 day meetings every 2 weeks. 
  7. 7. Design of the project  June of 2004    •DD full steam ahead  •Planning commission meeting at the City of Phoenix is  weeks away.   •Project is out for schematic budgeting.  July of 2004    •Hold everything 
  8. 8. Design of the project 
  9. 9. Design development / CD’s for shell  July & August of 2004    •DD continues full steam ahead  •CDs for foundation only and shell begin. 8  weeks for nearly 600,000 s.f. of shell.   •Project is out for Pricing. Contractors are being  interviewed 
  10. 10. Design development / CD’s for shell  September thru December of 2004    •9‐27‐04 submit for shell plan check, utility  package starts construction documents  •10‐27‐04 shell plan check re‐submittal. Rough  grading under way.  •11‐1‐04 foundation only permit issued,  contractor on board  •11‐15‐04 submitted for utility plan check   •12‐7‐04 permit for shell issued, construction  under way 
  11. 11. Construction  January of 2005    •Foundations and slabs   •Coordination of under ground from utility  package.   •All hands meetings on Saturday to resolve  changes from vendors  •Kicked out of trailers  •1‐21‐06 issued construction set for shell and  utility  
  12. 12. Construction  February of 2005   •Manufacturing and warehouse slabs and  interior columns  •Interior building tilt walls   •Main utility mezzanine erected  •South utility rooms slabs  •Roof trusses and decking start  •Never rains in Phoenix 
  13. 13. Construction  March of 2005    •Decking and insulation  •Tilt panels in warehouse   •Equipment showing up  •South utility wall tilting   •Still doesnʹt rain in Phoenix  •Office underground starts  •Office TI submitted for plan check 
  14. 14. April of 2005    Construction •Decking and insulation  •Exterior tilt panels in warehouse   •Equipment still showing up and Rigging  begins  •Exterior South utility walls tilting  •Ammonia room under construction  •On site sub station under construction  •Office slab begins  •Ammonia tower erected  •Office TI re‐submittal
  15. 15. Construction May of 2005    •Decking and insulation  •Office tilt panels   •Equipment installation  •Cooling towers installed  •Truck dock slab starts   •APS on site  •Painting begins
  16. 16. June of 2005   Construction •Manufacturing and warehouse area’s  nearly dried in  •Corner ellipses erected  •Office mezz. started  •Temp utilities brought onsite.  •6‐23‐05 @ 5:30p first bottles off line #4  
  17. 17. Construction July of 2005   •Permanent utilities nearly completed  •APS substation nearly complete  •Executive ellipse being erected  •Final grading of site begins  •Issues of steel coordination start to arise 
  18. 18. Construction August of 2005   •Permanent utilities  •Consumable product  •Executive ellipse being erected  •Steel issues start to become a thorn  •Office TI under construction  •Paving starts 
  19. 19. Construction September of 2005   •Glazing and metal panels begin  •Curb and gutter.  •Executive tower element starts erection  •Backsides of corner ellipse erected 
  20. 20. Construction October of 2005   •Glazing and metal panels  •Site paving.  •Executive Level under skin starts  •Office TI picking up momentum 
  21. 21. Construction   11/05
  22. 22. Construction   12/05 – 1/06
  23. 23. Construction   3/06