Portfolio - Josh Bielick [7.24]


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Portfolio - Josh Bielick [7.24]

  1. 1. joshbielick.com
  2. 2. the strong one
  3. 3. f i l m — w e b d e v e lo p m e n t — b r a n d i n g the str o n g o ne The Strong One is a non-fiction, short film project originally created for Campus Moviefest 2012 at NC State. Per CMF rules, only seven days were allotted for production and principal photography. The film was awarded “Best Picture,” a nomination for “Best Director,” and the audience choice award on the campus level. It was then screened at Cannes International Film Festival short film corner in May and continued to contend at the Campus Moviefest Interna- tional Grand Finale in Hollywood, CA in June 2012 where it was awarded “Best Picture” and “Best Director.” The film is expected to screen at filmSPARK (Raleigh), freshman orientation at NCSU School of Design and has been entered into Sundance Film Festival.co n ceptio n Conception and pre-production for this project began in the fall of 2011. I approached a talented poet and creative writing major, Tim Reavis, about collaborating and adapting his work for film after hearing his reading at a Windhover open mic event. I posed the idea to CMF veteran and writer/ director Nicholas Sailer. After convincing each of the creative possibility and depth of the project, the three of us began meeting to structure the production, storyboard, make rewrites to the poem and adapt a screenplay. We used a beta website for project and production management and arranged a schedule to complete the film during the one week allotment, February 16-23rd.sco p e All production tasks were completed by either myself or Nick Sailer. My involvement in this project includes but is not limited to the following: • pre-production planning • storyboarding and development of the screenplay • director of photography • composition and recording of the original score • editing and color correction • designing and developing the website and social media presence • strategizing and executing a successful fundraising campaign for travel expenses to Hollywood for the amount of $2700m o r e awa r d s and achie v em ents : thestrongonefilm.com facebook.com/thestrongonefilm indiegogo.com/thestrongonefilm CMF 2012 CMF 2012 joshbielick.com
  4. 4. triangle bike share
  5. 5. new venture planning — brand direction tr i an g le b ik e sh ar e Triangle Bike Share (TBS) is a brand and new venture concept built around a business plan for a bike share operator 501(c)3 and a keen vision for the future of urban mobility. The recent spring of third-generation bike share systems in North America piqued my interest during my junior year in the entrepreneurial studies program at NCSU (June 2011). I used every curricular opportu- nity to research the concept and present it to my peers—perfect- ing, pivoting, designing. In October of 2011, I was asked to attend the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization national conference in Ft. Worth Texas on behalf of the CEO chapter at NC State. I was selected to compete in the elevator pitch competition where I made it to the quarter finals. I spent the next several months closely watching infant bike share system installations across the country, the concept’s incredible growth in North America, brainstorming with a local consultant interested in executing a similar venture, gathering data and documents/reports about local tran- sit and geographic characteristics for several triangle, NC cities and drafting a business plan. In the Spring of 2012, I entered the NCSU Lulu eGames new-venture competition, Boston’s MassChal- lenge startup accelerator, and the inaugural Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Health Innovation Chal- lenge. Although the venture concept was not selected or awarded in these efforts, a recognizable brand has been built to familiarize audiences with bike sharing, initiate conversation about bike sharing benefits and establish the concept in the minds of community members, advisory board members and city councilmen as a viable possibility in creating sustainable transit options in a growing, densely populated market.sco p e I spear-headed this concept with reckless ambition and an absolute passion for cycling and al- ternative transit options. Since inception, I conducted all research, analyzed survey results and transportation journal documents from around the globe, emailed and conversed with nationally- recognized, emerging bike share experts and consultants, constructed four-year pro forma finan- cials and presented the concept in many fashions and forms for audiences ranging from investors to advisory board leaders. I contracted Matt Yow, a graphic designer to create a brand and collat- eral media to populate the concept’s many graphic forms. All research, presentations, reports, and graphs are my work.m o r e TriangleBikeShare.com (presentation and bizplan available here) a s enter ed in : joshbielick.com/CEO facebook.com/RideRaleighRide bike-sharing.blogspot.com joshbielick.com
  6. 6. s o u n d s i t u at i o n s
  7. 7. b r o a d c a s t — b r a n d i n g — m u lt i m e d i a — w e b d e v e lo p m e n t so und situ atio n s This endeavor, of which I was one of four founding members, began as a public-access television show (Raleigh TV Net- work) and evolved into a music/video segment publisher. We produced six 30-minute, documentary-style episodes for RTN—featuring interviews and live music sessions with 12 bands—11 independently-produced live music sessions, and six live music sessions in collaboration with Hopscotch Music Festival in 2011. We hosted two season premiere events at local music venues, organized exclusive live-music session recordings for the Independent Weekly’s Hopscotch Music Festival, produced sixteen deliverables for release via web and Raleigh TV network with over 22 artists, accumulated 231+ Facebook page likes, 4 press features, and attracted an average of 1,000 unique visitors per month during peak season. This project is ongoing.co n ceptio n Coordination for the episodic series began in the winter of 2010. By the spring of 2011, I had joined the team and began gathering footage for the June RTN season. Development of the show’s core concept and mission was finalized during the summer of 2011 and I began edit- ing the episodes. Prior to joining the group, I had been publishing live music sessions with university musicians and friends through my personal blog—this was heavily inspired by the venerable music-video segment series, ‘Take Away Shows,” produced by Vincent Moon for La Blogotheque. In that vein, the live, impromptu session recordings were added to the core content design of the show—providing some value to our viewers in offering exclusive music content. I had the opportunity to design the show’s initial brand, title cards and website, and later coordi- nated the execution of the slightly altered brand design that exists today. In addition to the core leadership of four, eight other individuals assisted with production various capacities. I was re- sponsible for recruiting, training and directing additional camera operators, cables persons, and production assistants as well as booking/coordinating with musicians/groups for the matinée live music sessions.sco p e In the spring of 2011, I joined the team as editor, camera operator, sound recordist, colorist, web developer, curator of the website and vimeo publishing platform, and design/branding. The website I developed included a custom content management system, full-featured integration with open graph standards and social media devices wrapped in a hand-written, dynamic PHP and mySQL-driven platform. I filmed, edited, captured sound, created a story, color corrected, and distributed episodes one and 3-5 of the episodic series and all but one of the matinée live music sessions. Episodes two and six were compiled and directed by our assistant editor—I filmed, mastered the recordings, color corrected for these.m o r e soundsituations.com joshbielick.com
  8. 8. windhover audio
  9. 9. p u b l i c at i o n — d i g i ta l d i v e r s i f i c at i o n — w e b d e v e lo p m e n t w indh ov er l iter ar y arts m agazine The Windhover literary and visual arts magazine is an annual, award-winning NC State student media pub- lication currently in its 46th volume. The magazine, which is staffed and run by student leadership, show- cases student and alumni work from all colleges in the uni- versity. Submitted work undergoes review and evalu- ation and outstanding work is included in the book’s official, printed copy. Since 2003, the publication has accepted audio submissions and has included a CD with each copy. This edition was the first to venture into the digital distribution realm.co n ceptio n The 46th volume’s editor-in-chief, Alanna Howard, recognized and valued the changing distri- bution models for publications and digital content. In consideration of alternative distribution and readership channels, development started on porting the book’s design to a digital publish- ing platform, catering to e-readers and iPads. The audio component was slated to follow suit. I proposed the idea of releasing the Windhover audio compilation CD as a digital album down- load through a branded and consistently designed website. For the first time ever, the Windhover audio compilation was made available for download online by using a unique redemption code printed inside of the CD-less copies of the book.sco p e I was the volunteer Audio Editor for the 46th volume of the Windhover. This leadership role in- volved coordinating equipment and running sound setups for the four Windhover-hosted open mic nights, designing an evaluative criteria for audio submissions, soliciting submissions from students, forming an audio review subcommittee, mixing and mastering the compilation CD and arranging for its duplication of 250 copies. There was no existing digital distrubtion plat- form or presence prior to this edition, therefore, I offered to head the development of a new web application, while using the book’s master design to brand it. I used a PHP script to generate 2,250 unique download codes, entered these in a database, built a jQuery-powered web app to validate the user’s code, save their provided email address and send an html email with a one- time-use, truncated download link to the album through an intuitive user-interface I developed in HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery..m o r e ncsu.edu/windhover/ ncsu.edu/windhover/audio/ joshbielick.com
  10. 10. lo n e r i d e r b r e w e ry - t h e s e a r c h f o r s h o t g u n b e t t y
  11. 11. market research — branding lo ner ider b r e w er y m ar k et r es e ar ch I led a team of two in this marketing research and analysis practicum for Lonerider Brewing Company and my “Man- aging a Growing Venture” class during my studies at NCSU. Our team was prompted to discover/survey public opinion of the Shotgun Betty character’s brand image—then develop recommendations for a marketing campaign and interactive customer competition titled “The Search for Shotgun Betty.” We surveyed over 120 customers (end-user, potential partici- pants, internal, and wholesaler), documented their responses, made statistical and qualitative analysis of the results, and then constructed recommendations for procedure, execution, sched- uling and design of said marketing campaign. Findings and recommendations were given in a formal report and presentation at Lonerider business office to CEO and top-level sales/market- ing team in December 2011.co n ceptio n This project was initiated by a internship-type curriculum in my “Managing a Growing Venture” class in the College of Management Entrepreneurial Studies program at North Carolina State University. The duration of this project was August-December 2011.sco p e Elected as the project leader, I ensured effective communication methods were open, sched- uled weekly or biweekly meetings for development and surveying benchmarks. I coordinated the separation of duties, workload, direction of project’s scope, writing assignments for the final report, designed all report graphics and website mock-ups, and gave periodic status/progress update presentations to our class. The final presentation to the Lonerider executive staff was a joint effort.m o r e joshbielick.com/lonerider joshbielick.com
  12. 12. josh ©l i c k bie 2012 jbielick@gmail.com 9545524965