Module 12 mastery assignment 1


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Module 12 mastery assignment 1

  1. 1. Cold War
  2. 2. Beginnings• Cold War will start with the division of Germany after WWII o East Germany- ruled by the Soviet Union and Communist o West Germany- free and democratic o This will happen in 1949 Blue- West Germany Red- East Germany
  3. 3. Marshall Plan• Plan by the United States to help rebuild Europe• US was afraid Communism would spread• Spent over $13 billion• Started in July 1947• the USSR (Soviet Union) refused to participate at a meeting on July 15, 1947
  4. 4. Iron Curtain• British Prime Minister Winston Churchill will call this division the Iron Curtain• Called this in 1945• It is an imaginary line separating Democratic Western Europe with Communist controlled Eastern Europe
  5. 5. The Berlin Wall• the Soviets blockaded entry into East Germany (to prevent supplies from getting to citizens in West Berlin)- started in March of 1948 o The US and its allied had to fly supplies to citizens in West Berlin o This is known as the Berlin Airlift o This started in June of 1948• Blockade o In 1958 and 1961 there was a naval blockade of Eastern Germany• In 1961 the USSR begins to build a wall that divides Berlin o The Berlin Wall will be built to stop defectors from going west
  6. 6. Korea• Korea was divided at the 39th parallel- on August 10, 1945 o North Korea was Communist o South Korea was democratic• June 27, 1950 o North Korea invades South Korea o Violates the agreement with the United Nations Security Council and the US gets involved
  7. 7. USSR• Soviet Union (USSR) put down rebellions in Hungary and Poland in 1950
  8. 8. Cuba• Cuban Missile Crisis o Begin in May 1962 when Soviet leader Kruschev hid nuclear missiles in Cuba• On October 14, 1962- US sent U-2 bombers to find satellite pictures of the nuclear missiles• October 13, 1962- US begins a naval blockade of Cuba• October 27, 1962- negotiations end and crisis is avoided
  9. 9. Vietnam Detente• Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh will fight the French for control of Vietnam in September of 1945• the United States will take over the fighting in Vietnam starting in 1956 by training South Vietnamese troops• US sent military advisers in 1959• Due to pictures seen on television, the American people will start to protest the war. First pictures appeared in 1960• One valuable lesson the US will learn from this war is to always Support Our Troops- start in 1972• President Richard Nixon will officially end the war in 1973