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Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

Published in: Design, Technology

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  • 1. + Adobe Kuler By: Jill Hastings
  • 2. + Table of Contents •What is Adobe Kuler? •Kuler Features •Searching Themes Using Kuler •Kuler for the Teacher • Kuler in the Classroom •Resources
  • 3. + What is Adobe Kuler?  Web 2.0 application created by Adobe to generate, share, and browse color themes  Ability to experiment with color theory and variations  Create your own themes or use someone else’s theme  Engage with other users • comment and receive feedback  It’s FREE! Home
  • 4. + Kuler Features  Create swatches and color libraries to import into the Adobe Creative Suite Collections  Easy access to a variety of color palettes without spending extra time to create your own  Able to extract color themes from images  Easy search capability  Browse by newest, most popular, random, etc. Home
  • 5. + Searching Themes Using Kuler • If you are looking for Fall colors… • Type “fall” in the search box and all themes will show up with the word “fall” in the title or key word area • The categories are always listed beneath the search area • Users rate the palette with stars, as shown in the image to the right Home
  • 6. + Kuler for the Teacher 5 uses for a teacher…any teacher 1. WebQuests – Use the Web Hex Number 2. Classroom Newsletters – Use CMYK formulas 3. Classroom Website or Blog – Use the Web Hex Number 4. You will always look like you know how to really use color wisely 5. You will never be lost with Adobe TV Home
  • 7. + Kuler in the Classroom High School Design  Kuler would be beneficial to teach color theory in a graphic and web design class  Allow students to create their own Kuler Color Themes and then expect the student to use their theme in one of their projects  Allow students to use someone else’s Kuler theme in their projects Home
  • 8. + Resources There have been many blog posts, project ideas, and websites based on Kuler and its colors  -kuler-to-create-color-themes.html  _index.html • This high school lists Kuler as a resource for their Web Development class  _page.htm • This site has project ideas for high school students as well. It also references Kuler.  • I used Kuler to design this website for Wauconda Park District. Home