Axe Case Study


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JB Chicago developed a Twitter Microburst for Axe Deodorant that created over 3.5 million impressions in ten days.

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Axe Case Study

  1. 2. Situation Analysis: Axe wanted to leverage the flirtatious behavior of guys and girls on St. Patrick’s Day by developing a Twitter microburst campaign with a theme inspired by the holiday and the classic “Kiss Me I’m Irish” phrase. They we’re looking to beat other brands to the punch by creating a campaign around St. Patrick’s Day which only left fifteen days from concept to launch. The goals were to: - Demonstrate how Axe understands target’s lifestyle (new media) - Show that Axe is a social brand - Create fun ways for guys to engage
  2. 3. Strategy JB Chicago presented their proprietary concept of the Twitter Microburst, proven just a few weeks prior with its Valentwine campaign which received 1.5 million unique visitors in just a ten day period. For St. Patricks Day the concept was to use the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” moniker and turn it into tweets. Twitter users could then create their own “____ Me I’m ____” tweets for P2P interactivity. The compelling components were: - Tweets are user initiated (not spam) - Humorous Twitter user generated content - Competition - top down list with voting capability - Twitter compatibility tool
  3. 4. Tactics • Develop a Twitter Microburst- a 7-10 day marketing effort achieving mass traffic • Reach into Twitter’s API’s to develop compelling comparisons and rankings • The campaign would utilize a ‘landing page’,, created by Axe, that allows Twitterers (Twitter users) to customize messages (Tweets) and send them to fellow Twitterers • Seed the campaign with key Twitter evangelists to help “spread the word” • Create a “sneezing” device to allow users to spread their message once created
  4. 5. Concept Step 1- Seed landing page URL Link to Twitter influencers. We’ll tweet out “check out its hilarious”
  5. 6. Step 2- Upon Arrival. Users will be able to fill in the blanks and have the ability to tweet out from their account- @xxxxx says “ Rock me, I’m a hurricane ”- go to They will also have the ability to tweet anonymously from our account- @Luckytweet says “ Rock me, I’m a hurricane ”- goto This Creates a viral effect. One person tweets out to another, who then comes to the site and continues the cycle
  6. 7. Step 3- Competition: Users will have the ability to vote and tweet their vote on the “lines” they feel are the best. The top ten lines at the end of March 17 th win a free Axe T-shirt This voting ability creates a sense of competition and engagement. They also have the ability to spread their vote virally through twitter.
  7. 8. Step 4- Comparison Users will have the additional feature of comparing who has the best chance at getting ‘lucky’. Upon the results they can tweet out the comparison as well as get ranked in the “who’s the luckiest” area. Using twitter’s API’s, a comparison ability creates a sense of competition and engagement. They also have the ability to spread their comparison virally through twitter.
  8. 9. <ul><li>Results </li></ul><ul><li>“ Tweet Me I’m Irish” was the first major brand push around a Twitter Application </li></ul><ul><li>Obtained over 3.5 million impressions on Twitter in just ten days. </li></ul><ul><li>Axe was able to quickly leverage the power of social media to drive awareness amongst their key audiences. </li></ul>