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  • 1. BTEC Level 3Extended Diploma
    Year 2 Streams
    Computer Game Design & Development
    Course Team Leader: Wayne Taylor
  • 2. Units & Delivery Plan
    Semester 1:
    Unit 15: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    Unit 30: Digital Graphics (DG)
    Unit 36: Computer Games Platforms and Technologies (CGPT)
    Unit 40: Computer Game Design (CGD)
    Semester 2:
    Unit 22: Developing Computer Games (DCG)
    Unit 23: Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    Unit 31: Computer Animation (CA)
    Unit 41: 3D Modelling (3DM)
    Semester 1 & 2:
    Unit 26: Mathematics for IT Practitioners (MITP)
  • 3. Unit 15Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the features of object oriented programming
    Using the tools and techniques of an object oriented language
    Designing object oriented applications
    Implementing object oriented applications
  • 4. Unit 30Digital Graphics (DG)
    This Unit will involve:
    Knowing the hardware and software required to work with graphic images
    Understanding types of graphic images and graphical file formats
    Using editing tools to edit and manipulate images
    Creating and modifying graphic images to meet user requirements
  • 5. Unit 36Computer Games Platforms and Technologies (CGPT)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding game platform types
    Understanding hardware technologies for game platforms
    Understanding software technologies for game platforms
    Connecting and configuring platforms and devices to enable gameplay
  • 6. Unit 40Computer Game Design (CGD)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the principles of game design
    Generating ideas for a game concept
    Preparing game design documentation
    Presenting a game concept to stakeholders
  • 7. Unit 22Developing Computer Games (DCG)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the impact of the gaming revolution on society
    Knowing the different types of computer game
    Designing and developing computer games
    Testing and documenting computer games
  • 8. Unit 23Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    This Unit will involve:
    Knowing the impact of HCI on society, the economy and culture
    Understanding the fundamental principles of interface design
    Designing and implementing user interfaces
  • 9. Unit 31Computer Animation
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding the types and uses of animation
    Knowing the software techniques used in animation
    Designing and implementing digital animations
  • 10. Unit 413D Modelling (3DM)
    This Unit will involve:
    Understanding theory and applications of 3D
    Devising 3D models
    Creating 3D models following industry practice
  • 11. Unit 26Mathematics for IT Practitioners
    This Unit will involve:
    Applying matrix methods
    Applying sequences and series, probability and recursion
    Applying number systems
    Interpreting data