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Mobile Future
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Mobile Future


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Mobile is the most disruptive technology of our generation

Mobile is the most disruptive technology of our generation

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 26 May 2010picture source: nrfMOBILE FUTURElocation & context influences frictionless purchasestwitter @johnbatistich
  • 2. Why do more than 70% of smartphoneowners sleep within arms reach of their mobiles?
  • 3. wallWhy would we rather lose ourwallet or purse than our mobile?
  • 4. SO THINK ABOUT…“mobile is the mostimportant technologyin your lifetime”kevin bloch cisco
  • 5. mobile has come a long way over 40 years
  • 6. mobile disrupts everything: communications,gaming, entertainment, banking & retail
  • 7. “there will be more change in howconsumers shop & pay in the next 3years than we have seen in the last 20”john donahue ceo ebay
  • 8. 1. ubiquitous mobile connectivity2. democratisation of production tools3. access to higher data speed/more storagetechnology enabled connectivity1 billion pcs & 4 billion mobileslocation-based servicesmobile & social paymentsintelligent vending3d screensrising transparency & amplificationincreasing collaborationpersonalisationacceleration of everythinghunger for real shared experiencessource: richard watson
  • 9. takeaways
  • 10. mobile disrupting behaviour, payment & storesmobile is the big influencer on purchaselocation profiling matters for contextual contentfrictionless payment & gifting emerginglearning from nike & burberrydesign for mobile first…learn fast/cheap/first
  • 11. mobile disrupts behaviourthe most powerful influencer on purchases
  • 12. reach purchaseinfluenceunderstanding channelsacquireclick & collectclick & returnbuy in-store home deliveryin storeonlinein store onlyweb to storestore to webonline onlyany owned,bought or earnedcommunicationchannel(s)sharesharemomentsthat influencereach
  • 13. influence in-storepurchase in-storeeg: groceries/services~50%influence onlinepurchase in-storeeg: apparel/homewares~44%influence onlinepurchase onlineeg: music/books/travel~5%influence in-storepurchase onlineeg: consumer electronics/footwear~1%total retail: influence and purchase
  • 14. customers have gone beyond multi-channel. theyshop their way in authentic experiences acrossyour brand across any device anytimeian jindal internet retailing uk
  • 15. acquiringusing &sharinghow does a customer become awarewith your products or services? howdo they gain inspiration?how does a customer gain knowledgeabout our products and those of yourcompetitors?where do they go to learn and compare?how does a customertransact with yourcompany? what are thedynamics of thepurchase process?how does a customertake delivery of ourproduct or service?what are logistics ofgetting it?how does a customer use our product in daily life?what do they have to do to take advantage of itsbenefits? what are the components of the in-useexperience?how does a customer interactwith our company postpurchase? what are theinteractions that promoteloyalty and advocacy ratherthan frustration and rejection?buyingfindrelationship(if you want it!)discoverya mobile enabled shopper journey
  • 16. new paths have multi-screen touchpoints
  • 17. 17.9%68.4%9.8%3.9%0.0%9.3%41.8%38.3%7.2%3.4%1 2 3 4 520022012source: conluminochannels% of Shoppersmore channels used duringshopping for fashion
  • 18. technology is slowing things down with morebrowsing time driven by more choiceneil saunders conlumino
  • 19. source: conlumino52235 389164 2Discovery Search Purchase Acquire20022012duration of purchase time spent onprocess purchasing0.5 days 83 minutes3.4 days 111 minutesMinutescustomer journey stagemore time in discovery with morecontent whilst search has got faster
  • 20. mobiles’ influence closest tothe offline point of purchase60% 58%source: deloittewhen are you most likely to use to use yoursmartphone for store related shopping trip?
  • 21. mobile influenced store salesexceed m & e commercemobile-influenced store sales vs mcommerce &ecommerce sales ($billion)
  • 22. mobile influence factor to boom60% 58%source: deloitte
  • 23. mobile is the most powerful shopping tool
  • 24. mobile helps us get the right dealSource: Monetate61%51%47%34%25%19%14%compare pricespromotions/couponsread reviewsscan barcodetake product photoscall friends/familycontact a businesswhat do we do on our smartphones
  • 25. mobile applications are drivingthe bulk of engagementsource: monetate81.5%18.5%smartphone userswho spend timeusing mobile appssmartphone userswho spend time usingweb browsers
  • 26. despite an explosion in mobile traffic manyretailers’ website are not mobile optimisedsource: monetate48% retailers who have a mobileoptimised website
  • 27. mobile optimised user experience
  • 28. picture source: psfklocation mattersinfluencing nearby customers
  • 29. “our coordinates, has the potential tochange all the outputs…where we shop,who we talk to, what we read, what wesearch for, where we go, they all changeonce we merge location and the web”matthew honan wired magazine
  • 30. 70% of mobile searches for shoppingresulted in a purchase within the hour
  • 31. mobile used to discover what’s nearbysource: monetate96%researched aproduct or serviceon their phones94%searched forlocal information90%acted within24 hours70%called businessesafter searching66%visited storesin person
  • 32. mobile enabled local shopping will explode whenstore inventory data become availablemobile enabled local shopping will explode whenstore inventory data becomes widely available
  • 33. source: contagiouslocation aware apps providing new utilityNeiman Marcus Alaskan Airlines
  • 34. but shoppers undecided about sharingtheir location to get offers/contentsource: monetate74%use their devicesto find locationinformation suchas directions38%report interest inreceivingpromotionalmessages on theirlocation18%check-in tolocations usingapps likefoursquare
  • 35. which area did people spend time at? peak times in the store? new or repeat customers?most frequently used paths in the venue % of shoppers who walk by without enteringlocation profiling has a big futuresource: cisco
  • 36. connected consumers connected guests connected travelers better in-storeexperiences context richpromotions better informedpurchase decisions wayfinding - indoormaps with featuredattractions personalized 3rd partyadvertising special promotions better planning for hightraffic areas transportation updatesand indoor directions dwell times-basedpromotionsretail hospitality transportationwide of usages for connected customerssource: cisco
  • 37. mobile disrupting paymentfrictionless mobile payment & gifting
  • 38. payment experiencesetting new offline expectations
  • 39.,r:3,s:0,i:93passbook complies rewards & services
  • 40. frictionless mobile payment systems
  • 41. mobile payment ecosystemis still yet to be defined
  • 42. mobile redefines storesstore design, merchandising & service are being redefined by mobilepicture source: frog design
  • 43. “WE ARE LOSING SHARE OF RETAIL”Context is everything need tounderstand that onlineshopping isntsomething we just do atour desktops any more.we now do it out in thereal world, out on thestreets and often whilewere in-store.‘’ sportsgirl
  • 44. mobile brings retail to you
  • 45. Source: Jon Birdhelps you shop your way
  • 46. mobile is completely destroying ournotion of retail. your customer is nowmore knowledgeable than your staffian jindal internet retailing uk
  • 47. Can I help you sir?No…I have a mobile!
  • 48. mobile makes salesstaff more informed
  • 49. mobile enables social connectivity
  • 50. burberrythe store designed for mobile to enrich the experience
  • 51. Our new flagship store is trying to recreate theexperience on burberry.comBurberry
  • 52. nikecreating a mobile enabled product ecosystem
  • 53. The purchase of a Nike product needs to be thebeginning of the relationship… So when they buy,they go home, sign up and they’ve created a linkmuch stronger than anything we could ever say incommunication. Because it’s the emotionalconnection to myself and my friends and we havenow created an entire ecosystem of services thatcomplement the productStefan Olander Vice President Digital Sport Nike
  • 54. conclusions
  • 55. mobile disrupting behaviour, payment & storesmobile is the big influencer on purchaselocation profiling matters for contextual contentfrictionless payment & gifting emerginglearning from nike & burberrydesign for mobile first…learn fast/cheap/first
  • 56. Photo: Reuterssources
  • 57. ciscoconluminocontagiousdeloitteeconsultancyforestergoogleinternet retailermonetatepsfksquare
  • 58. twitter @johnbatistich