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Joel Baskin Portfolio
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Joel Baskin Portfolio


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Published in: Design, Technology
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  • 1. Education Experience Research Design Process JOEL BASKIN 425-766-3947 jdbaskin@hotmail.comPortfolio
  • 2. Education Experience Education Research Design Process Masters of HCI from Carnegie Mellon  Hybrid program of Design, Psychology, and Computer Science  Masters Project – Digital photo album hosted on Tablet PC  Utilized handheld form-factor with stylus input  Automated loading and sorting of photos for ease of use  Optimized tasks for labeling, recall, and display  Included controls for rotation, cropping, and brightness control  Conducted user testing with over 100 people from around the world – with zero budget  Independent Study Project  Presented paper at CHI Comparison of Cognitive Models (GOMS and KLM) Link to abstract  Each type of cognitive model predicts different total time for the same task – why do they not match and how is this useful?  Analyzed motor and mental processes for task repeated 1000 times using keyboard and mouse for data input  KLM models serial processing and predicts novice use/start of the learning curve  GOMS models parallel processing and predicts expert use/plateau of learning curve
  • 3. Education ExperienceExperience Research Design Process UX Designer for All Star Directories  Redesigned content, list, and form pages for lead generation sites  Refactored pages for mobile, ran usability tests on new designs  Attended Conversion Conference, with emphasis on Persuasive Design Sr. Product Designer/UX Designer for Microsoft (Robotics Group)  Designing and wireframing features across Voice UX, Gesture and Natural UX, and Graphical UX  Designed and ran user research on Voice UX  Created journey and touchpoint diagrams of the customer experience for the box, the store, set up, and first use UX Designer for Vertafore  Defining the UX for V1 web-app for user profile and license management  Prototyping and wireframing in iPlotz and creating mockups in Photoshop UI Designer for Verdiem  Brought in at Sprint 7 of 10 to design Surveyor Admin Console G2, a Flex web app for enterprise power management  Wireframed in Visio, animated them in PowerPoint for reviews and user testing
  • 4. Education ExperienceExperience Research Design Process Sr. UX Designer - UX Engineering Manager for Isilon Systems  Managed UI team for admin console of a storage appliance  Designed major features for several releases  Initiated repeatable design process for new features UI PM for Microsoft Security products  Forefront Client Security v2, codename “Stirling”  Forefront Client Security  Windows Firewall Control Panel  Behavior Blocking, codename “Mako” (not released) UI Designer for Lotus Notes client  New features for Mail, To Do, Calendar UI Designer for Syteline ERP software  Initiated role and design processes
  • 5. Education ExperiencePortfolio of Design Research Design Process All Star Directories Microsoft Robotics Group Vertafore Verdiem Isilon Microsoft Security Group Lotus/IBM Symix
  • 6. Education ExperienceAll Star Directories Research Design Process Navigation and site map highlighting user path to conversion (green and orange), and away (gray)
  • 7. Education Experience All Star Directories Research Design Process  Redesigned listing page as implemented (click to view live) Competing versions of listing page (Visio)
  • 8. Education ExperienceMicrosoft Robotics Research Design Process Designs from Robotics group protected under non-disclosure agreement  Menu system for gesture control  Customer experience diagram of purchase-to- setup scenarios and opportunities to delight
  • 9. Education ExperienceVertafore Identity Manager Research Design Process Wireframe of pages and navigation flow for 3 user roles (Visio)
  • 10. Education ExperienceVertafore Identity Manager Research Design Process Annotated wireframe of product used to spec/demonstrate design and interaction for remote dev team Interactive wireframe used for user testing (constructed using iPlotz, between Balsamiq and Azuxe in functionality)
  • 11. Education ExperienceVerdiem Surveyor 6.0 Research Design Process Wireframes showing current and future releases (Visio)
  • 12. Education ExperienceVerdiem Surveyor 6.0 Research Design Process High Fidelity Mockups branded for Verdiem and Cisco
  • 13. Education Experience Isilon Admin Console Research Design Process Clean, easy to read and understand, pleasing Standardized CSS for improved consistency and ease of implementation
  • 14. Education ExperienceMicrosoft Stirling (FCS v2) Research Design Process Driving ‘critical visibility’ feature Designing fully customizable dashboard Designing reports across 8 protection technologies and 3 feature teams Navigation uses contextual links within charts for drilling into data
  • 15. Education ExperienceMicrosoft Stirling (FCS v2) Research Design Process Using affinity diagrams to create personas and scenarios
  • 16. Education ExperienceMicrosoft Stirling (FCS v2) Research Design Process Socializing the design within the team
  • 17. Education ExperienceMicrosoft Forefront Client Security Preparation Design Process Drove UX team to RTM and Ship (Spring 07)  Filled Design, User Research, and PM roles  Demo at
  • 18. Education ExperienceMicrosoft FCS Research Design Process Created visual representations to clarify complicated interaction and data models
  • 19. Education ExperienceMicrosoft FCS Research Design Process Presenting new functionality to the team Increasing visibility across the team Driving buy-in
  • 20. Education ExperienceMicrosoft FCS Research Design Process Conducted User Research and Usability  Designed tests  Scheduled sessions  Ran sessions  Reported results  Pushed changes into product
  • 21. Education ExperienceMicrosoft FCS Research Design Process Communicating changes across milestones
  • 22. Education ExperienceMicrosoft FCS Research Design Process Presenting estimates and defending features
  • 23. Education Experience Teaching at Microsoft Research Design Process For Premier Partners (quoted by attendee at conference 8 years later) For internal dev teams
  • 24. Education ExperienceFirewall Control Panel Research Design Process Before  After  Cannot easily diagnose  Common tasks are presented first problems  Important information presented  Cannot change settings on opening page easily nor predict final state
  • 25. Education ExperienceWindows Firewall Control Panel Research Design Process Information architecture Flow diagrams UI Maps
  • 26. Education Experience Lotus Notes Mail Research Design Process Designed new toolbars framework for client  Dockable  Auto-Resizing  Drag and drop customization Designed pioneering email and chat integration Other features  Quickrules for folders (later copied in Outlook)  Folder indicators for new mail in child folders (usability problem in Outlook)  Blacklisting of spam
  • 27. Education ExperienceLotus Notes Chat Integration Research Design Process Active names in emails are fully editable Full range of IM options are presented in multiple contexts IM action button on far left to avoids buttons changing positions when IM is not active IM incorporated into meeting requests
  • 28. Education ExperienceSymix Syteline Research Design Process Sole UI Designer on product with1800 screens to convert from green screens to Windows Design was all about correct task flow, organizing complexity, speed of use, and error prevention Instituted design process that collected context experts and stakeholders from across the company to collaborate on design
  • 29. Education ExperienceJoel Baskin Research Design ProcessContact me for more information  425.766.3947 