Business Requirements Gathering - Current & Future State


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A simple one page template to gather functional requirements, summarising the current state, what works well, areas for improvement and proposed future state and how it will be implemented at a high level

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Business Requirements Gathering - Current & Future State

  1. 1. Title for Functional Area How it Works Today What’s Working Well Today? What’s Needed from Future Solution? Solution Approach Who will Do What? How does it work today? What are the automated / manual steps? What is working well today? What should not be changed? The ‘MUST HAVE’ capability of the solution? Indicate what is ‘nice to have’ High level Summary of Solution Approach? Customisation? Configuration? Summary of who will do What? Differentiate between Supllier and Customer Insert Here Insert Here Insert Here Insert Here Insert Here How will this be Achieved? Assumptions & Key Dependencies Summary of How this will be Achieved? Cusomisation? Configuration? Development? What Assumptions have been agreed? Are there any Key Dependencies? Insert Here Insert Here What’s NOT Working Today? What’s not working well today? What challenges do people face today? Insert Here Benefit to the Business? What is the Benefit of this to the Business? Include Tangible Benefits and Specifics Insert Here What Interfaces are used Today? What Interfaces are Needed? How will Interfaces be Done? What Interfaces are used? What Systems, Tools and Key Data? What are their Sources? What Interfaces are Needed to support this functionality in the solution? How will we interface to the external data and systems that are needed? Insert Here Insert Here Insert Here