New York Bankruptcy Lies & Truth


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Banks, credit card companies and even debt consolidation companies spread lies and false statements to keep people from filing bankruptcy so that they can continue to make money, huge money off of other people's misery! Don't want to be miserable...go see a bankruptcy attorney today! For more information about Bankruptcy Lies & Truth please contact bankruptcy attorney Mr. John M Crane P.C. at 212-571-1898 and visit:

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New York Bankruptcy Lies & Truth

  1. 1. BANKRUPTCYLIES & TRUTH Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  2. 2. The Law Office Of John M.CranePortChester, Queens, White Plains, New YorkDisclaimer:The tips in this presentation are general in nature. Please useyour discretion while following them. PortChester: (914) 481-3450
  3. 3. Everyday I meet with people that do notunderstand bankruptcy. I hear many false statements. If people understood the truth, they would run to file bankruptcy and get a fresh start. Did you ever hear these? Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  4. 4. MYTH # 1I can be put in jail if I dont pay. Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  5. 5. TRUTHNo, if you stole property, that would be criminal. Sufferingan illness, job loss, divorce or any other unfortunate event that caused you to fall behind on your bills will not land you in jail. This is a complete lie! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  6. 6. MYTH # 2…My credit will be ruined forever (or 7 years or 10 years)! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  7. 7. MYTH #2 No, in fact, after just two years, a person couldqualify to buy a house! Of course, you will need asteady job, good down payment, verifiable income and other things that go along with home ownership, but your credit is not ruined forever. Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  8. 8. TRUTHBankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  9. 9. MORE IMPORTANT TRUTH…By adopting responsible credit habits, such as always payingyour credit cards in full each month, paying all bills on time, never charging anything that you cannot pay in full thatmonth, and not having too many lines of credit open at one time, a person can go from filing bankruptcy to having very good or excellent credit in as little as three years! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  10. 10. MORE IMPORTANT TRUTH… Banks and credit cards dont want you to know the truth because people that know the truth are educated and know their rights. When you know your rights, you havepower. When you have power, you can take intelligent action and end your problems, in this case your financial problems. That is the secret! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  11. 11. Contd… Banks, credit card companies and even debt consolidation companies spread lies and false statements to keep people from filing bankruptcy so that they can continue to makemoney, huge money off of other peoples misery! Dont want to be miserable...go see a bankruptcy attorney today! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  12. 12. MYTH # 3Bankruptcy is evil (I will go to Hell if I file, It is a sin, Its not right, I am cheating the creditor). Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  13. 13. TRUTH Bankruptcys roots are found in the Bible! Deuteronomy 15 states:1) At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release.2) And this is the manner of the release: – Every creditor that lendeth ought unto his neighbour shall release it; – he shall not exact it of his neighbour, or of his brother; – because it is called the LORDS release. Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  14. 14. MORE IMPORTANT TRUTH So, if you read the Bible literally, a creditor is supposed to automatically cancel your debt everyseven years! Because our society is more concernedabout money than it is God, Congress created a right of Bankruptcy. Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  15. 15. SUPER TRUTHNowhere in the Bible does it permit credit card companies to charge 30% interest! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  16. 16. Myth # 4Time will solve your problem Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  17. 17. TRUTH… Doing nothing solves nothing.Nobody with a severe toothache would schedule an appointment with a dentist and not show up! They have severe pain and want it to go way...FAST! Well, bankruptcy attorneys can do that for you as well. No matter what pain you are in, no matter how bad your situation, in almost all cases bankruptcy can get you a fresh start! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  18. 18. TRUTH…Even if you do not qualify for a total liquidation under Chapter 7 where all of your debts are discharged, experienced practitioners can help you restructure your debt in a Chapter 13, and in plain language, help get you some breathing room! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  19. 19. MYTH # 5 Are you insane?Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. If you are avoiding the phone calls or working with debt consolidation companies charging high interest rates, and see no way out, you owe it to yourself to try something else! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  20. 20. TRUTHIf you are getting crushed by a mountain of debt and see no way to get out from under, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can take the weight off your shoulder and the pains and stress off your back and help you sleep comfortably at night! Portchester: (914) 481-3450
  21. 21. 342 North Main Street, PortChester, NY 10573 Phone No: (914) 481-3450