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Pecha Kucha: Presentations on Post-Web 2.0 Instructional Tools
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Pecha Kucha: Presentations on Post-Web 2.0 Instructional Tools


In this session participants were introduced to the concept of Pecha Kucha (pe-chak-cha); the Japanese inspired rapid fire presentation mode with each speaker presenting 20 slides, each on screen for …

In this session participants were introduced to the concept of Pecha Kucha (pe-chak-cha); the Japanese inspired rapid fire presentation mode with each speaker presenting 20 slides, each on screen for 20 seconds. The seven "flash" presentations focused on post-Web 2.0 apps (Adobe Connect Now, Diigo, Glogster, Google Wonder Wheel, Vuvox and more) for instructional use by educators. Presented at SIDLIT 2010 at Johnson County Community College on Friday, August 6, 2010

Published in Technology
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  • Jog the Web is a website that allows you to create a
  • Billboards, movie boards, flags, sailboat, Christmas ornament, brick wall, even KC Royals sign. Create and save sign as .jpg.
  • "StatPlanet is a browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping tool. It is used by international organizations such as UNESCO and SACMEQ, NGOs, Fortune 500 companies and government departments for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used to easily and rapidly create interactive thematic maps, interactive graphs, and feature-rich interactive infographics.StatPlanet is also available as a stand-alone application which can be used as free educational software. It comes with up-to-date statistics on demography, economy, education, environment & energy, gender and health, for most countries in the world. Choose your visualizationEasily switch between different types of visualisations with the click of a button. Data can be viewed as maps, bar charts, line graphs and scatter plots.Select countries by clicking on them in the world map or country selection window. Statistics and details for the country selected are displayed inside popups and visualization components. Animate changes over timeMaps, bar charts and scatter plots can all be animated over time.Zoom into map regionsSelect map regions such as Europe or Africa, or define your own custom region. Maps and visualizations will narrow down to the selected region and provide additional details.Hide or reveal detailsChange the level of detail by hiding or revealing interface components, country names or statistics.Customize the colors and value ranges of maps and graphs.Export maps for use in other applications or publications.
  • Critical Past offers more than 57,000 historic videos and 7 million photos for FREE in one of the world's largest collections of royalty-free archival stock footage. Link to the videos and/or photos free of charge. You can search the site by decade or topic. I searched "Wichita, KS" and found a video about Joyland.
  • Capzlesis one of the best timeline creators I have found. You can create a timeline that incorporates text, pictures, and/or video. The timelines are interactive and really fun to scroll through.Students could even create a timeline of their work for the semester and add how they have grown and what they learned during the semester.
  • Charts and graphs are a great tool to communicate information visually. On Onlinecharttool.com you can design and share your own graphs online and for free. Chart types include bar charts, pie charts, line charts, bubble charts and radar plots. Students can build charts in 5 easy steps: Design Graph. In this step you choose your Chart type. Add Data.Labels and Fonts.Preview grafiek. If you have entered all your data and youer settings you can click on 'preview graph' to show your chart and see if it is correct. You can always go back some steps to change your data and your settings.Save and Share email or save it as an image on your local computer. If you are registered and logged in on our site you can also save your graphs online for further editing at a later stage.
  • 12 Featured Feeds / 9 Styles / 2-19 Variations per Style


  • 1. PechaKucha
    Presentations on Post-Web 2.0 Instructional Tools
  • 2. Pecha What?
  • 3. Keith Krieger
  • 4.
  • 5. kkrieger@jccc.edu
    Twitter: kkriegeratjcccEducator’s PLN: KeithKriegerLinkedin: kwkriegerDelicious: bigenchiladaDiigo: keithkrieger
  • 6. Reseach on the web
    Annotate via sticky notes
    Bookmark for retrieval
    Sidebar allows us to see all other user’s annotations
    Recommended bookmarks based on your bookmarks
  • 7. Research
    Archive, not just save as bookmark
    Organize by tags or list
  • 8. Tied to 3 Diigo themes
  • 9. 3 sections
    My Library
    My Network
    My Groups
  • 10. 5 stages of bookmarking
    One computer, one set of bookmarks
    Two computers, two sets of bookmarks
    Can sync, but not straight-forward
    Would like to share and annotate
    Would like to use it in a group
    Grab everything, including notes, videos, images, screenshots
    Access from any device, anywhere
  • 11. PLN
    Public or private
    Specific collections with a list
    Use widgets to share
    Send to blog
    Send to Delicious
    Keeps data out of jail
  • 12. Follow or be followed
    People or groups with similar interests
    Build different PLNs in My Network
    Follow bookmarks and comment
  • 13. Annotate and share with anyone
    Annotated link
    Send via email
    Recipient can see annotations, highlights, sticky notes
    No software required
    Better retention
    Active reading
    Move between devices
    Retain notes
    Upload and capture snapshot
    Can snapshot pdf
    Keep page forever
  • 15. Tagging
    Multiple tags
    Searchable by tags
    Full-text search supported
    Search annotations, URLs, notes, titles, tags
  • 16. Send to non-Diigo users
    Blogging tool can send directly to blog
    Including tags
  • 17. Screen capture
    Annotate, markup, comment
  • 18. Read later
    Let diigo manage your reading list
  • 19. Snapshot
    Creates image in addition to bookmark
  • 20. Import
    Import from bookmarks
    Sync to Delicious
  • 21. Highlighting
    Install Diigo toolbar
    Highlight page parts
    Add sticky notes to highlights
    Will stay on page on revisits
    Part of online archive
  • 22. Diigolet
    No toolbar installation required
    Make bookmarks toolbar visible
    Go to: diigo.com/tools/diigolet
    Drag button to toolbar
  • 23. Mobile
    Android and iPhone
  • 24. Educator account
    Controlled access
    Can set up student groups
    Free to educators
  • 25. A teacher can create student accounts for an entire class with just a few clicks (and student email addresses are optional for account creation)
    Students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can start using all the benefits that a Diigo group provides, such as group bookmarks and annotations, and group forums.
    To protect the privacy of students, student accounts have special settings which only allow their teachers and classmates to contact them and access their personal profile information.
    Ads presented to student account users are limited to education-related sponsors.
  • 26. Group example
    Mike Wesch at k-state
    Note members, items
  • 27. Organizing lists
    Add sections
    Drag and drop
    Play list as slideshow
  • 28. Collaborate
    Share annotations to the group
    Group members alerted via email
    Group members can comment
    Threaded discussions
  • 29. kkrieger@jccc.edu
    More Diigo 9:45 FridayTwitter: kkriegeratjcccEducator’s PLN: KeithKriegerLinkedin: kwkriegerDelicious: bigenchiladaDiigo: keithkrieger
  • 30. Michael Rea
  • 31. What is it good for
    Two Guests at a time
    Office hours
    Student team collaboration
  • 32. Adobe Connect NowSign up at. www.adobe.com/acom/connectnow
    No special downloads. Just flash player
  • 33. Log in to ConnectNow
    After you have created your account Sign in with your adobe ID at https://acrobat.com/.
  • 34. Send Invites
    Access the meeting room.
    Share this link. Its best to send this ahead of time in an email with the time you want to meet.
  • 35. Participants view
    Participants enter as guests. You can accept or decline.
  • 36. Setting preferences
    ConnectNow is set to Require Approval for Entry. You may change this.
  • 37. Features
  • 38. Voice conferencing (VOIP)
  • 39. Video Conferencing
  • 40. File Sharing
  • 41. Shared Notes
  • 42. Chat
  • 43. Whiteboard
  • 44. Screen Sharing
  • 45. Remote control
  • 46. Best Practices for setting up your computer prior to the meeting:
    Directly connect to the fastest internet connection available.
    Avoid wireless connections
    Shut down Email/IM and any programs NOT being used for the presentation.
  • 47. Best Practices for setting up your computer prior to the meeting:
    • Shut down any VPNs and directly connect to the internet.
    • 48. Have programs that you are screen-sharing open to the appropriate window and ready to demonstrate - avoid launching and logging into programs while screen sharing.
    • 49. Turn off computer “sleep” especially if a re-log in is required.
  • Best Practices for setting up your computer prior to the meeting:
    • If sharing your screen, remove any photo backgrounds on your computer desktop.
    • 50. Optimize room bandwidth to DSL, or better.
    • 51. Test your Microphone and Speakers each time if the computer configuration has changed.
  • Thank you to Windows 7 Snipping Tool
  • 52. Questions?
  • 53. Linda Wapelhorst
  • 54.
  • 55.
  • 56.
  • 57. Show Me What’s Wrong
  • 58.
  • 59. Glogster
  • 60.
  • 61. LiveWeb
  • 62. Tagxedo
  • 63. Image Chef
  • 64. Make Sweet
  • 65. ZamZar
  • 66. Krunchd
  • 67. Stat Planet
  • 68.
  • 69.
  • 70. Critical Past
  • 71. Capzles
  • 72. Chart Tool
  • 73. http://krunchd.com/sidlit
  • 74. Meg McGranaghan
  • 75. The Wonder of it All!
    Meg McGranaghanButler Community College
  • 76.
  • 77.
  • 78.
  • 79.
  • 80.
  • 81.
  • 82.
  • 83.
  • 84.
  • 85.
  • 86.
  • 87.
  • 88.
  • 89.
  • 90.
  • 91.
  • 92.
  • 93.
  • 94.
  • 95. Kathryn Barker
  • 96.
  • 97. Vuvox
  • 98. Image Credits (from Vuvox)
    Upper left: Kathy Moore
    Upper right: Lansing State Journal
    Lower left: sdphotoLower right: HelderGoncalves
  • 99.
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102. …your own
    bad self
    Photo by: Sergio Bertolini / flickrCC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license
  • 103.
  • 104.
  • 105.
  • 106. <HTML>
    Icons from Visual Pharm (mail) and Jack Cai (link)
  • 107.
  • 108.
  • 109.
  • 110.
  • 111.
  • 112.
  • 113.
  • 114.
  • 115.
  • 116. Questions?