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Hss Trends May2009c
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Hss Trends May2009c


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Presentation I just gave today at the Henry Stewart Symposium on Digital Asset Management in NYC. The topic was trends in the DAM market. I covered areas where I see vendors making progress and where …

Presentation I just gave today at the Henry Stewart Symposium on Digital Asset Management in NYC. The topic was trends in the DAM market. I covered areas where I see vendors making progress and where they are falling short but need more work.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Latest Thinking in The DAM Space Presented by Joe Bachana, DPCI June 1, 2009 Trends in Digital Asset Management © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 2. DAM Trends
      • Leveraging XMP
      • Rich User Interfaces (FLEX/AIR)
      • Adobe Creative Suite Integration
      • Video Management
      • Web-to-Print
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 3. DAM Trends (Continued)
      • The Content Repository
      • Integration with Web Content Management Systems
      • Integration with XML Servers and Text Mining Engines
      • General Enterprise Application Integration
      • Editorial Workflow and DAM
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 4. XMP
        • Leveraging unlimited namespaces that XMP allows
        • Full read/write access of XMP for all file types
        • Selective Encryption and locking of XMP fields
        • Executables, trigger scripted functions
        • Use XMP leveraging Native file system
        • Use of Custom Schemas
        • Products that Focus on XMP Support
          • *MediaBeacon
          • North Plains Telescope
          • ADAM Software
          • Day CQ DAM
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 5. Rich User Interfaces
      • Improving the end user’s experience
      • Online/offline work
      • Thick client-like applications without redundant development costs
      • AIR, Flex, SilverLight, JavaFX
        • Products With RIA components
          • EMC: Documentum (“Media Workspace” – FLEX)
          • NetXPosure (AIR)
          • Vignette Rich Media Services (AIR)
          • Autonomy MediaBin (New SilverLight interface)
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 6. Adobe Creative Suite Integration
      • Multi-page previews (InDesign)
      • Index InDesign files (what assets associated w/ file)
      • Auto-Ingest associated assets, disallowing dupes
      • Full Text Search
      • Drag-and-drop from DAM to InDesign
      • Automated ‘used on’ n layouts (many-to-many)
      • Deeper integration w/ Adobe Bridge/Version Cue
      • Asset Packaging (“Collect For Output”)
        • Products With CS Integration
          • Adam Software (“ComfortZone”)
          • MediaBeacon (MD5)
          • WAVE MediaBank
          • North Plains Telescope
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 7. Video Management
      • Keyframe display and thumbnail selection
      • Integrated (built-in) Transcoding
      • Auto-Transcription and indexing (hmm… )
      • Annotation Tools
      • Drag-and-Drop assets to timelines
      • Integration with nonlinear editing software, video servers and other file-based workflow systems
      • Broadcast media File Type support
        • Products With Video Management Capabilities
          • OpenText Artesia DAM
          • North Plains Telescope
          • New: Virage + MediaBin (Meaning-Based Computing)
          • … but success stories?
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 8. Multi-Channel Publishing
      • Integration with InDesign Server, Quark Server, PageFlex, XMPie, etc…
      • Automated PDF Generation using Job settings
      • Dynamic creation of e-book formats
      • Online Job Assembly
      • Pagination Tools
      • Other formats than print (Web, e-book, audio book, video versioning)
        • Products With Multichannel capabilities
          • OpenText Artesia (InDesign/Quark Server
          • MediaBeacon (InDesign Server)
          • MediaBank (PageFlex integration)
          • Adam (PageFlex)
          • Telescope (book publishing)
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 9. The Content Repository
      • Single repository DAM and other business systems
      • Or…
      • DAM Integrated out-of-box (OOB) with other systems
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 10. Special Case: Integration w/ WCMS
      • No Start up costs to connect the DAM with a WCMS
      • Asset usage on Web is tracked within DAM
      • Web (print) renditions managed within DAM
        • Products Built atop Content Repository
          • EMC Documentum
        • Products with integrated DAM/WCMS
          • Autonomy TeamSite and MediaBin
          • Day Communique and CQ DAM
          • Nstein WCMS and DAM
          • Fedora + Drupal (Open source)
          • ADAM + SDL Tridion (Partnered vendors)
          • *Industry needs more OOB connectors!
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 11. XML Servers and Text Mining
      • Improved handling of XML Content
      • More rapid content repackaging/reuse
      • Swifter ‘chunking’ of IP
      • Schema Independence
      • XQuery Support
      • Re: TME, integrated annotation
        • Products integrated with XML (+ TME)
          • EMC Documentum (With XDB acquisition)
          • NStein (TME, IxiaSoft, WCMS/DAM)
        • Alternate Approaches
          • MediaBin with Virage’s Meaning-based content analysis
          • MarkLogic (+ Temis): XML Server/TME without a DAM
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 12. EAI and DAM
      • Integration With SharePoint and Other Portal Products
      • Integration with CRM Solutions
      • Integration with ERP + Financial Systems
      • Integration with Job Ticket Management
      • Integration with Project Management Systems
      • Easier Integration with Custom Applications
        • Products Attending to EAI
          • MediaBeacon “Widgets”
          • ADAM Software: SharePoint
          • Equilibrium MediaRich: SharePoint
          • … Industry needs more OOB DAM/EAI
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 13. Editorial Workflow and DAM
      • Integration With K4 or SmartConnection, or
      • Its own editorial workflow management system
        • Products integrated with Editorial Workflow
          • Documentum and SmartConnection (But defunct?)
          • Quasar Tech’s Nuqleo Publishing System
          • New: Telescope Publishing Platform (Book publishers)
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 14. The dwindling DAM Microvendor
      • Continued consolidations…
        • - OpenText (Artesia, Artesia OnDemand, Vignette?)
        • Autonomy (Virage, MediaBin)
      • Can lone DAM vendors serve the marketplace’s needs?
        • Horizontal offering
        • Development resources
        • Support services
        • Implementation services
        • Governance?
        • But, entrepreneurial spirit reigns
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 15. SaaS Rising
      • Rapid growth of hosted DAM category
        • Leaders include:
          • OpenText Artesia OnDemand
          • Widen
          • GlobalEdit
      • Lingering issues around usability by internal creative workers
      • Perfect for lightweight asset presentation to 3 rd parties and distributed asset consumers
      • Taking market share from traditional installation base (hence OT/Emotion acquisition + vendors offering SaaS solutions now)
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 16. Inexorably, Open Source
      • Remember WCMS Market 5 years ago, when the vendors scoffed at the open-source solutions?
      • Open source is clobbering the WCMS vendors
      • We are two years into open-source DAM cycle
      • Within the next 2-3 years, open-source DAM products will begin to encroach on the proprietary solutions
        • Products To Watch (May not be the winners… )
          • Fedora
          • EnterMedia (OpenEdit)
          • Razuna
          • Resource Space
          • D-Space
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 17. Summary
      • DAM Vendors, with a few notable exceptions, still go too horizontal
      • Generally short on resources (development, implementation, support)
      • Out-of-Box functionality is missing around plug-and-play with WCMS and other critical business systems
      • Too broad functionality, difficult to maintain ‘bloat’
      • Upgrades to more modern platforms are costly and time-consuming
      • Too many one-offs since vendors insist on doing implementations
      • Recently acquired vendors may be getting overloaded in parent company protocols
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 18. Summary (continued)
      • Given all this, the spirit of innovation is generally alive and the products are moving forward
      • Rarely do I speak with a DAM vendor who isn’t utterly convinced they have the best product in the market – great enthusiasm and excitement for the future of their product
      • The vendors that focus on key value propositions will succeed, the others will continue to lose market share
      © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.
    • 19. END Presentation Questions? Email: [email_address] Twitter: joebachana Linkedin: Joseph Bachana Blog: 212.575.5609 (office) © 2007 DPCI. All Rights Reserved.