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  • 1. Multimedia Culminating Project 1/31/07 Sade Curry
  • 2. Amistad
    • The Amistad was about 39 Africans who were taken from different tribes through the middle passage.
    • How they capture the ship and killed everyone on it accept two men Ruiz and Montes.
    • They were taken to trial their lawyer was Roger Baldwin.
    • But he couldn’t understand the Africans and they didn’t understand him.
    • So the lawyer went out to find someone who could communicate with these men.
    • He found a man name James Covey who was in the British Navy he also was from the same tribe as Cinqne Mende tribe.
  • 3. Roots
    • It was about a boy named Kunta Kinte and how he was brought to Virginia from Africa
    • And also how his future generations grew up and lived to be free.
    • Kunta Kinte was a very stubborn boy he wouldn’t accept that he was a slave.
    • It showed me how Africans were treated doing the middle passage
  • 4. Family Trees
    • Sad’e Curry
    • I learn that Henry mother is Haitian and his farther is Dominican, and Italian.
    • Also my great grandpa Oscar Baker had a sister named Lena Baker she killed this white man for taking her goodies.
    • Steve Martinez
    • I learned that my family hasn’t been around for too long
    • I learned that I’ am only Puerto Rican and Columbian
    • There are more females in my family than males
    • I also need to learn more about my father’s family
  • 5. Past & Present Trafficking
    • Present
    • In South Asia, Western Europe, East Japan, West Africa trafficking is a big business.
    • These people are being told that their coming for a better life.
    • Women are still being raped.
    • And children are also being raped and used for smuggling drugs.
    • Past
    • It starts out in Africa they kidnap black people.
    • They take them on ships.
    • When they kidnap them their families were broking apart.
    • Women were raped
  • 6. Past & Present Labor
    • Past
    • Blacks were working long brutal hours.
    • Slaves were beaten and treated like animals.
    • They would arrest blacks and charge them with stupid crimes.
    • Slaves weren’t paid for their labor.
        • Present
    • In West Africa their farm work comes from young boys.
    • People are still being whipped and beaten.
    • The slave labor is not is bad as back in the past.
  • 7. Schindler’s List
    • Its about a man Who saved thousands of Jews during the time of Nazi’s
    • He had them work in a factory as a front to keep them from being killed
    • They made all kinds of stuff in the factory
    • To the Jews he was there hero but after World War II he had to go into hiding because he was going to be arrested
  • 8. Dominican Republic
    • Languages is Spanish.
    • President is Leonel Fernandez.
    • There is 31 cities in the Dominican republic.
    • Population 8,895,00
    • In 1822 the Haitians conquered the Dominicans
  • 9. Chile
    • The capital is Santiago.
    • The languages is Spanish.
    • The President of Chile is Michelle Bachelet.
    • Independence from Spain on September 18,1810.
    • Their population is 16,432,674
  • 10. Hotel Rwanda
    • It was about a war between the Tutsi and the Hutu
    • The Hutu was jealous of the Tutsi.
    • It was a man name Paul who was right in between the war because he was married to a Tutsi so that made him a theater .
    • He worked at a hotel named Millers Collines in Kigali Africa.
    • So he was keeping Tutsi safe in the hotel around 800 or more.
    • The UN was not really helping the Tutsi
    • This war was over on July in the year of 1994
  • 11. Land of Their Ancestors
    • Ghana
    • Was the first West African state.
    • Since thee 10 th century it has been a Muslim presence.
    • Ghana economy was very rich.
    • Their kingdom was so wealthy be they had to pay taxes to the king.
    • The people from Ghana were farmers.
    • Mali
    • Ghana was falling apart and Mali was coming up.
    • The people of Mali were farmers ,craftsman,and miners.
    • The king of Mali was Mansa Musa and he brought the Muslim religion to Mali.
    • He made Mali very wealthy he also made it into a powerful but organized political state
  • 12. Olaudah Equiano
    • He was from Africa apart of the Ebo tribe
    • He was kidnapped and sold to a man in Virginia
    • His name got changed to Gusted Visage
    • He brought his freedom
    • He wrote a book
  • 13. Eye On The Prize
    • In 1896 the Plessey vs Ferguson ruled separate but equaled.
    • On December 1,1855 a lady made a change she was a black women who wouldn’t get out her set for a white man.
    • I also learned how they run their boycotts, The bus boycott lasted a year
    • Martin Luther king was only 26 years old when he started to preach.
  • 14. A Time For Justice
    • In this movie we seen how blacks were treated.
    • There was a boy named Emmett Till who was kill for say bye baby to a white lady.
    • Also how the KKK burn down blacks homes for being black.
    • And if these white people were caught for doing a crime nothing would happen to them.
    Emmett Till
  • 15. Mississippi Burning
    • In 1964 three Freedom Fighters went missing
    • They sent two FBI agent to find them
    • The whites that lived in the town didn’t treat Black people fairly
    • They tried to hide there evidence but it didn’t work
    • They were caught and put onto trial and sentenced years in jail
  • 16. A Raisin In The Sun
    • Act 2
    • In this act Mamma tell Walter that she made a payment on a house.
    • Walter was upset cause Mamma killed his dreams of opening a store.
    • Mamma give Beneatha 3,000 for school.
    • Act 3
    • In this act Walter gives the money away.
    • Beneatha was proposed to by Asagai.
    • Mamma side they weren’t going to move because they couldn’t afford it.
    • Act 1
    • Mamma has a son and a daughter Walter and Beneatha
    • In this act Mamma’s husband die so she got 10,000 dollars.
    • Walter wanted Mamma’s money to open a store
  • 17. The Nazi Designer of Death
    • Kids were taken apart from their Parents.
    • The sleeping conditions of the Jews.
    • How the Nazi put them in gas chambers to kill them because there were to many.
    • Also how the Nazi people took the Jews belonging and put them in these big rooms.
    • The Jews were tortured and how they suffered.