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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. Sade Curry Dominican Republic 12/22/06
  • 2. General Imformaion
    • Languages is Spanish.
    • President is Leonel Fernandez.
    • There is 31 cities in the Dominican republic.
    • Population 8,895,00
    • In 1822 the Haitians conquered the Dominicans.
  • 3. The Map
    • On Columbus first voyage in 1492 he claimed this land.
    • He named it La Esponola
    • The capital is Santo Domingo
    • It was made the capital in 1496
  • 4. The Dominican Republic Flag
    • The flag was adopted on Nov 6, 1844.
    • The blue and red came from Haiti and the white cross is a symbol of faith.
    • Centered in the middle is the coat of arms it stands for national and state use only.
    • The bible has a gold cross .
    • Above the arms is three words Dros,Patria,Libertad they mean God,Country,Freedom
  • 5. Their Food
    • This country is know for their agricultural.
    • The export lots of things that cant grow here is the U.S.
    • Bananas ,rice,beans, mangoes, passion fruit,beef,chicken meat, plantains.
    • To the right is one of their most know meals the La Bandera(The Flag)
  • 6. Religious Beliefs
    • Their religious is Roman Catholicism.
    • Some of they believe in doing voodoo.
    • Male priest that practices voodoo are called Hungans and the name for females is mamabos.
    • There is also some then called a witch doctor their name is Brujos.
    • Folk practices ensalmo it’s a healing chant. Used with herbs and natural things
    • 89% of Dominicans are baptized.
    • Two groups of religion Evangelical Christians and the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.
  • 7. Culture
    • D.R. was the first Spanish colony in the New World.
    • It’s a very mixed culture.
    • Their culture is very happy and peaceful .
    • “ No hay problema” means there’s no problems.
    • Dominicans love to party.
    • They have parade of the devil masks at the Santo Domingo carnival.
  • 8. Holidays In The Dominican Republic
    • January 1, New Years Day.
    • January 6, Epiphany.
    • January 21, our lady of Altagracia Day.
    • January 26, Juan Pablo Duarte’s b-day.
    • February 26-27, Carnival.
    • February 27, independences day.
    • March or April, good Friday.
    • March or April, Easter Sunday.
    • April 14, Pan-American Day.
    • May 1, labor Day.
    • June 17, Corpus Christi.
    • July 16,Foundation of Sociedad la Trinitaria.
    • Late July, Santo Domingo Merengue Festival.
    • August 5, Founding of Santo Domingo.
    • August 16, Restoration day.
    • September 24, lady of Mercedes.
    • October 12, Columbus Day.
    • October 24, United Nations Day.
    • November 1 All Saint Day .
    • December 24-25, Christmas.
  • 9. Ancestors
    • European, Native,and African roots.
    • The naïve land tribes was Taino and Carib.
    • They where killed by all the diseases the Europeans bought to their lands.
    • So African slaves where imported over to replace the natives.
    • 73% of Dominican are mixed
    I think she going to get an A Ya she well get an A
  • 10. Resources
    • .