Training & development


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Training & development

  1. 1. • To understand attitude of employees towards training programmes• To know the effect of training on the employees performance• To understand the attitude of top level management towards implementation of training programme• To know about the effectiveness of training policy towards the achievement of organization’s objectives and vision.
  2. 2. • Training must contribute to increase knowledge of people• Training must help individual to understand his knowledge & to assess his job• Training must help to acquire required managerial skills of employee for further improvement• Training must help individual to assisting new change• Training helps to maintain leadership and CRM skills
  3. 3. • The Training policy is formulated at the Central Office and the Central Office reserves the right to make any modification required• Training modules must be designed differently so as to suit the specific needs of a target group• Training should include managerial skills & leadership skills• Training inputs for clerical staff and officers can be conducted at the Zonal Training Centre, Divisional and Employees Training Centre• Whenever an employees is posted to a new department he must undergo a technical training session to give him required inputs.• That apart each employee must attend at least one training session each year to update his knowledge.
  4. 4. Hypothesis The training and development programmes adopted by LIC helping improving employee’s performance and simultaneously fulfil organization objectives• Research design- The highly effective research methodology used can both be Quantitative and Qualitative in employee research• Sample design- convenient sampling• Sample size- 100
  5. 5. Primary Data:• Observational method• Interview methods
  6. 6. 1. 80% emp0loyees feel that training is necessary.2. 70% employees eagerly participate in Training programmes.3. 40% employees feel that training programme adopted in LIC is very good.4. 70% employees feel that top level management play effective role in Implementing training programmes.5. 90% employees feel that after undergoing Training programmes their performance is improved6. 80% employees feel that these Training programmes give better opportunity for growth and promotion.
  7. 7. 7. 80% employees feel that these Training programmes help to achieve organization objectives.8. 70% employees feel that LIC provide training on the basis of genuine training needs.9. 70% employees feel that there is appropriate faculty for conduct training and development Programmes10. 50% employees feel that employees get an opportunity to try out whatever they learn in training programmes.
  8. 8. 1. There should be more participation from the top level management in implementation of training and development programmes.2. Awareness and importance of training programmes should be increased.3. Training and development programmes should be compatible with private sector programmes.4. Employees engagement to be strengthened in respect of training and development programmes.5. Matching the right competencies and skills with right job.