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10 Simple Tips to motivate People

10 Simple Tips to motivate People






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    10 Simple Tips to motivate People 10 Simple Tips to motivate People Presentation Transcript

    • 10 Motivational Strategies
    • Agenda
      2. Motivation - Internal and External factors
      3. MotivationalNeedsForStudents
      1. Overview - How to motivate.
      6. Do’s and Don’ts of using this Presentation
      5. Motivational Quotes
      4. Motivational strategies
    • Motivation Overview
      Those teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching can make an everlasting influence on their students.
      Motivation is all about Character
      Watch your thoughts;
      they become words.
      Watch your words;
      they become actions.
      Watch your actions;
      they become habits.
      Watch your habits;
      they character.
      Watch your Character;
      they become your destiny.
    • Motivation Internal & External Factors
      Internal factors
      1. The individual’s drive of the listener.
      2. Perceived relevance or values of the learning activity.
      3. Feelings of competence in a chosen area.
      External factorsare
      3. The nature of classroom interaction.
      4. The learning environment and related attitudes
      1. The roles played by parent.
      2. The role played teachers and peers
    • Sustaining the Motivation for Students
      Holding to a commitment is like holding a very hot rock, the chances that you will continue to hold it is near zero. But with time, it will get easier since the rock will become colder.
      Motivation needs to be generated as a child has to be motivated to pursue a task or choose a goal.
      The generated motivation needs to be actively maintained and protected.
    • Motivational strategies – sustaining different motivational levels
      What is the biggest secret of sustaining motivation ?
      How to sustain your motivation 24/7 ?
      What are the right conditions to motivate the student ?
      what are the best ways of using rewards and punishments ?
      How to create positive motivational climate in a classroom ?
      How to create concrete assistance ?
    • Motivational strategies: 1. Develop a personal relationship with your students
      Students should feel at ease in the classroom and like their teacher.
      Teacher should a positive relationship with students on a personal, and not just on an academic level..
    • Motivational strategies: 2. Create a pleasant and supportive atmosphere in the classroom
      2. Encourage risk –taking among students, Use humor, and involve students.
      1. Accept mistakes as a natural part of learning.
      Accept mistakes
      Encourage risk
      Seating arrangements
      Learning Environment
      4. students sitting in groups around small tables or a horseshoe arrangement will be a better options
      3. Personalize the physical learning environment of the classroom.
    • Motivational strategies: 3. Cohesiveness
      • Interaction
      • Co-operation
      • Sharing
      • Group outing
      • Group activities
      Smaller-group tasks where students mix with each other, co-curricular activities, outing, and whole-group projects help in building group cohesiveness.
      Interaction, co-operation and the sharing of genuine personal information among learners are important in creating cohesive learner group.
    • Motivational strategies: 4. Make the curriculum and teaching materials relevant to students
      Relate the subjects to everyday experiences
      Teacher should personalize the curriculum
      Teachers should not be obsessed in completing the curriculum
      Provide additional materials where necessary
      Map the background life of the students with examples
    • Motivational strategies: 5. Make learning stimulating and enjoyable for the learner by making the tasks more interesting
      Discuss that are challenging, have interesting and relevant content engage the learner’s fantasy and yield tangible, finished products are likely to inspire learners
    • Motivational strategies: 6. Use goal-setting methods in your classroom
      Establish group goals
      Establish class goals
      Explain how students break down tasks and assignments into small steps, how to set a timeline for reaching the goal
      Teach students on monitor/evaluate their own progress
    • Motivational strategies: 7. Provide learners with regular experiences of success
      Building self-esteem and self-confidence is an important aspect of classroom motivation. Creating multiple opportunities for students to experience success is also very vital academic achievement
    • Motivational strategies: 8. Remove or reduce anxiety-provoking environment
      2. Cooperation and collaboration with strong and week learners must be encouraged
      1. Teachers must avoid competition, with successful and unsuccessful learners
      Remove anxiety-provoking environment
      3. Tests and assessments should be made less threatening
      4. Must avoid labelling learners as ‘slow’ ’weak’ or ’better’ than others
    • Motivational strategies: 9. Use rewards and grades in a motivating manner
      Rewards and grades can do a great deal of damage. Hence
      Teachers can reduce their de-motivating impact as much as possible by using them sparingly
      Grades should reflect learner effort and improvement and not just achievement levels
      Continuous assessment and self and peer evaluation procedures should be encouraged
    • Motivation Quotes
      Patience, Persistence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success.
    • Motivation Quotes
      There are no beginning or end to your dreams or plans -
      Life is a Journey from the moment to moment. Live each moment to the fullest -
      Live with the
      3 E's ...
      Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy and with
      3 F's...
      Faith, Family, Friends
    • Motivation Quotes
      Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
      anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending
    • Motivation Quotes
      “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
    • Motivation Quotes
      Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them
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