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Pragmatist Poetics in Interaction Design
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Pragmatist Poetics in Interaction Design


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual

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  • 1. pragmatist poetics in interaction design Rung-Huei Liang Taiwan Tech Aug., 2013 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 2. outlines • Theoretical Studies & Related work • Poetic Interaction Design as a Paradigm • Design Cases • Discussion and Conclusion 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 3. Users’ needs and paradigms Functionality Usability Pleasure Engineering Cognition Phenomenology Jordan’s hierarchy Harrison’s paradigms 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 4. Higher needs in HCI • Aesthetics & Poetics 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 5. Aesthetic Interaction as... • logics of expressions for accepting things in our lives (Hallnäs and Redström) • interaction gestalt and attributes for aesthetics (Lim et al.) • attention to “the richness of a system’s appearance, interaction, and potential roles (Djajadiningrat et al.) • graceful interaction (Hashim et al.) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 6. Aesthetics with Pragmatist’s turn • Phenomenology of Perception as a stance: no absolute aesthetics (Hummels & Overbeeke) • Seeking definite definitions might lead to endless argument • Analytic Aesthetics vs. Pragmatist Aesthetics (Shusterman) • Pragmatist Aesthetics as a strong theoretical basis for designing interactive systems (Peterson et al.) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 7. Pragmatist poetics • understand what poetic interaction is by asking what it does • embody a real poem in daily practice. 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 8. Poetics vs. Aesthetics • not necessarily related to beauty • not always perfect • not about completion • not rational, not always consistent • not reflective • not a logic of expression • not emotional pleasing 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 9. Poetic Interaction Design • a vague term • an intangible notion • how about seeing poetic interaction design as a paradigm? 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 10. Research Questions • What are the basic beliefs of poetic interaction design paradigm? • What is the relationship between the design researcher and knowledge from designing poetic interaction? • What kinds of methodology and tactics are appropriate for poetic interaction design? • What is there that can be known as poetic interaction? 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 11. Theoretical Studies • Poetic Wisdom (Vico, 1744) • Phenomenology of Poetics (Bachelard, 1994) • Metaphors and Poetics (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 12. Poetic Wisdom (Vico) • Poetic character: nature human instincts • Wisdom: the power of reflection and reasoning • Imagination: the center of poetic character 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 13. Phenomenology of poetics (Bachelard) • “a sincere impulse toward admiration is always necessary if we are to receive phenomenological benefit of a poetic image” • poetics associates to “unfinalization” or “implicitness.” • material imagination vs. formal imagination 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 14. Metaphors & Poetics • Metaphors: central to the understanding, not only rhetorical (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980) • Poetic metaphors vs. prosaic metaphors (Numberg, 1987) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 15. Related Work • Poetic Design (Ionascu, 2010) • Poetic Interaction Design (Kolko, 2007) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 16. Poetic Design (Ionascu) • a class of objects beyond instrumental (functional, practical) power • ‘Play could become a creative design process embodying uncommon forms of use that regenerate a poetics of everyday life” 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 17. Poetic Interaction Design (Kolko) • A type of reflective and emotional design • (It) “resonates immediately but continues to inform later” • “nearly always subtle, yet mindful.” • reflection ? reasoning activity about poetics • I argue: felt experience of poetics itself 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 18. Poetic Interaction design as a Paradigm • Epistemological stance: a pragmatist and constructivist approach to poetics • Methodology: A framework based on Verplank’s • Ontological implication 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 19. Epistemological Stance • Designerly ways of knowing poetics • Poetics as experience • Embodied poetics 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 20. Framework (Verplank’s) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 21. 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 22. Tangible Interaction Design Framework 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 23. Material Imagination (Bachelard) • Material imagination is an idea that comes from contact with nature. • Material imagination vs. formal imagination • 4 elements: earth, water, fire, air. 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 24. Four types of Imaginations • Material imagination • Expression imagination • Function imagination • Form imagination 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 25. POETIC MATERIAL • The material itself of an artifact eliciting poetic imagination • a novel, alternative, or uncommon usage of a specific material. • Material: indicating literally physical matters, or metaphorically, issues and topics. 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 26. POETIC EXPRESSION 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 27. Poetic Function • a novel interaction verb • slightly strangeness in collocation 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 28. Poetic Form • the shape or affordance that stimulates poetic imagination. 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 29. Poetic Interaction design Cases 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 30. Poetic Expression 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 31. Poetic Function Tech Tap (Pega Design) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 32. Poetic Material History Tablecloth (image © RCA Equatorr projectect) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 33. Poetic Form Ripple by Poetic Lab + Studio Shikai 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 34. Poetic Form Surface Daylight © Daniel Rybakken 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 35. Discussion • ‘Wicked problems’? • Problem-solving? • Critical Design: learning by questioning • Reflective Design: providing conscious awareness 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 36. Discussion • Ambiguity & Ludic values • Mythical world as underlining belief of life (Vico) • to give sense and passion to insensate things (Vico) rather than to solve ‘wicked problems’ in the functional world. • Imagination upon unknowing things (Vico) 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一
  • 37. Conclusion • construct poetic interaction design as a paradigm • practical framework • seeing Poetic Interaction Design as an ontology of interaction design 13年10月7⽇日星期⼀一