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Open hci2013

Open hci2013






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    Open hci2013 Open hci2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Imaginative Technology, Technological Imagination Rung-Huei Liang 梁容輝 臺灣科技大學 工商業設計系 jazzliang talk @ OpenHCI 2013
    • Basic belief? HCI & Interaction Design
    • What is the World for designers? 世界是什麼 ?
    • Functional World 功能世界
    • Design is to solve problems. 設計就是解決問題
    • We live in a functional world where we problematize everything. 我們生活的世界是一個問題重重的功能世界
    • Notion of Functional World could be helpful but restricted. 功能世界的概念可能是受限的
    • What if the world is a mythical world as Vico sees? 維科所謂的奧祕世界是什麼 ?
    • functional world - world as an instrument - problematized - rationality 功能世界 - 理性 mythical world - world as meaning-emerging itself - poetized - imagination 奧祕世界 - 想像力
    • How do we relate HCI to the notion of World? HCI 如何關聯到世界的概念 ?
    • Manifestos • Interaction Design as • Lucid Design (Gaver) • Ambiguity Design (Gaver) • Reflective Design (Sengers)
    • DRIFT TABle William Gaver et al.
    • What if imagination matters in HCI? What if we see HCI as an imaginative practice? 如果想像力在 HCI 很重要,如果 HCI 是想像力的實 踐,會發生什麼事 ?
    • Imaginative Technology v.s. Technological Imagination 想像的科技 v.s. 科技的想像
    • Dynabook Alan Kay, 1970
    • Marble answer machine Durrell Bishop, 1992
    • Science fictions What if these conceptual designs are not implemented?
    • How does imaginative technology become technological imagination 想像的科技如何變成科技的想像 ?
    • Steampunk typewriter
    • Steampunk Xbox 360
    • Steampunk xbox 360
    • Datamancer Richard Nagy
    • Steampunk prosthesis Thomas Willeford
    • Cyberpunk What can we learn from steampunk?
    • The Matrix
    • Minority report minority report interface, 2002, v.s. Kinect 2010
    • 電腦線圈 2007 Japanese animation v.s. 2012 google glasses
    • Resistance is Futile: Reading Science Fiction Alongside Ubiquitous Computing (Dourish & Bell, unpublished) 抗拒無效 : 一邊學 UB Comp 一邊讀科幻小說
    • Science fiction & Science fact How about science fiction becoming science fact? (imaginative technology becomes real technology)
    • Imagined or desired future engagement 如何說服研究者 ?
    • Diegetic prototype (props) Kirby 2009 a means to provide suspension of disbelief
    • related & emerging work • Critical Design • Speculative Design • Discursive Design • Science Fictions (imaginative technology) • Design Fictions (technological imagination)
    • Critical design • “Critical Design uses speculative design proposals to challenge narrow assumptions, preconceptions and givens about the role products play in everyday life.” • “Its opposite is affirmative design: design that reinforces the status quo.” • Designers as Critics
    • Robot 3 Dunne and Raby,Technological Dream Series No. 1, Robots -Robot 3, 2007
    • Afterlife coffin Auger-Loizeau 2008
    • Speculative Design • To think about the future • To critique current practice
    • Audio Tooth implant Auger-Loizeau, 2001
    • Gesundheit radio James Chambers, 2010, sneezing to protect dust
    • Floppy legs James Chambers, 2010, stand up if it detects liquid
    • Speculative future as cultural litmus paper
    • Speculative design provides perceptual bridge between perception and fiction 沈思設計提供感知橋接 ( 連結感知與虛構 )
    • light painting Wifi Technological imagination & Discursive design by Timo Arnall et al.
    • ghost in the filed Technological imagination & Discursive Design by Timo Arnall et al.
    • Discursive design bridges between technical and the cultural domains...focuses on the “reflexive and iterative interplay between materials, experimentation, and use” Arnall et al. 論述設計 : 技術與文化,反身性與重複性的交互影響
    • critical design v.s. discursive design 批判設計 : 現存價值的質疑與批判反思 論述設計 : 通常使用視覺傳達、影片手法表達新素材的 潛在可能性,意圖引發科技想像與論述。
    • DEphone project critical reflection
    • Dephone project Video prototype for discursive design
    • intouch functional prototype for future social experience
    • Underground library critical and then discursive
    • “...cultivating and shaping the technological imagination is a cultural imperative of the highest order” Balsamo, 2011. 培育和形塑技術的想像是最高等級的文化需要
    • Design Fictions: a speculative turn 設計小說 : 一個沈思的轉向
    • Design Fictions: to discuss a specific format of everyday scenarios about the future, where technology plays a crucial role. 設計小說 : 科技扮演關鍵性的角色
    • Design fiction: Ekkomaten imaginative space with a narrative space of 18th century soundscapes
    • Eardar pre-radar listening devices for aeroplane location (War War II)
    • Steampunk it built around physical artefacts that evoke an imagined alternate past, present and future
    • punk & fictions • Steampunk: imagination of a past technology • Cyberpunk: imagination of a current and future technology • Science fictions: imaginative technology • Design fictions: technological imagination
    • What is DESIGN? 設計是什麼 ?
    • design beyond usability • reflective design: a means of better understanding ourselves • critical design: a means of questioning • design fictions: immerse an audience in a world not existing • design as cultural research: survey the bounds of the possible
    • What is your belief of DESIGN? 你的設計信仰為何 ?
    • What is you culture? Critical theory is the reflective practice of the Western. How about the Oriental? 你的文化為何 ? 批判理論是西方的反思實踐。東方的反 思傳統呢 ? Tao, mindfulness, Zen, wabisabi... 道、正念、禪、侘寂
    • “It’s a sky-blue sky. Satellites are out tonight. Let X = X.” Laurie Anderson, 1982 天空藍的天空 今晚衛星都出去了 讓 X 等於 X 吧 Science Poem 宣言 by OK-DO
    • “The most sublime labor of poetry is to give sense and passion to insensate things” Vico, 1744 “ 詩的最崇高的功夫就是對本無感覺的事物賦予感受和 ”激情
    • Poetic future design is to give sense and passion to insensate future, through imaginative technology and technological imagination. 詩意未來設計就是對本無感覺的未來賦予感受和激情, 透過想像的科技與科技的想像。
    • Thank you. 謝謝聆聽